Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Griffin on Gaza; BNP rank and file support for Israel

OK. I put my hands up, I have done nothing this morning except surf the net and answer emails and shortly I have to go and grovel to my mother for not staying in touch so will be away for a few hours.

So cheating, I have cut n pasted the following short article from the View from the Right Side, that was posted by a Lawrence Auster. Off you go.....(I have inserted some breaks for ease of reading)

British National Party chairman Nick Griffin has quite an interesting statement on the Gaza situation, posted at a pro-BNP site in Wigan, England.

Supporters of Israel will not be pleased with all his points (he says that what's happening in the Mideast is of no concern to Britons), but overall his statement is pro-nationhood, pro-the right of self-defense, pro-Western civilization, and utterly realistic about Islam and what needs to be done about it--and thus, in effect, strongly pro-Israel.

The level of thought in this article is lightyears beyond anything heard in mainstream British politics. At the end of the article there is a link to the same article at the main BNP site (the direct link doesn't work).

Below the article, there are well over a hundred comments. If you thought the BNP was anti-Semitic, you should read this stunning thread. The commenters, at least the ones I've read so far, are overwhelmingly and strongly pro-Israel and anti-Islam. Not only that, but on a couple of occasions when a commenter makes the typical anti-Israel comment filled with the usual lies, another commenter immediately comes in and corrects him. This is not, so to speak, your mother's BNP.


OK me now. Well there you go. I am in full agreement with Lawrence. Nick Griffin and the British National Party are indeed "lightyears" ahead of the old and failed policies of the Lib/Lab/con alliance. It is called evolution. Those dinosaurs of evil are on their way out.


A Thurrock Patriot said...

I think most people missed the point of nick griffins statement.

We all have our own feelings, mine is every sovereign country should defend itself from attack, but that they are as bad as each other and it will never find a solution other than a big fucking great wall in-between them, giving them their own space.

What nick in my opinion was saying we can have our personal thoughts and opinions but unless they are going to attack us or affect us in some capacity, as a country we should keep our noses out and not get involved.

Anonymous said...

"99 percent of Muslims are Muslims because their many times over great-grandfather was living in a village someplace when a group of men with swords marched in, and declared that they were all going to become Muslims now, or die horribly. Unless he was smart enough to get on board by being one of the men with the swords, and take home his share of the loot and slaves.

Today these people would be known as Muslim extremists. Back then they were just known as Muslims.

But there's a new Gold Rush in the West now as Western scholars, academics and politicians look around for something that isn't there-- a way to co-exist with Islam. Except it's not a Gold Rush but a Fool's Gold Rush, because when it comes to Islam, co-existence has never been on the table. Islam is a religion that from its earliest days was spread by the sword of Mohammed, and then by various Caliphs, Emirs, Sultans, assorted warlords and rulers.

Religions that spread like that are no more interested in achieving co-existence, than telemarketers are interested in Do Not Call lists. It puts them out of business. Even the current boom due to "interest in Islam" can be traced back to 19 Muslims flying several planes into two major US cities with a death toll in the thousands. Minus the planes and with a much higher death toll, that is generally how people get "interested" in Islam in the first place.

When Muslim leaders talk about co-existence, what they really mean is "Stop bombing us long enough to let us destroy you."

This of course hasn't stopped well meaning Westerners from trying to find ways to get along with cancer. Like living with Cancer, living with Islam is a dead end proposition. You either go for Chemotherapy or sooner or later you wind up lying face up on a steel table with a toe tag on your foot. Except in this case the toe tag will be a Koran.

Like Cancer, Islam is a devouring entity that exists to consume, leaving destruction and misery in its wake. You cannot live with it, your choices are to either die, or force it out of your body. The West has currently pushed Button 1 while assuming that any moment now, the Cancer will turn moderate, and become willing to talk about how it can be integrated with the rest of the body.

... We'll give you complete equality, social services, a good deal of respect, a seat at the table, the privilege to censor anything that offends you and the right to beat and rape as many women as you want-- so long as you agree to be our friends. That kind of thing naturally doesn't work.

Giving people who already view you as subhuman, carte blanche to do whatever they want, isn't going to endear them to you. Just ask the Jews sitting in ghettos during WW2 and hoping that cooperating with the Nazis would avoid the worst from happening. Submission to people who already place no value on your life is death."

More at

Anonymous said...

It is Islam against the Jews, nothing less.
Hamas openly state their aim is the destruction of Israel.
Hamas sacrifice "Palestinians" to destroy Israel.

The western media is disgraceful in its one sided anti-Israel reporting.

Stringbag said...

Agreed GA, it is powerful stuff and totally gives the lie to the nonsense about our being anti-semitic.

Seems to me that this thread, combined with the one about the quite appalling Yasmin - "I want white men to be a lost species" Alibhai Brown - form a powerful package.

Today there is an excellent thread, article by George Fanning, about short-selling City spivs and a highly contructive, hopeful article about the example that Chinese economic nationalism sets - and how we can emulate their success.

Pretty good for an alleged one issue Party one might say!

defender said...

We have our own very serious problems to resolve. While the noose tightens around the necks of our own people, I cannot spare the emotion on how other people in other lands save there own necks.
What about Mugabe, Darfur, Somalia, and all the other place around the world, to me this Gaza situation is not the worst going on.

Sometimes a journalist gets caught in the reality of life here in his own country smacks him in the face, read what happened to Hitchins to case him to start to see the light.
'It's not debatable,' they bawled. My chilling encounter with Britain's jack-booted paramilitary police

xoggoth said...

I have read a few left-wing blogs that blame the rise in anti-semitism in recent years on the BNP and other right-wing organisations.

Funny how these attacks always rise steeply, as now or during the Lebanon invasion, when there are conflicts between Israel and its Arab neighbours.

You nasty righty chaps really must stop be so fanatically pro-Arab and pro-Muslim. It is clear from that article that some of you are even dressing up as Arabs in order to attack Jews. Shame on you!