Monday, 5 January 2009

Astonishing Anti-White Racist Tirade by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Written by Lee Hancock and first published on the BNP Site

BNP News recently praised the Irish Independent newspaper’s Kevin Myers for his brave and honest reporting of the disastrous effects of mass immigration on the UK. But perhaps to redress the balance, the British Independent today saw fit to publish an astonishing anti-white polemic by journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. A hate-filled diatribe that, if the author had have been white, would probably see them facing a seven-year prison stretch for inciting racial hatred.

Brown, a Ugandan born Muslim who came to the UK in 1972, was commenting on the recent Government report that the British white working class feel betrayed and abandoned. Brown lays her cards on the table at the outset of the article: “Maybe it’s because I’m a foreigner that I rage so when witnessing attacks on immigrants. Something stirs deep inside, not bloodlines, not tribal kinships, not even the politics of race, but a wakeful sense of history and lived experience.

Yet Brown declares that native Britons do not have the same right to experience the same sense of “history and lived experience” in their own homeland, stating that the British working class “have turned against incomers as self pity overwhelms them.”

Addressing the Government report, Brown dismisses the concerns of the indigenous Britons and astonishingly claims that immigrant concerns are sidelined: “Ruined by “ethnic minorities” they cry into their antimacassars and threaten to vote for fascists. The British working classes include people of every shade. But only white grievances matter. Nobody seeks to find out what life is like for the incomers living in the fog of nativist bitterness.

Brown continues: Parliamentarians, the media, even the people who claim to speak for immigrants - such as Baroness Warsi and Trevor Phillips - are flocking to indulge the always-wretched and complaining classes. And so it becomes a matter of honour for me to oppose them.

“We are thankfully free to question Muslim, Asian, Arab, African, Caribbean, Polish, Lithuanian, Russian behaviour in Britain. And some behave abominably. The British middle and upper classes are rightly fair game. But not the white working classes.

“Criticise them and they, who detest PC, bring down the wrath of Alf Garnett on your head. Their culture is proud; they are noble; what they believe - however stupid or vicious - must be awesome. Oh, and they are never to be called racist, not even the scum who drop shit and firebombs through letter boxes of asylum-seekers on estates.”

Brown then praises the words of a white journalist who takes her side on the worthlessness of the native Britons: “One writer, Liz Jones, of white working-class stock, sees through the cultural protectionism. Responding to beer-swilling blokes in Wibsey Working Men’s Club, in Bradford, who said on television that they had lost their place as the backbone of the nation because Asians were overtaking them, she wrote: “A snail with special needs would overtake this lot …

Warming to her theme, Brown then really let’s the hatred flow. “Defenders of this faith claim they are never allowed to speak on immigration. They have done little else since the first boats sailed in from the Caribbean. Whenever times were hard, immigrants were the natural scapegoats. At boom times, they were brutally envied: too rich, too hardworking, taking jobs and gals from British men, or scroungers on benefits.

“You couldn’t win then; even less so today. Working-class white men provoked race riots through the Fifties and Sixties; they kept “darkies” out of pubs and clubs and work canteens. Who were the supporters of Oswald Mosley and Enoch Powell? The disempowered have used us to vent their natural-born hatred against the powerful.

She finishes her incredible rant by once again looking at the whole issue from her bias as an immigrant:

Britain is a more integrated place than was in the Sixties, and many of us would not live elsewhere.

“Like others who came to stay, I hope one day we can truly belong, our rights and responsibilities no different from those who arrived and laid claims long before us on these mongrel, oft-invaded isles. Perhaps there will be brief respite when Britain will not blame the outsider for all its woes. Alas not yet, certainly not over this hard and cold coming year.

As with the rest of the article, no credence is given to the rights of indigenous Britons to have predominance in their historical homeland, in the same way as those of Brown’s political bent champion the same rights for black South Africans and Tibetans.

And the usual erroneous and racist mantra that Great Britain is a “mongrel” nation is brought into play. Three-quarters of indigenous Britons can trace their ancestry in these lands back to the end of the last Ice Age, some 15,000 years ago. So please excuse us, Mrs. Brown, if the opinions on our people by a hate-filled bigot with a history in this country stretching back a whopping 37 years are not taken seriously.

But what we will take seriously are the many new enquiries and members that your comments will bring us. And we will give these people a voice and address their real concerns and give them back their sense of pride and belonging.


Note from Green Arrow

I believe that one day this article can be used to prosecute this unwanted "guest" in Our Country with inciting violence and racial hatred. The punishment for those found guilty will of course be deportation to their last place of residence. Uganda will surely welcome her back.

There is also a very good article over on the I am an Englishman site that you really must read that reveals how deep are the depths of hatred of this creature from another continent.

During the 4th of June, 2006, edition of Dateline London, Gavin Essler posed this question:

"What's wrong with white guys, by the way?"

To which Alibhai-Brown replied:

"I don't like them. I want them to be the lost species in 100 years".

Keep digging that hole to deportation Yasmin.


Anonymous said...

Well there's gratitude for you!Of course we have sailor boy Heath to thank for her presence in our country.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. She cites Liz Jones to support her "case". If ever there was a nut case then it's the abominable Liz who earned her living for a year or so by writing about her troubles with an Indian man who was taking advantage of her in a "relationship". She was also taking advantage of him by telling of his faults and their troubles. A pair of unbalanced half wits! She writes, always stupidly, always self serving and usually about things of no consequence. I wonder how newspapers can employ her. She must have something on the editors which they fear to have made public. These two journalists are a disgrace to all that women have ever fought for. But Aligator-Brown loves living in Britain!! I bet she does!! No chance of her ever going back to Uganda- unless she was forcibly removed? Roll on the day. Britain was built on the back of the working classes by leaders who exploited them shamelessly for their own, and their countries purpose. I agree that the working classes have declined since their better days but that again has been due to their manipulation- this time by traitors who have still had their own interests at heart but NOT their countries. Thats why we have been over run by people like this Brown specimen.

Red Squirrel said...

In my opinion GA this venomous wierdo was taught in the 'Idi Amin school for the rabid and insane', that he founded lol.
She IS promoting hate speech with a view to incite the response of our imaginary 'dog shit and petrol bomb brigades'.it is their AntiFa goon squad,who do those sort of things!
I remember Epoch's example regarding the old lady who received something excremental through her letterbox.
This bitch will be prosecuted and I suggest we start a petition or take legal action.
I am very annoyed.
But if she thinks that we will actively start replying with Hate so that Jacqui Snifter's team of 'earwiggers' will be ready to have us arrested " with the full weight of their self righteous, anti-White new laws
She can P**** off

GA I will mail you

mark said...

Seriously, indignation aside, can someone please explain why she won't be prosecuted for this?

Is anyone making a formal complaint?

Anonymous said...

Time and time again I've suggested the BNP report this stuff as Hate Crime; time and time again it falls on deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

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