Monday, 12 January 2009

I love it. I love it. I love it.

Welcome to the World York

I love it. I love it. I love it. I do. I do. I do. I love it. I love it. I love it.

What? What? What do you love? You ask.

OK. You already know, I expect. The banner gave the reason for my joy away but I will tell you anyway.

York British National Party have a new site and have asked The Green Arrow and Friends site to link them. Which I am more than pleased to do.

Every single new BNP site opening in different parts of Our Country is further proof that the British National Party continues to grow in numbers and support. The new York site, whose homepage details will be carried on their local Patriot Leaflets will encourage more people to visit the home page of the BNP and hopefully gain us even more support and members.

Eighteen months ago, the state funded sites of Searchlight and the UAF taunted and sneered at the Home of the Green Arrow saying that "the Green Arrow thinks he can blog the BNP to victory". Not quite true but almost. I have always believed that BNP websites are a useful force that, integrated with the street actions of leafleting, canvassing and paper selling will win us victory for the True British People. Sneer away you sad red dinosaurs. Your day in the Sun is almost over and you know it.

Reading the York site for the first time was a pleasure. The article on a recent BNP leaflet given out in the area was good. But the preceding article dealing with communist fly posting was even better and I believe that all BNP Groups and Branches should employ the same tactics if they face similar problems in their area.

One last thing. I realise that this site is a bit of a Maverick and should not really be linked to from semi-official BNP sites but if you do get a chance, try to link to us in an article now and again. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

GA, thanks, its great to hear some good news for a change,but we still face a titanic struggle. The media and the liblabcontrick have done a great job in covincing the sheeple that we are a bunch of fascists.And,we must accept that come election time, most of those that bother to vote,will still vote for the traitors who are destroying our country. I thank you for your patriotic efforts, but the rest of us are just going to have to work a bit harder. Or we are going to have to learn to love Big Brother.

blog-hopper said...

There are many local sites opening throughout the country which obviously deal primarily with local matters.

However, a good blog such as your own needs at least one or two new articles a day to attract a regular readership. But of course blog owners are busy people with other BNP activities in addition to normal business, social and family lives.

Might I therefore suggest that each blog continues to deal with local issues as they arise, but there should also be a steady stream of 'syndicated' articles dealing with general national and international issues (eg Islamic Supremacism, the EUrabian Project) which can be used in common by all blogs.

Your own website probably contains much archival material which could be recycled for the new readerships of these local blogs, and also blog owners, as they are able, could contribute new topical articles to the general pool.

This would ensure a lively BNP blogosphere with regular local readerships, but also a growing awareness of the national and international background to what's going on on their doorsteps.

The Green Arrow said...


You are of course correct. The job of the local "BNP Patriot" blogs is to communicate information concerning their specific areas and provide links to others sites publishing issues of national importance.

And you are right. Buried within this blog is timeless information in articles on all subjects from why Moslems and their families see suicide as a way of avoiding the "Torture of the Grave", how the "Satanic Verses" reveal the Koran to be a complete fabrication to information on individual corrupt politicians.

By using the blog Search options all of this stuff can be dragged out and republished on local blogs as they wish. For many of the new readers to their blogs, this information will be informative and fresh.

Thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who was in central london & witnessed the muslim riots on saturday night will be amazed at the lack of media coverage, it was like being in a war zone. All the media could be bothered to report was about a young naive lad using the words paki & raghead, hold the front pages. I believe that story had been saved until they wanted some other story buried.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Harry for King I say. At least we know that, three years ago, he had not been infected with political correctness. If we must have a king, please let it not be his father, a closet muslim if ever there was one. Paki? Raghead? Most of us have been called worse at some time during our life time and I dont see that it has caused us to riot, burn, loot, rape and destroy. I hope this media fuss doesn't cramp his style for, whatever his faults (mostly the mistakes of a priviliged lively youth) he seems to be a patriot with a genuine love of his country and you cant say that about most of those who are having a pop at him just now.

York / Heworth BNP said...

Thanks GA.

We've got an even better article concerning the far left coming up. - Stay tuned!