Thursday, 29 January 2009

BNP constable back on the beat

If the Metropolitan police think that by "exonerating" two police officers who had been suspended from the force after their names were found on the Roll of Honour, is the end of the matter, they have another thing coming.

And who gives a monkeys fig for what the Black Police Association as to say on the matter. In an equal society there should be no need for a parallel organisation and so their days, like those of the corrupt politicians who oppress us are also numbered.

The British National Party will not forget that PC Cutting's, whose name was on the list was frog marched out of Southwark police station by so called fellow officers after stripping him of his warrant card.

The Met confirmed that Pc Cutting had been cleared to return to work and said that a full investigation had found "no evidence to prove" that he was a member of the BNP.
Who cares whether or not the man was or is a member of the BNP. A persons politics should not be an excuse for political opponents to deprive him of his living, home and freedoms providing he does his job properly and without bias or favour.

It will be interesting to find out what exactly in this matter as been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. I hope the two PC's involved are suing the Police for harassment and persecution.

The British National Party will also allow people to elect Senior Police Officers so that the Association of Police Officers, currently run by politically appointed officers, acts in the interests of the public and not their marxist masters who promote them way above their ability. The duty of the police is to prevent and detect crime, not promote racial equality.

The Met it must be remembered are one of the Police Authorities who have also been rejecting more qualified white applicants from joining and giving preference to those who so enrich us.
Gloucestershire is the second force to fall foul of race relation laws, which allow for 'positive action' to boost the number of ethnic minority candidates but not discrimination.

Avon and Somerset were also embroiled in a 'race row' claim after it rejected 186 white applicants at the first stage of selection.

In November 2005 the force received 800 applications for just 180 jobs. The force admitted they also deselected the applicants in a bid to increase its ethnic diversity.

Avon and Somerset Police Chief Constable Colin Port admitted he had 'over-stepped the mark.'

The Police Federation believes other forces are guilty of operating similar policies, but have yet to be found out.

Yesterday's ruling paves the way for any white male who believes he has been discriminated to go to tribunal, provided they have proof against their force.


Not my Grandad's Labour Party said...

Those persons who have abused their positions of authority to run political vendettas of harassment against BNP supporters and members should, when the time comes, be held PERSONALLY responsible for the harm they have caused, and be made to pay full compensation out of their own funds, property and pensions.

Anonymous said...

The trouble is, Green Arrow, his card's been marked. Just wait until an ethnic minority individual recognises his name, it is quite possible they may make malicious and unfounded allegations against the constable and he will be sacked. Then the Met will say they were eight not to employ BNP members...

Anonymous said...

Being a police officer in Southwark, you must be really, really stupid if you do not support the BNP. God, even some of the black people there are becoming so desperate with their own tribe, that they will vote BNP.