Friday, 9 January 2009

Searchlight, Solidarity and bits n' piecesL

Let us get the bits n' pieces out of the way first.

Just received an email from the anti-BNP crowd that now have control of YouTube saying that my video entitled Send in The UAF clowns had had its soundtrack removed on copyright grounds.

Now almost every other video on Youtube uses music tracks taken from Youtube and nothing is said, as without these videos Youtube would be as empty as the can of beer I drank last night.

The fact is, the videos put up by British National Party supporters infuriates the reds, who immediately flag nationalist videos. Youtube are happy to then play their part and block the video, if not actually banning the poster. Which they did with 1kewldude3. One of the best nationalist video makers ever.

This is the second video I have had removed. The first, Send in the Letterboxes was removed on the grounds of content. It showed a series of images of Moslem women and compared them to walking letterboxes and then ended with an image of a young christain girl murdered because of her faith by the followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile.

In fact it was pretty mild compared to all the decapitions of hostages put out by the turnips. For some reason Youtube does not have a problem with promoting those head banging head removers.

In all honesty, neither of my videos had been widely viewed. Send in the UAF Clowns was only watched 2,434 times before being pulled and Here comes the letterboxes was seen only 429 times before it to was kicked into touch.

But it is sad to lose them. They did take time to make and they did provide links to better video producers. I will replace them.

But it does not matter, because our Activists on Youtube and Liveleak are flooding those sites with really excellent work. And when they are removed they quickly put up more to replace those blocked. Well done the Youtube BNP Activists.

Like the death threats and sneering comments left on the blog, their removal was just another harmless enemy shell going off overhead and a positive reminder that we have the red rabble on the run.

As if to confirm it, I open up the link to the long established Familly Business of Searchlight (proprietors Gerry and Sonia Gable) and get a real good laugh.

In an article penned by Nick Knowles,they inform us that MPs in the Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Plaid Cymru are attempting to put pressure on the government to review their descision not to take action against the British National Party for producing the completly legal booklet, Racism Cuts Both Ways.

So again I wonder if these political dogs being wagged by the Searchlight tail are amoung the ones named on this list here.

Do those MP's on the list, such as David Cameron know that Searchlight is funded by money "donated" by Charities such as the PGMT? Money that was meant to go to disabled and disadvantaged children. I expect so.

How can anyone in the know really take anything that Searchlight produces seriously?

Referring to the hugely successful BNP Day of Action in November of last year, they say that they put 500 "anti-fascists" on the street.

This is a lie. They know it is a lie. We know it is a lie. What they hope is that their free readership does not know it is a lie. My extremly reliable information is that there were less than 100 of their paid supporters there.

Then I stopped chuckling at what I read next. Then I felt an icyness creep over me. Ice cold hatred to destroy these enemies of our people and to one day bring them and their political masters to justice.

The creature Knowles wrote about the murders of white people by the enrichers and colonisers of Our occupied homeland;

In some cases it was the victim who was racist, most notably Keith Brown, a BNP activist who was killed by his neighbour, Habib Khan, in July 2007 after a sustained racial campaign by Brown, his family and friends.
Were that I could feel anger. Perhaps it is good that the only feeling I get is the previously mentioned ice cold determination to destroy Searchlight and those who support it or I would say something foolish that would have me removed from my keyboard.

So I move on and flick to another page of this state funded red rag run by corrupt criminals. They are now rattling on about the only independant and patriotic trade union Solidarity.

They make a series of accusations of wrong doing by Solidatrity but then leaving an exit for themselves to escape by, should they be legally challenged. They say;
However there was “no evidence of personal dishonesty or systematic maladministration of members’ money,” concluded Gerard Walker, assistant certification officer.
Well the Gable Business is about lies. The Gables have had a very good living out of lieing for decades. Sometimes they are very good at it - they have had enough practice. But their days, like their business are numbered. They will be brought to justice and hard copies of their rag magazine become collectors items for those interest in red propaganda.

Whilst here, I might as well ask if Solidatity could include this blog on any press releases or news as it happens so we can publish it here also.

Now best go watch Welcome to World of Green Arrow before Youtube pull it. Not that good but I liked the song. Rate it, favourite it and please leave a comment.


shaven-headed tattooed knuckledragger said...

The attempts by the LibLabCon to prevent the distribution of 'Racism cuts both ways' to young people should be given maximum publicity. It will then become 'forbidden fruit' like the Motoons, with everybody wanting to see it.

Spoof letters to local rags and leftie papers calling for the banning of this publication should work wonders. Maybe also leftard comments on blogs warning people not to read it (it's available online) could be helpful.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought. I liked the youtube video "Send in the Clowns" video.

Now just how difficult would it be for one of our members or supporters to write an original Clowns tune. It would then not be liable for copyright.

Call it return of the Clowns, or whatever you like. It could have an hurley burley Disneyesque or a melancholy flavour to it. It doesn't take a Mozart you know.