Monday, 19 January 2009

This time it is the turn of Wigan to show us the way

Previously I wrote about West Wales Patriots showing us the way with their leafleting initiative and suggesting that other branches and groups follow it.

This morning I see that the Wigan Patriots have now carried out an initiative, that not only all British National Party branches and groups should replicate but all members and supporters also.

Henry Morgan, their Treasurer and Election Agent, has written a rather good letter to his local MP concerning the coming vote on expenses.

Ministers last week slipped out plans that would block the publication of hundreds of thousands of receipts showing exactly how MPs spent millions of pounds of taxpayers' money.
You know what these parasite MPs in Parliament remind me of? Pigs that have overturned their feed bin and are gulping as much of the food down before the farmer comes and drags them away from it.

Many of them, especially Labour, know their political days at the trough will be over come the general election and are determined to steal whatever they can from the public purse before they go.

Well wherever they do go, it had better be a long, long, way, away because the BNP will investigate them and then bring them back for trial, strip them of their pensions and sequester their assets.

Still on the Wigan Patriot, I also noticed this article that I think you should read. Check out the image below.

Check out the Grand Title - Pathetic

You have already seen how the Tri-Axis of Evil parties in local government allocate prime council houses to "onside" employees, political activists from Searchlight/UAF and of course Common Purpose.

And just the other day I mentioned how they create well paid non-jobs for these people so they can really afford to work full time against the wishes and interests of the British People.

Well that advert above is just the kind of thing I am on about. Have you ever read such gobbledygook? You just know that the person has already been chosen behind the scenes.

All these jobs and houses are for, are "rewards and bribes" to keep those who actively support the Lib/Lab/con alliance well fed, housed and loyal.

When the British National Party throws these parasites out, there will be that much money saved, that local authorities will be able to afford to empty bins twice a day rather then twice a month, that is the case now in many places.

Check this link out about why half of all civil servants deserve the sack. The same applies to local authority workers.

Way to go Wigan. Well done.

On a sadder note, Leicestershire BNP are reporting the sad death of BNP stalwart Doug Slater.

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Bin Over Laden said...

Half of all civil servants could be sacked

I'm sure the same applies with local council employees - either sack them or redeploy the parasites on something useful like emptying overflowing bins more frequently.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Wigan!

Heres a site I found this morning that is full of useful information GA.


Anonymous said...

Brown Brainwashing Corporation Stasi scum harass pensioner

odin said...

I bet your right GA, someone already has that job!

Anonymous said...

Soviet System operating...

Corruption in Nottingham
by IanPJ on Sat 17 Jan 2009 18:20 GMT | Permanent Link | Cosmos
Following quickly after the story of corruption scandal in the Housing department of Norwich City Council, In a story that would make Soviet Russia proud, there is a scandal brewing here in Nottingham that beggars belief.

Its report says employees of the housing service, as well as relatives, partners and associates were given houses they should not have had.

Tens of thousands of pounds of public money was spent improving wrongly allocated houses – and some were then bought under the right-to-buy scheme and a councillor lied to help two associates obtain a house.

Got that? So these housing officers were giving out council housing to their family and mates, even though they weren’t eligible. They were then spending huge sums on improving some of these houses (I have seen over £40,000 quoted in one case), and the houses were then purchased under the right to buy scheme. Some of them were then sold.

But as if that wasn’t bad enough, it now emerges that they were dishing out jobs to their mates at the same time.


No councillors have seen fit to fall on their swords.

This sorry tale is an excellent example of how giving the state power over individuals, in this case, over housing, will always end in tears. 'Social' housing, or housing for those less fortunate in society is to important to be left to a corruptible, inefficient state.

Where else is this corruption, look at your own Council and dig.

All part of Labour's Project Destroy Britain. - Brave New World.

Hattip East Midlands LPUK

Keywords: Nottingham, corruption, housing

Anonymous said...

Brown's Brainwashing Corporation investigate the growth of the BNP in Cumbria (SHOCK! HORROR!!!)

Fyrdist said...

"You know what these parasite MPs in Parliament remind me of? Pigs that have overturned their feed bin and are gulping as much of the food down before the farmer comes and drags them away from it."

SUPERB analogy, Green.

Anonymous said...

She said: “I had just turned from Featherstall Road South on to the bypass at about 2.15pm when I saw three Asian teenage boys standing at the side of the road.