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Shilling For Jihad Part Two

By Reconquista

Shilling For Islamic Jihad

Part Two: The United Nations For Islamic Jihad


It is a conflict that has now been festering for sixty bloody years. Israel, a nation surrounded by Islamic countries whose deepest desire is to see it wiped off the face of the earth, is still fighting Islamic jihad for its survival. It is a conflict that shows no sign of ending and indeed, it will not end until Israel has been, as the words of the HAMAS charter clearly state, "obliterated".

Sixty years of war and ceasefire, intifadas, terrorism and broken promises. Yet during this time, an organisation formed to uphold human rights, international law, the sovereignty of nations and whose very existence is all about the peaceful co-operation between nations working together to resolve disputes without war, has been heavily involved with this conflict with very little to show for the time and effort it has invested.

If you read the various media reports on this conflict, you will undoubtedly discover strong criticism of Israel and of course, its "partner in crime" the United States. You may find an occasional, but far less strong criticism of murderous Islamic jihad terrorist organisations like HAMAS and Hizballah, and rarely will you find criticism about the Machiavellian roles played by Islamic states, namely Iran and Syria, but strikingly less for Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

But I'm not going to discuss their malicious interferences in this essay as you may be expecting. Because I have a real axe to grind concerning a particular organisation who has received next to no criticism for its policies, actions and direct involvement in this conflict.

I am talking about The United Nations and what you are about to read here you will rarely discover in the western media. But this organisation is up to its neck in innocent blood; it is drowning in a sea of hypocrisy and it is spectacularly failing to carry out its own mission. Furthermore, it is now acting against the very principles it was originally founded upon as you shall now see.

Stating The Obvious

Following Israel's military operation to stop HAMAS jihadists launching rockets at its citizens, the response from the UN was entirely predictable. That Israel must "show restraint", "end the war", "not respond disproportionately", the tried-and-tested and repeatedly failed lame responses accompanied by yet another Secretary-General stating the bleeding obvious: condemning the violence, regretting the loss of life and demanding Israel stop its assault immediately. And just like his predecessors, Ban-Ki-Moon rushes to the region to begin peace negotiations with the nations involved.

This mind-numbing, repeated response of the UN - a response that didn't prevent HAMAS from launching rockets at Southern Israel with impunity - continued apace with yet another Security Council vote demanding a ceasefire.

Yawn, yawn, yawn. How many times do we have to endure this pious, pontificating puffery that says all the right things but achieves - well, what, exactly? Thousands of rocket strikes aside that is.

A Deadly Obsession

The urgency with which the UN springs into action whenever Israel dares to defend itself against Islamic jihad is quite at odds with the somewhat indifferent way it responds to other, far more serious and devastating conflicts elsewhere in the world.

Conflicts such as:

  • The Civil War in the African Congo - over 5 million dead.
  • The Genocide in Rwanda - 1 million dead.
  • The Sudan - 1 million people slaughtered by jihadists.
  • North Korea - Where 1 million people have died in prison camps.
  • Sri Lanka - Ongoing war of 25 years claiming 65000 lives.
  • Algeria - 100,000 people murdered by...take a guess.
  • Thailand - Over 2000 Buddhists slaughtered by...yes, you're right.
  • Afghanistan - Tens of thousands of Shia Muslims murdered by, shhh! You know who just don't mention it, you might cause offence.

Sadly, the above are just the tip of the iceberg. There's more.

There's the barely acknowledged genocide of the Boers in South Africa and the well-known brutal rule of the dictator Mugabe in Zimbabwe a country that has now totally failed.

Then there are the abuses of human rights throughout the Islamic world: Copts, Maronites and Assyrian Christians relentlessly persecuted and murdered, apostates executed, homosexuals executed, adulterers stoned, women treated like beasts and the widespread sexual abuse of children who are allowed to marry as young as 3 years of age. As for the forgotten Zoroastrians, well, they have almost been wiped out in Iran.

In Saudi Arabia, no Jews are allowed in the country, no unbelievers are allowed to enter Mecca or Medina on pain of death and women are treated like dogs whilst the Saudi Princes lord it up around the fleshpots of the world all funded by 13 trillion petrodollars.

And I think it's worth mentioning past events, such as when Syria massacred 20,000 of its people in the town of Hama in 1982 and in 1970, the Jordanians - who really should be "Palestinians" - slaughtered up to 25,000 "Palestinians" in what is referred to as "Black September". Funny how the moniker "Palestinian" can be dropped or applied when it suits isn't it? But it would be an insult to the Prophet (pbuh) if we had infidels thinking that "Palestinians" massacre their own people in larger numbers than those Zionazi Israelis wouldn't it?

