Saturday, 24 January 2009

BNP Launch Exclusive Euro-Elections E-Newsletter

I have just added my email address to receive exclusive news, updates and appeals concerning the British National Party during the coming Battle for Britain in the Euro Elections.

It took all of 10 seconds to sign up and I recommend that all supporters of the British National Party do so. If you are worried about security then set up an hotmail account to use specifically for this campaign. The email I am using is You can also use that address to send me news links, information and just your thoughts if you wish.

So if you want to read the first Euro-Elections E-Newsletter then get on the case right now. Our Chairman, Nick Griffin gives an exclusive update.

In other news, I had a bit of a laugh last night at the panic over on one of the Searchlight/UAF sites, where they are starting to worry over the coming euro elections.

It seems that they are afraid that they do not have enough state paid agents or tools and fools to compete against the unstoppable BNP activists nationwide. True.

Holding their"big girls blouses" hands, one of their, paid to be brave spokesmen said that it was not a problem now that the American Company that ran Will Smiths Barack Obama's Presidential Campaign was running theirs now. So sshhh babies. Back to sleep.

Pity he did not add, that that was the company, that also lost the Mayoral election for Ken Livingstone.

By all accounts, they are going to run a "viral" campaign to try and interfere with the democratic process. Going by the pathetically few thousand names I have seen on the Searchlight/UAF mailing list it should be another big success. I'll have a Big Mac please Gerry and get Weynon to pour me a shake would you.

One last thing. I had a few words with some rather backward conservative on his blog yesterday. Despite professing to have been in politics for over 20 years he was completely ignorant about David Cameron being a listed supporter of UAF. Neither did he appear to have any knowledge or thoughts on Searchlight. I have offered to post him the links but he preferred to cover his ears and eyes and stay blind to the truth. But just in case he comes here again. Here you go Colin.

How Searchlight is fianced.

Searchlight and Political Violence

Searchlight Exposed

The truth about Unite Against Fascism

Some of it is heavy going but if you want to know the truth then read it.


Frank McGill said...

I saw your comments and his responses.
I thought about adding my own pennies worth but figured if he's been in politics twenty years and the lights still haven't gone on there wasn't much point.

Anonymous said...

Labour claim to have no connection to searchlight,correct me if i'm wrong but have'nt labour mp's been editors of this lie machine in the past? if so the bnp should make a lot of noise about this.

Sweetlips said...

I wouldn't worry too much about what the UAF do.

Gables's mob of crooks, pimps, gangsters and burglars are a totally different matter.

Anonymous said...

Vote Labour or else! Harridan Harm-Men threatens 'a vicious door-to-door campaign' - at 3 o'clock in the morning no doubt.

JPT said...

Cameron a memeber of these far LEFT groups SHOULD be a major embarrasment to the Tories if it becomes widely known if you get my drift...

Anonymous said...

Tories steal more clothes from the BNP. They have suddenly realised that the police have become politicised.

Better late than never, I suppose.