Sunday, 25 January 2009

Jon Cruddas and his imaginary armies

I really do not know what planet three homes champagne socialist Jon Cruddas comes from.

Like Hitler in his bunker moving phantom armies around, Cruddas is moving legions of red activists around in his head to try and prevent the BNP winning seats in the European elections.

What he does not realise, is that the True British People have had enough of the lies of the Lib/Lab/con alliance, so no matter what they say now, no one will believe them ever again. The people really have had enough of their ways.

Labour are corrupt, rotten, perverted. You think of a derogatory statement and they are that also. They are finished and Cruddas knows it and so is his career. To quote a saying that will be familiar to the Americans that his Communist Friends in Searchlight are bringing in from over the pond; "He is toast".

Read this nonsense he is spouting;

Well over a decade of continuous quarter-on-quarter growth, low interest rates, falling unemployment and general prosperity have obscured the economic and cultural issues the BNP has focused on. It has tapped into a deep sense of alienation among many who have not prospered in the good times, a corresponding fracture of working class identity, and indeed demonisation in popular culture – all refracted through the prism of race.
Falling unemployment? General prosperity? Good Times? For God's sake is the man insane? We are not all three home owning Members of Parliament sucking up as much Tax Payers money as possible before being either thrown out of office or hopefully one day, into jail. Check out how much this vampire costs us and what freebies he enjoys at others(your) expense by clicking here.


bernard said...

"Falling unemployment".

Surely 'falling em-ployment?

bernard said...

All good stuff Battler. You don't pull any punches.

Anonymous said...


"Ministers must realise voters are seeing through the charade of their immigration crackdowns. At least senior Labour figures no longer have the gall to accuse critics of mass immigration of being racist. And they openly admit that decades of multicultural policies have failed, breeding only separation between different ethnic groups.

But those concessions are not enough to assuage the growing fury bred by Labour’s soft-touch approach to border control. As long as the Prime Minister and his Cabinet refuse to face up to the question of curbing the numbers of immigrants settling in Britain, they cannot hope to neutralise Labour’s single most toxic issue. Brown will reap the ­consequences whenever he finally has the guts to face the electorate."

Anonymous said...

Pat Condell's latest on Geert Wilders

Anonymous said...

One of Pat Condell's comments struck home. The Dutch establishment dare not admit the magnitude of the catastrophe that they've unleashed on the Netherlands with massive Muslim immigration.

It's exactly the same here. The people are now experiencing their 'Emperor's New Clothes Moment' , but the LibLabCon can't or won't see through the glorious multiculti coat of many colours that doesn't exist and never has existed.

As long as the BNP keep telling the truth about Islam, they will continue to make the establishment appear ever more deceitful, sinister and stupid - just like the Dutch 'justice' system.

Anonymous said...

Rioting Muslims have invaded the BBC building in Glasgow, but there's no news about it on the BBC

Anonymous said...

Green Arrow they don't even know when they're telling lies anymore, i can't even remember when i heard them say something truthful (maybe the date), i remember i went to see my MP a few years ago now to complain about nu Labour's incompetance, lies, spin, immigration and crime, he wasn't really interested, he just sat there spinning, he asked if Labour had got anything right, i said no they should step aside now and let some other party take over, he was more interested who my party was, i never told him because i don't trust him. This must surely go down as the worst regimes ever, look at all the people that have died under nu Labour through - crime, abortion, wars, hospital superbugs, negligence in the NHS etc, i hope the horrors of this Government are recorded in History so no one can EVER vote Labour again. They all know that they're after the General Election they're finished, and good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Exellent report. people have had enough now. During recent events held in Wales one thing that is said to us constantly by members of the public is that they would vote BNP given the oppertunity to do so. The fact we dont allways field candidates hides the true growth in support that the BNP now have. As we all know this changes on june 4th where every home WILL get the chance to vote BNP in the Euro elections. I belive at this stage that the electorate are going to deliver Liebour a real "bloody nose" and we will see some BNP mep's. Its our duty to work hard and get this message across in any way we can now


I did not think that it was legal to organise a specific political group to systematically attack and defame a particular political party?