The Zionazis who in the current conflict have killed about 1500 people, half of whom are HAMAS terrorists waging Islamic jihad. The other half are innocent citizens the brave warriors of HAMAS deliberately hide behind. Innocent citizens who HAMAS regard as expendable nobodies, propaganda sacrifices for the world's media to profit from at the price of winning sympathy and support for Islamic jihad.

The UN And Disproportionate Response

One of the buzzwords UN representatives use against Israel is the accusation of "disproportionate response". Well they should know all about this because they are world-leading experts in responding disproportionately and it's such a pity they don't brag about their enviable track-record but here's one or two glowing examples for you to admire...

In 2008, 68% percent of UN resolutions regarding human rights targeted Israel. That's Israel, the only democratic state in the ME whose 1million Arab citizens enjoy more human rights than they would be granted in ANY Islamic country.

Afghanistan had just 4% and China, The Sudan and Saudi Arabia were not targeted at all. Amazingly, in 2007, The UN decided that the United States abuses human rights as much as the Democratic Republic of the Congo who both received 39 resolutions for human rights abuses. Israel was top once again with a quite staggering 121 resolutions against her.

These UN "disproportionate responses" lead to the world believing that Israel is a criminal state that refuses to obey the UN resolutions on human rights. Yet this is the same UN whose Human Rights Commission SURPRESSED a report detailing how human rights were being abused in the Sudan but then approved terrorism and suicide bombings against Israel.

The same UN that, just before the US treated the world to "Shock and Awe" in Iraq, had appointed Saddam Hussein's Iraq to co-chair the UN commission on disarmament with Iran. What a fantastic example of "United Nations" indeed. Utterly astonishing isn't it?

This is a mockery of justice, an insult to the millions of WWII dead whose suffering the UN was founded upon to ensure that future generations of the world wouldn't share the same terrible fate. And yet the UN is now demonstrably obsessed with Israel to the neglect of millions of people around the world who are being tortured, abused and murdered by the very mass-murdering tyrants who arrogantly take their place in the UN and vote against Israel.

Something isn't just rotten in Denmark. Something is stinking out the whole of New York.

Just Whose Rights Are The UN Upholding?

It is a question that is simply begging to be asked yet who is asking it? How on earth can the UN be fighting for human rights when it allows countries who have no regard whatsoever for the rights and lives of their own people to be members of the UN Security Council? This results in a situation where we have the democratic state of Israel, the only democratic state in the Middle East, being refused to participate in UN working groups dealing with racism, women's rights, arbitrary detention, human rights and labour standards whilst Cuba, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Zimbabwe are all involved with these UN working groups dealing with these important issues. Human rights issues that these non-democratic states couldn't give a fig for.

How the hell can any organisation that is supposed to be all about protecting and upholding the human rights of all of the world's citizens include as members on the Human Rights Council such champions of liberty and justice as Libya, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, China, Syria and sit-down before you fall-down in shock, the Sudan?

The hypocrisy then descends into lunacy. Democratic Israel is the only country ever to be branded a non-peace loving nation by the UN. Sessions regularly end with resolutions condemning Israel or defining the rights and struggles of "Palestinians" yet no resolutions are passed against China, Saudi Arabia, Somalia or Algeria.

Repeatedly, the UN holds emergency sessions condemning Israel's irritating habit of defending itself from Islamic jihadists and their despicable acts of terror deliberately targeting Israeli citizens yet not once has the UN held emergency sessions to debate the genocide in Rwanda, the civil war in the former Yugoslavia or China's continued and brutal occupation of Tibet.

Since 1964 the UN General Assembly has passed over 400 resolutions against Israel yet no Arab state has had a single resolution passed against it, not for refusing to acknowledge the UN partition of 1948, not for launching 3 wars of genocide against Israel and not for any act of terror committed against Israel.

All this is happening because the UN is now infested with dictators and terrorists who have turned the UN into a viper's nest. The UN is now no longer interested in protecting the human rights of the world's citizens but, just like the EU, it is more concerned with the ambitions and power-grabs of totalitarian despots, especially those from the Islamic world.

