Tuesday, 6 January 2009

So who lives in a house like this?

A group calling it self ‘Concerned citizens against Fascism’ have launched an unbelievable attack in Glasgow against a decent law abiding family man.

In a move more akin to Nazi Germany, leaflets informing people that their neighbour is a member of the British National Party have been dropping through letterboxes.

The leaflet states without a hint of irony that “communities in which these Fascists live are made aware of their presence”.

What will these deluded fools want next? BNP members made to wear yellow stars perhaps?

Do they not see that by their actions they are guilty of incitement to violence?

That by printing the name and address of members that they admit have been taken from the stolen membership list they are also breaking the law?

That by trying to stifle the voice and intimidate members of a completely legal decent political party that happens to disagree with their ideology that it is they that are Fascist?

Well if they do not, the police certainly do and when this matter was reported to them stated that they were “quite confident” that the person/persons responsible will be arrested.

A copy of the leaflet has also been sent to the fight back team for future legal action.

Source: BNP Scotland


Fyrdist said...

£50 donation heading now toward the BNP People's Defence Fund.

The Reds will never get it. Don't waste your words. Fund the defence instead.

ivan said...

Yes they are really loosing the plot.When the "stolen" list came out,Green Arrow you were probably like myself ? going google mad on the MSM.The way some of the local papers across the country printed the stories like 2 live here 5 live there etc reminded me of nazi germany and they have the cheek to call us facists.One interesting situation which i had (which i will not go into for legal reasons) but put it this way i put the phone down smiling !

Weegie said...

This will backfire on Labour. Rather than reach for their cudgels and go into vigilante mode as the demented Marxists imagine, ordinary Glasgow people will visit the BNP website to see what all the fuss is about, and then form their opinions accordingly.

Jeannine said...

Searchlight, UAF, etc., are nothing more than tools of the establishment: the stormtroopers of the ruling elite. They're obviously terrified of losing their paychecks with the swelling tide of BNP support.

Phil Nott said...

Of course if they did this where I live I would knock on every door and introduce myself personally. Do not do this alone however.

Anonymous said...

Nice idea, Phil. Best defence.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

All my neighbours know I'm BNP. Indeed, the whole town knows it because I'm election agent for all our candidates (eight, at last year's council elections), so when they post the list of candidates on thetown Hall notice board, my name and address is up there as agent alongside every name.

And guess what? Everyone is friendly towards me, even though this is a strongly Labour town (so far).

If you keep no personal secrets nobody can threaten to reveal them.

Jeannine said...

If you keep no personal secrets nobody can threaten to reveal them.

That is so true. All my neighbours, family members, the people at the local pubs, etc. know that I'm BNP. If I was worried about it, I wouldn't have married the man I did. We've had our former address and phone numbers splashed all over the internet for a year now.

The most typical thing that happens is people routinely ask about the BNP or say that even though they're not members they vote for us. I've seen quite a few friends join and become active members too.

Anonymous said...

Please feel free to visit www.scotland.bnp.org.uk