Thursday, 8 January 2009

Staffordshire Football Association and the BNP

In an Elephant never Forgets, I wrote about the disgraceful dismissal of BNP member and council candidate, Stan Leese by Staffordshire Football Association because of his patriotic beliefs.

Stan, who stood in the Northwood and Birches-Head ward had lost by just 30 votes in last Mays local elections but his membership of the British National Party was enough to get him suspended for three years from the SFA.

He had been offered the option of quiting The Party and retaining his position but bravely refused and paid the penalty for standing up for freedom.

Stan who is 76 had given over 61 years of his live to serving his local football community but this meant nothing to his politicaly motiviated persecutors.

The inquiry into Stans membership admitted that the BNP was a perfectly legal party and even the hanging judge said;

"The board do not believe you are in any way racist."
but he was still was still removed from the job he loved doing. Shameful.

Now in an about turn, the SFA have overturned his ban and written to Mr Leese asking him to take up again his position as Honouray Vice President. I know what I would say but then again I am no lover of football.
The chairman of the board of directors Barry Shenton told Mr Leese: "Having taken all aspects of the matter into consideration, the board members were of the opinion that little was to be gained by maintaining the suspension.
Now I would like to thing that this was a victory for common sense but I must also wonder if the fact that the BNP Group Leader for Stoke-On-Trent, Councillor Abby Walker was on the case and that Stan had a very good case for appealing against his suspension also had something to do with it.

Either way, a good result for Stan and the BNP and a lesson for other organisations contemplating taking illegal action against the patriotic members of the British National Party.


Keith from Brum said...

I think the "about turn" was because they realised that 'The Green Arrow' would get to know and give them a rough time on t'internet; and bring their disgustingly PC management into disrepute!

Ivan said...

Well done to Alby for helping Stan the spirit of the great "Sir Stanley Matthews"

ivan said...

Green Arrow.forgot to mention it in my earlier post an article from last year.I think was by sarah maid of albion it was a list of the labour front benchers and their former beliefs marxist commi's you still have a copy ? i saved it somewhere but cant find it im after a copy for my facebook site.

Fyrdist said...

Keith is right: word on the street has it that Green Arrow has moved to Stoke to throw his lot in with the Stoke BNP crowd. On hearing of this ensuing business, the SFA capitulated and waved not only a white flag in the direction of GA but also waived the ban on poor old Mr. Leese. Word also has it that Stan Leese's uncle was non other than Arnold Leese (a tongue-in-cheek pun for those 'in the know') and that was the deciding factor in the SFA's cowardly back-footing.

Anonymous said...

Maybe just maybe the SFA are looking over their collective shoulders, and asking themselves if Stan sues for wrongful dismissal under the EU human rights act just how much will it cost. If I was Stan I'd take them to the cleaners, after all they cared not a jot for his sixty one years of dedicated service, in fact they treated him with utter contempt, if Stan declines to do that, the very least he deserves is an abject apology.

Regards ed.