Totalitarian, corrupt regimes who are virulently anti American, fanatically anti-Israeli and fiercely anti-west. And the UN is siding with them and exploiting the conflict in the Middle East to justify their own miserable record of failure in far more destructive and devastating conflicts and in doing so, they are advancing Islamic jihad, not just against Israel but against the entire western world, and that includes Great Britain. For British Nationalists that means we now have to regard the UN as an enemy of our nation.

UNRWA - Agency of Islamic Jihad

After the Arab states rejected the 1948 UN partition of Israel, the armies of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt prepared to attack Israel. Beforehand they told the Arabs living there to leave and that they could return after the Jews "had been driven into the sea." This created around 700,000 refugees. At the same time, Jews living in the Arab states fled to Israel, around 500,000 of them.

The Arab attempt to commit genocide failed. Having created a swarm of refugees, they refused to accept them into their nations. Cue the UN and a dedicated agency to help these poor people. The bizarrely titled: United Nations Relief And Works Agency. This despite the fact that the UN already has an agency to deal with refugees - The UN High Commission on Refugees. Why I wonder, is there no mention of "Palestine" in the name of UNRWA, a group whose only mission is to deal with the so-called "Palestinians" I will leave you to speculate over.

So, here we have a situation created by the Arabs who failed to achieve their genocidal aims who then refused to assimilate these refugees into their 22 nations, conveniently handing them over to the UN - whose partition they refused to accept remember - therefore keeping these people stateless solely because they can be used to further the Islamic jihad to eradicate the state of Israel.

Yet the 500,000 Jewish refugees were assimilated into Israel. This of course pales into insignificance when we look at what happened with the British partition of India at the same time. Around 14 MILLION Hindus and Muslims left their homes to move to either India or Pakistan. All of them were assimilated. A feat achieved without a UN dedicated agency and in much less time than 60 years.

This problem with Arab refugees should of been solved by now surely? This happened 60 years ago, many of the refugees would've passed on by now so why is UNRWA still involved? Because it keeps re-assigning the status of the descendants of these people as refugees. How convenient for the oil-rich Arabs who caused the problem and yet who pay less than the US and Europe to UNRWA and even Israel has contributed more to UNRWA than most Arabic states.

The issue here is that the Arabs want THEIR OWN people to be forever refugees. Forever that is, until Israel, as the Iranian President Ahmadinejad has stated on more than one occasion, "is wiped off the map." In continually re-assigning the descendants of these people as refugees, the UN is furthering the Arab cause and is therefore treating these people as political footballs whose miserable existence serves solely to further the Islamic jihad to destroy Israel.

An Islamic jihad the UN is actively participating in, that is to say, therefore, that the UN by participating, is committing war crimes.

For example, look at what happened at two Arab refugee camps, Balata and Jenin in 2002. Following a series of jihadist attacks, Israel attacked these refugee camps and as usual the UN along with the rest of the world criticised Israel for its "total disregard of human rights."

Israel didn't listen and on inspecting these camps discovered mines, mortars and bomb factories manufacturing Kassam rockets. Confronted with evidence, what do you think the UN's response was?

Please leave me a comment if you find something won't you?

All of the staff at these camps are employed by the UN and the vast majority of these people are "Palestinian". That "Palestinian" refugee camps are being used as military depots for Islamic jihad shouldn't really be that much of a surprise and it amounts to yet another war crime on top of many committed by an organisation who are supposed to be all about protecting human rights.

There is also a clear conflict of interest involving the people employed by the UN over there and working to establish a permanent solution to end the plight of the "Palestinian" people. A people who are the recipients of so much welfare from the west through UNRWA that instead of having to concentrate and work towards building their own self-sufficient nation, they have the free time to concentrate and work towards the destruction of another people's self sufficient nation.

Insanity. There is no other word for such a ridiculous, destructive and ultimately tragic situation.

UN War Crimes In Gaza

The situation in Gaza today demonstrates that again, the UN is complicit in war crimes. The UN have rapporteurs, school staff and monitors employed in Gaza. These people must have been FULLY AWARE that HAMAS was:

Committing perfidy by using public buildings - mosques, schools, hospitals etc. to store weapons and launch rocket attacks on Israel. Additionally, conducting military attacks from civilian areas and then preventing civilians from fleeing those areas by shooting their own people to disable them and deter others. The UN must also have been aware of the coup d' etat staged by HAMAS in 2007 that resulted in the executions of FATAH "Palestinians" including throwing human beings from rooftops and executing men in front of their wives and children.

