Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Green Arrow needs you

We must stop their evil plan

Ok. I always need you. I always want you to do something. I want you to visit this link. I want you to visit that link. I want you to sign this petition. I want you to sign that petition. I want you to join a Facebook group. I want you to watch a video. I want you to comment on a local rag. I want. I want. I want.

So what do I want now. Read the following;
Under the terms of the Bill, new 'combined authorities', made up or two or more local authority areas will be created. They will control economic development, regeneration and transport policy. They will not be directly elected, and the rules on appointments to the quangos will be made up by the Government.
Totally undemocratic and ignoring the wishes of the people. You can read the full story here.

I want dedicated subject article writers who can run with one single issue and write about subjects like the above. I want that person to be able to link it to organisations such as Common Purpose and ask questions about why people and organisations like these shown here support and fund them. Do the people who fund those "sponsors" know how their contributions are being spent? Look at the list and let the questions come into your minds.

I want someone with a real understanding of rural affairs to write articles on farming, hunting, fishing, dogs. Anything to do with Country Life. We need the country and The Country needs us. Write an article that is so good that the truly excellent and under appreciated Land and People site takes it and publishes it.

I want sites to take the "good" articles, like the earlier one by new "friend" writer Reconquista and email them, publish them anywhere they can. You do not even have to link back to this site, although the authors name would be nice to be included. Just take everything you need and get it out to our fellow True Brits.

I want people to pick up the News stories and information provided on the Green Arrow Forum, the BNP Site, UKTabloid and to write, write and write. We do not want stories like the amazing information on Searchlights funding from a charity set up for deprived children forgotten and buried.

The next thing I want is for you to stop just browsing the Green Arrow Forum as a guest but join it. Contribute. Post information we can use. Practise your writing skills there until you feel confident to write an article for this blog. Join it and communicate. The Green Arrow Form is becoming an "elite" forum to be a member of be one of the "elite" and help us support our only hope. The British National Party and its far seeing leader Nick Griffin.

Then when you have done all the above. Make a donation to the Party. Deliver more leaflets. Sell more papers. Canvas more. Waken more of the Sheep People.

So that is about it. I do not ask for a lot. Just the penny, the bun and the change.

Oh and it is not just something from the PBI I want. I want something from Our Leaders, who I think are finest leaders any party could have.

I want them to instruct every single Branch and Group Organiser to make a Freedom of Information request from their local authorites on how many of their staff, funded by ratepayers, are graduates of Common Purpose and earmarked to be the new unelected local leaders of the future New World Order. Here is an example of how to make an FOI.

I want Our Leaders not just to publish information and hope that someone else will pick it up and run with it. The BNP are the future government and do not follow. They lead the way. Articles such as their excellent expose of Searchlight and the Charites must be send to every single politician and newspaper in the land demanding a response. Response the main site must then publish.

Our moral is high and our eagerness to fight is overwhelming. We want to attack now, tomorrow and every single day until the last vote has been cast in the euro elections. Then we want a day off to celebrate. Another day of to recover. And then we want to start again. Lead us and Lead us hard. That is all we want.

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