Monday, 26 January 2009

Peter Hain attacks the BNP

Peter Hain has come out all guns blazing at the fact that the British National Party set up a stall in the heart of his Neath constituency. Which is something he would be wise not to do.

He is not the most popular person in Neath and is now universally despised and recognised for what he is. A crooked carpetbagger not even welcome in South Africa, his real home.

BNP members were in Neath town centre at the weekend, handing out copies of the party's newsletter — which heavily criticises Mr Hain and calls for him to be sacked — as part of an ongoing national recruitment drive.

Party official Brian Mahoney said: "The reaction has been very positive.

"We have had the occasional bigot, but most people have been very sympathetic and interested.

"There is dissatisfaction with Labour in particular, but also Plaid and all the old gang.

"Those political parties have become disgraceful in the way they have let this country down and sold us out.

"We are getting more and more support in South Wales, Mid Wales and North Wales, and all over the country.
Peter Hain is a convicted communist(they never really leave) criminal and prominent supporter of the UAF, who despite the advances in modern DNA techniques as still not called for an investigation that might clear his name with regards to his possible part in a 1974 bank robbery, he insults Christians by invoking the name of God in his attack on the British National Party.
"It's terrible news for any community — especially a God-fearing, respectable place such as Neath,.."
Responding to the BNPs statement regarding the £103,000 he failed to declare in his election expenses and demanding his sacking, the orange red rat responded with ""I'm treating that with the contempt it deserves"

No Peter the contempt is all for you. When you are finally brought to justice, I hope they give you the chance of either jail or being deported to what was once a great Country called Rhodesia or South Africa that as now fallen apart thanks to the efforts of scum like you.


Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how members of the Metropolitan Marxist Elite are often 'parachuted in' to become MPs for safe Labour seats with which they have no connection?

It wasn't like this in the old days. Our MP had worked his way up through the local party and many people knew him personally.

AbertaweBNP said...

Peter Hain, one of the most hated men in Wales. These liebour politicians are now realising that their gravy train is coming to and end.

The liebour party will go down in history as the party who turned their backs on the indigenous population of Britain, they have got away with it for so long but thank God we have The BNP to lead the way for us.

Proud to be BNP

odin said...

Deport him back to the country he helped to destroy, before he does the same here!

Pembrokeshirespark said...

Not one person I spoke to in Neath had support for Peter Hain, there is an overwhelming hatred for the man.

Whistleblower said...

Did you, as well as TERRORIST NELSON MANDELA, have a hand in this blood-bath? (These scenes are sickening; discretion required):

Hain- "I'm treating that with the contempt it deserves"

The People- "And we are treating you with the contempt you deserve."

Wellard67 said...

So Peter "where did i put that £103k?" Hain has been stupid enough to respond to us in the press. Thank you Peter for £103,000 worth of publicity for the BNP. He would do well to read the online comments of "stellar" support on He really is a hated man. Lets be honest he stands in an area where a donkey wearing a red rossette would have been voted in. Those days are firmly at an end and he hasnt long left now the BNP have arrived in neath. "I will be consulting with colleages and OTHERS (UAF?) to make sure they (BNP) are confronted wherever they next appear!" Sounds like a threat to me guys. Peter really, Im not some female bank teller you can threaten with a gun mate. And im actually Welsh and care for my country which is a damn site more than you can say for yourself matey. I promise you as a repayment for this publicity WE will be back to keep you company as often as we can between now and the time you lose your seat. BNP WALES

JPT said...

Just another nasty Labour Commie objecting to free speech and democracy.

Wolfblood said...

Hain, you are going to regret tangling with the Welsh nationalists in Neath. In fact you are going to regret ever tangling with the Welsh at all.
The Welsh are an ancient, warrior breed, and they are going to boot you out to nowhere, you nasty, traitorous creep!

Superb work, GA, and getting better all the time. You really are the top nationalist blogger my friend, and a example to us all.
All the best to you, wolfbrother, from England, and to all our glorious Welsh kinsmen.

Cymru Am Byth

Mike Green said...

I just thought that if we put a great big fat juicy worm on the hook he would bite, and he did. Unfortunately for him the hook has gone in so deep that it will never come out. He is doomed just like the other pompous self seeking bigots in his corrupt party. Also if he thinks that threats will work on us he is very wrong. His lot have the soft under belly and we know how to attack it. With Facts not Lies.

hepworth said...

Empty threats from a proven crook.Resign now with what dignity you have left. Or the BNP will force you out! At the next election your party(spit) will deselect you anyway!

defender said...

Anyone know about this?

England's poorest regions have lost up to £671 million in European funding to the Treasury after the UK Government refused an invitation by Brussels to extend the spending deadline for unused European regional aid programmes.

According to European Commission figures obtained by Regeneration & Renewal, England's poorest regions will miss out on up to EUR712 million (£671 million), after the Government refused an unprecedented EC offer to extend by six months the 31 December 2008 deadline for all countries to spend unused 2000-06 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) cash.

The extension offer was made in December as part of a EUR200 billion fiscal stimulus package from the European Union that was designed to enable all regions receiving ERDF funds to spend the unused money on tackling the recession. The large UK underspend was in part due to the fall in the value of the pound against the Euro.

The UK Government accepted the extension for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but declined to accept it for England. The unclaimed money will now be taken off the UK's future contribution to the EU, so will effectively go into the Treasury's coffers, rather than directly to the regions, a Treasury spokesman confirmed.

A spokesman for Danuta Hubner, the European commissioner for regional policy, said that almost every other EU member state had accepted the invitation and that he was "surprised" the UK Government had declined the extension for England. "There is a lot of money left in the pot for the English regions and that's money they now won't be able to get," he said.
you can try here

Salford Supporter said...

Hain has a long asociation with political violence - his cricket 'protests' and his Organiser role of the red street thugs of the Anti Nazi League.

It looks as though Hain might be reverting to form now he has lost his veneer of respectability.
Hain's veiled threats of violence are now on record so we can be ready for him, his 'colleagues' and 'others' to start digging their own political graves any time soon.

Bless you BNP Wales for your brave and noble stand for your nation against this poison.

Anonymous said...

My family is Welsh and I was born in Wales. What connection would a South African communists have with Wales. Thses people are the opportunist cockroaches of society.

What would he care about my people? The man is a total fraud!

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Peter Hain is just one of the maggots feasting on the decaying body of British political life and democracy itself. The wound is terminal unless the country elects the BNP to surgicaly remove the cancer and confine the maggots to the furnace of historical crime. Has anyone noticed the enormous size of Hain's head, perched on narrow, sloping shoulders? I have often wondered if he is yet another alien from a place not known to us. There are many such freaks in the Labour party. Alexander, the Millibands, Harman, Jowles, Blears,"Julie" Benn and Brown himself. The party is infested with such misfits who were probably taunted unmercifully at school where they would have followed some form of segregation and mingled only with their own kind. What planet do they come from? I dont know. I only know where they are going and where they intend to take us. We had better do something about them pdq.