Yet what did the UN do about all of this? What measures, what resolutions, what actions and what preventative measures did the UN put into place to ensure that the situation didn't escalate and further endanger an already persecuted population? How many emergency sessions did the UN call to demand that Iran, Syria and the Lebanon cease the support and arming of the Islamic terror organisations HAMAS and Hizballah? And what about the use of the broadcast media in the "Palestine Authority" where programmes aimed at children brainwash them to hate the Jews and call them to become suicidal martyrs for Allah - what has the UN done to stop this kind of child abuse?

HAMAS Jew Eating Rabbit

Why is the UN not protecting the rights of these innocent children who should not be subjected to this kind of vile abuse? Why indeed.

Preventative Medicine Is Poison

Even when the Israelis resort to peaceful actions to defend its citizens from suicidal Islamic jihadists, the UN will find a way to put Israel in the dock. When the security fence was constructed after a series of suicide bombings during the second intifada, the Arab member states - none of which are a democracy - called for a resolution to refer this "act of aggression" to the International Court of Justice. Not one democratic nation supported the Arab bloc but they needn't have worried because surprise, surprise, the UN supported it.

So in the mad-hatter's world of the UN, a nation that puts up a fence to prevent its citizen's being blown to kingdom come is a criminal state, because the Islamic jihadists who want to self-detonate in restaurants, nightclubs and buses to kill the "descendants of apes and pigs" are prevented from carrying out their sacred duty to Allah.

This at a time when hundreds of thousands of Sudanese and Rwandans were being massacred by bloodthirsty warlords, while the Chinese continued their occupation of Tibet and while Zimbabwe's dictator Robert Mugabe terrorised his own people.

Not forgetting the ongoing persecutions of Copts, Maronites, Assyrians and Zoroastrians, the killing of apostates and homosexuals, the stoning of women and the sexual abuse of children all being merrily conducted by Allah's apostles in the Islamic fountains of humanity that put forward the resolution.

How many resolutions do you think the UN has passed against these states where they know full well that human beings are suffering dreadfully? Check it out for yourself but I won't hold my breath for any forthcoming surprise revelations.

But upholding Human Rights isn't the game the UN are playing any more. Oh no, that would mean taking action - EFFECTIVE ACTION - in numerous countries, the African Congo for one - to stop millions of innocents being slaughtered. No no no, far better is to do whatever it takes to serve the goal of their Islamic jihadist masters and make the state of Israel an outlaw state which has no right to exist.

It is a game the UN is playing with relish whilst millions of people endure a living hell in squalor, starving and with armies of fanatical madmen raping, torturing and massacring them.

Abandoning Humanity

It's way past tea to ask: What use is the UN to these desperate people? Tell me, show me, describe to me all of the actions and resolutions the UN has taken to help the Sudanese, the Rwandans, the Tibetans, the Boers of South Africa, the people of Zimbabwe and many more. What, exactly, is the United Nations doing to defend and uphold the human rights of millions of these oppressed and tormented peoples?

I suggest nothing. Nada. Zilch. All that the UN's insane and quite unjust obsession with Israel achieves is to empower the Islamic jihadists whilst abandoning the beleaguered people of the nations mentioned in this essay who have been sold out by the UN's quite shameful shilling for Islamic jihad.

This explains why, every year, the UN passes far more resolutions against Israel than any other country. Could that be because it has become dominated by Islamic states and their marxist sycophantic sympathisers?

I suggest most definitely that it has. There is no other reason whatsoever to explain why the UN continually, year after year, goes after Israel with zeal to the detriment of millions of suffering people whose dreadful plight doesn't merit a quarter of the scrutiny applied to one of the smallest of nations, a democratic nation at that.

"Palestinian" blood seems to have a far higher value than the blood of any other people on planet earth in the madcap dictator's playground of the United Nations.

The End Result Of The UN's Failure

The biggest question of all that is simply begging to be asked is:

For all of the time the UN spends on the Israel-Arab conflict, for all of the emergency sessions, for all of the resolutions, for all of the work performed by UNRWA, what has the UN done to secure a lasting peace between Israel and the Arabs?

By its own incompetence and its servitude to the Arab bloc, the UN has now made a lasting peace much more difficult. How on earth could Israel ever place trust in the UN? How many people have suffered and died because of the UN's support for Islamic jihad and its abject failure to to deliver a lasting peaceful solution?

The UN has chosen sides in a conflict and it has used that conflict to justify its existence whilst betraying the values it was founded upon along with the millions of victims in conflicts elsewhere in the world, human beings who desperately need the UN to help them the most.

