Monday, 26 January 2009

The Guardian, Searchlight and the BNP

Eventually, five days after the event, the jobs directory for taxpayer funded non-jobs for the labour activists, otherwise known as the Guardian finally caught up with the rest of the world and reports on the employment of Blue State Digital(BSD) to take on the British National Party in the coming Euro Elections.

Of course, they do not report that BSD is an American Company and neither do they say that it is the state funded Gerry Gable family business, Searchlight that is paying for them with money received from the charity The Philip Green Memorial Trust whose charitable purpose is listed as follows;

The objectives of the Charity are raising money to help young people, the elderly, the disabled, and the needy in the community at large1.

and the: Generation Of Donations For The Purpose Of Charitable Causes In Respect Of Sick And Disabled Children2.
Hmm. Hard to see how giving money to Searchlight helps sick and disabled children but there you go.

The Gruniard also makes much of the fact that it was BSD that mobilised millions of people behind the mixed race Moslem Will Smith Obama. Well possibly but they might have also mentioned, that it was BSD that was also responsible for the campaign to get Red Ken Livingstone re-elected as Mayour of Londonistan and where is Ken now? Probably dishing out Subway sandwiches somewhere. Yet another reason why you should Boycott Subway.

Neither do they reveal that the Hope not Hate drive is also a subsidary of the Gerry Gable corporation Searchlight. Incidentally Nick Lowles who is running the campaign is a paid employee of Searchlight.

What is it with these NUJ types on the Guardian? Are they not even curious about the truth? No. Not really. Their job is to supress the truth and produce Newspeak for their masters.

However, whist it is activists delivering leaflets, selling papers and knocking on doors that will win us the Euro Seats we need, we should not overlook the importance of a "viral" campaign and the BNP are running one of their own.

So could I please ask all readers of the blog to publish the link to BNP to Launch Exclusisve Newsletter where ever you can. So Facebook and Youtube activists, we are looking for you to really promote it. Good Luck.

It would be good of you also if you could also push the link to this article here which points to the truth about Searchlight and their more violent friends in the UAF. In fact add the following links to all your emails.

How Searchlight is fianced.

Searchlight and Political Violence

Searchlight Exposed

The truth about Unite Against Fascism

Strange though isn't it how a communist organisation is fronting an American attack on the BNP with money raised from donations to charities on behalf of the Labour Party.

However BSD have come a long way for nothing. The Labour Party is finished in this Country. Come the general election, Labour MP's will be harder to find then an honourable man in the House of Lords.


Anonymous said...

Report all e-mails from BSD and their cronies as SPAM - this will get them blocked or spam-listed by the Internet Service Providers.

Anonymous said...

More on black-listing BSD's white list

Anonymous said...


"BSD's redundant, high-availability email server infrastructure routinely processes millions of email messages an hour, ensuring that your messages will flow steadily from our servers into your recipients' inboxes. And our anti-spam whitelist relationships -- among the strongest in the industry -- make sure that your email is deliverable, even to Internet service providers with high diversion rates. "

Anonymous said...

GO VIRAL WITH THIS INFORMATION! (summary of three comment above)

Blue State Digital pay internet service providers (ISP's) to put them on a 'white-list': "Our anti-spam whitelist relationships -- among the strongest in the industry -- make sure that your email is deliverable, even to Internet service providers with high diversion rates. "

The 'white list' allows them to distribute unsolicited 'viral' emails provided there aren't too many customer complaints. "Companies either pay for a time period to be allowed to e-mail their customers or the companies pay per complaint received by the ISP from their customers. These payments per complaint increase incrementally: ie. The first 10 complaints are $10 each. The next 10 are $20 each." from

So if you receive their e-mails, COMPLAIN LIKE HELL! It will cost them dearly. Tell everybody!

Fyrdist said...

Excellent information. Well done.

Epona said...

Hi GA,
I have put a link on Swindon Nationalists re: all you have here.
All the best,

Sir Henry Morgan said...

GA - Everyone

You might find Wigan interesting today:

Anonymous said...

Glossary of Commonly used Islamic terms.

DA' WA - Propaganda for Islam with the object of converting infidels or producing a sanitized, favourable impression of Islam. May involve Taqiyya (see below)

DAR AL-HARB - The domain of war. All those lands not under Islamic control.

DAR AL-ISLAM - Those lands under Islamic control.

DHIMMI - A non-Muslim who accepts Muslim supremacy and pays the Jizya (protection money - see below)

HARBI - A non-Muslim who does not accept Muslim supremacy and is thus regarded as being at war with Islam. All Harbis must be killed.

INTIFADA - A violent Muslim uprising in Dar al-Harb. In India and Britain this is termed 'Communal violence'

JIHAD - The struggle to destroy Dar al-Harb and make Islam supreme throughout the world.
Jihad has many aspects.

JIZYA - Protection money paid by Dhimmis to their Muslim masters.

KUFFAR - Variant spellings are Kafir, Kaffir, Kuffer etc. A non-Muslim, there are two types - Dhimmis may be allowed to live, but Harbis must be killed.

RAZZIA - A Violent raid of rape and pillage into Dar al-Harb.

SHAHEED or SHAHID A Muslim who dies in the process of killing Kuffars. He goes to paradise, together with 70 of his nearest relatives.

TAQIYYA - Lies, falsehood and disinformation employed to further the cause of Islam.

.... can anyone think of any more?

Anonymous said...

Reporting BSD spam:

Anonymous said...

With the resources that Searchlight have at their disposal, unfortunately more unorthodox and innovative methods needs to be employed against them.

There is no doubt the best resource we have is our people, the extent of the blogosphere means that we can organise and go into places like cif and MPACUK and put the other side of the story that the reds have been unable to achieve.

The truth is, are we scared of BSD? They might have been able to whip up a bunch of dumb yanks into a frenzy without any opposition but that doesn't mean they can do it to us Brits.

We'll meet eye to eye and win the argument.