Paying the Price Of The UN's Abject Failure

The bulk of the UN's funding comes from Western taxpayers. Yet the countries who only contribute about 15% of the UN's funding are the oil-rich countries who are waging jihad on the west. The countries who are demanding resolution after resolution against Israel, the same Islamic nations who are seeking to conquer and subjugate the west and establish the global ummeh.

Why on earth is the west funding and tolerating this Islamic trojan horse? This nest of vipers has reached its sell-by date and there is a desperate need for accountability to bring those who have abused the UN's mandate and committed crimes against humanity to be made to pay.

The UN has become a vehicle for jihad, it is now clearly unfit for purpose and it is in dire need of reform - to the point where reform for the nations of "dar al harb" should be:

Withdraw from the UN.

Playing a part in this reptile-infested swamp lends it a credibility and a respectability it simply does not merit. Corrupt and anti-west, the UN is now a morally bankrupt organisation where authoritarian and totalitarian regimes use democracy to attack the west and Israel whilst denying their own people the very same freedom.

Conclusion For British Nationalists

This has been a fairly long essay highlighting many issues. I will now conclude with a summation of issues for British Nationalists.

1. That the UN is clearly advancing the global jihad and in doing so has abandoned its core mission to defend human rights.

2. As it is part of the global jihad, the UN must now be regarded as an enemy of Great Britain.

3. That if Great Britain fails to identify the threat posed by the UN, what Israel faces today we in the west will face tomorrow. For the Palestinians in the ME, read Pakistanis in Britain; read Algerians in France; read Moroccans in Holland and Belgium; read Turks in Germany - in fact read Muslims in any western state. The same game will be played against the west, without a shadow of doubt.

4. We as British nationalists must learn how the jihad is being waged by our enemies. As well as terrorist tactics, we need to be aware of how organisations such as the UN advance Islamic jihad. In particular, how the democratic process can be abused by jihadists using their demographic advantage, the oil weapon, petrodollars and alliances with marxist-socialist states such as China, Venezuela and North Korea. The following two videos will shed more light on how this works.

A. I found this over at The Religion of Peace as I was writing this essay and I couldn't have wished for a better video to re-enforce the issues discussed above:

The UN Lynch Mob

Checkout the countries involved. Notice anything?

B. This is one I dug out of the archives from 2007. This is how the UN responds to perfectly valid and important criticism:

How The UN Deals With Criticism

Does the response of the UN remind you of how the lib/lab/con and their fascist thugs of Antifa and UAF respond to the BNP?

It should do, they're all playing the same game.

I could provide more evidence to prove UN corruption and criminal activities, but I'll end here. If you'd like to discover more about just how rotten the UN now is, enter the following terms into your search engine:

The UN and sex for food.

The UN and food for oil.

The UN is rotten to the core, a corrupt, morally bankrupt criminal mafia that is shilling for Islamic jihad. Time for Britain and nations who value human rights, democracy and truth to call time on it.


Keith in Brum (no blog) said...

What saddens me more than anything is that all the posts on this blog are being "preached to the converted" as it were. The people who we want to read this just dismiss us as troublemakers and racists etc.

The general public in this country have a blinkered view of the world now because they are brainwashed by the Government, the BBC and the papers into believing that all is well, and we as Nationalists are just scum and we too should be eliminated.

I pointed my neighbour to this essay. He read about the first 2 or 3 paragraphs and declared that it was all lies and the "author was the usual nazi scum just trying to stir up hatred"!

What chance have we got against people like that? He, and thousands like him, believe everything the media throw at him and just won't listen to any other point of view.

misterfox said...

The Libertarians and English Nationalists on the British Democracy forum are like that. They have a very dated view which has been created by the media.

Anonymous said...

Great article.

Yes Keith, unfortunately most people don't know what's really going on over there because they believe news media such as the BBC who stopped showing any impartiality long ago. Although it's hard to imagine how exposing genuine nazis (Hamas) makes one a nazi. Such is the topsy turvy loony leftwing society we now live in.

ProudGeordie said...

Fear not, it may be preaching to the converted but to the recently converted like myself, it re-affirms that I have made the right decision and that my hunches these last years have been right I was just looking for the answers in the wrong place. Articles like these answer a lot of questions I couldn't answer, and I imagine there are others like me who have not started a blog of their own and don't comment, but are helped as much as I am.

Anonymous said...

The U.N is as much use as a pork menu at a Bar Mitzvah.

Anonymous said...

Well written and well researched Reconquista. It almost mirrors an article I wrote a while back, but this article is much more detailed.