Thursday, 8 January 2009

Dear White Mankind

Keith Fairhurst (Manchester) wrote on 06 January 2009 at 11:20 Derby BNP Group

Dear white mankind

We regret to inform you that your kind has been slated for termination.We, the various third world majorities of africa, asia ,india, south america and the middle east, assert that your long history of success at building civilisations, developing new technologies, creating stable governments, fostering goodwill, feeding much of the world, and increasing peace and prosperity even amongst the riotous hordes of our own homelands, has made us envious and resentful of you ,We who make up 92% of the global population, feel that we can no longer accept the great disparity between your successes and our abject failure. The solution to this inequality should be obvious to all concerned .

We are planning to invade your ancestral homelands, little by little, and to facilitate this, we have the full co-operation of your controlled media and governments, academia, and law enforcement organizations. While we , personally, do not control any of these entities ourselves , we are profiting endlessly from the crypto-marxist system put in place many decades ago by an ethnic "fifth column" which operates with complete impunity at all levels of your political, academic, and media culture. Their interference in the natural development of your constitutional republics has been indispensable to our efforts to wrest from you the control of eveything that you've struggled to build and maintain over the last century . Indeed, were it not for them, none of our present plans would have been even possible.

By carefully controlling and managing the schools, universities, media, and press, this "out group" has managed to convince the great bulk of your racial kinsmen that not only is resistance futile, but that it is immoral, barbaric, depraved, and unworthy of a "thinking" individual . By promoting the stereotype of a "racist redneck resistance" they have made the idea of a struggle for white identity a veritable sin in the minds of nearly every white person. in short, they have convinced European-derived peoples that a prolonged suicide is preferable to the unmitigated evil of "racism"

While doing this, they have pushed ,inch by inch, to open the borders of ALL white nations to our own sullen masses, throwing open the gates to invasion while assuring the public that "race doesn't matter" .Since race, DOES matter,(and noone knows it better than we), they have likewise pit into place a totalitarian system of "hate speech" and "hate crime" laws, to further alienate and penalize those few whites who might harbour some simmering resentments at the increasing decay of their society and culture. All of this is in keeping with the far reaching plans of this particular ethnic "out group" , and has sometimes been refered to as the" long march"

The out group, who maintains a sense of racial cohesiveness hitherto unknown among even the most tightly-knit of all dispersed human peoples, maintains a grip on the press and electronic media that is nearly monopolistic in its all encompassing reach. Since they are so thoroughly in control of these organs for the dissemination of propoganda, they are in the best possible position to spread hostility against the white people of europe and america, inciting the minority against the majority in these lands, black against white, latino against white, asian against white, arab against white, indian against white, and so on and so forth.

This is facilitated by decades of brainwashing,beginning in early school years,portraying whites not as the builders of a great civilisation, or the admirable leaders of the free world, but in a lopsided, entirely slanted way as oppressors, enslavers, genocidal "nazis" , southern klansmen, imperialistic colonials, and toothless hillbillies just itching for a chance to lynch the first coloured individual that comes along. This brainwashing not only inflames the minorities in these now racially mixed "schools", but also inoculates a sense of "white guilt" that the out group finds particularly useful in maintaining control.

Hence, you whites have become a neutered, egoless herd of cattle , easily manipulated and posing no threat to the out group, who live in perpetual terror of your ever waking up to their plans. the out group has a long running resentment and fear of white civilization, and thus have worked within that civilzation to undermine its cohesion and sense of purpose. The promotion of homosexuality, pornography, drugs, divorce, illicit sex, moral relativism, atheism, communism, gun control," anti racism", "and civil rights", has been the greatest boon to this subversive faction, who are but a tiny minority among you , but who wield awesome, incomparable power.

Thus, in light of the fact that you are socially, morally, mentally, intellectually, and even legally castrated, We, the teeming masses of the third world who thirst for what you have and what we can never obtain, are going to finally swamp your once noble and advanced societies, your pristine cities, and unsullied neighborhoods, and rape your countries for everything they are worth.

We are going to move in, right under your noses, and set our churches, mosques, synagogues, and strange gods, up in place of your own. we will ensure that OUR celebrations and festivities and holy days are observed, while YOURS are erased from the pages of history.

We will drain the public coffers of welfare, food stamps, and all forms of social aid available. we will swamp your childrens schools, change the language in which lessons are taught, form street gangs to terrorize and torment your families, steal, vandalize, harrass, threaten, and cajole you until we get what WE want.

That it will be entirely at your expense is irrelevant to us.

We will beat and murder your sons, we will rape your wives and daughters.

We kill brits and americans every day, your governments couldn't care less.

We have shut down hospitals with our teeming numbers, we have flooded the streets, demanding "special rights" for those millions of us that are here illegally.

We nearly had your major politicians ready to grant us an" amnesty" in the name of "diversity" and "equal rights" . We are filling up the ranks for unskilled labor, we are raping pre-teens, we are doing the jobs that brits wont do.

As your global economy crumbles, and it gets harder and harder to feed your families, as your birthrate plummets, and you face the eventual dispossession of the country your forefathers founded for YOU and YOUR prosperity, just remember , there is nothing you can do to stop us. The out group has made sure that the law is on OUR side, not yours. No matter how piffling your criticism of us is, the out group will use their media to label you with shocking epithets and broad smears, racist, hater, bigot, neo-nazi, nativist, white supremacist, domestic terrorist, etc.

If we want to, we can assault and kill you with near impunity. the media will not report it, and if they do, they will place the blame for the assault squarely on YOUR shoulders, not ours. In JENA, LOUISIANA, a white boy was beaten mercileesly by 6 black criminals, the media made the criminals into the victims.

We watch these developments carefully, and we like what we see. Soon, you will be a minority even in your own homelands, and we will continue to squeeze and squeeze until there is nothing left of you. We will crush your countries, your cultures, and eventually, we will snuffle out your lives.

We come for your JOBS, your MONEY, your WOMEN, and eventually, your LIVES!

In closing, We, the huddled masses of the third world yearning to "breathe free", would like to thank the out group, the media monopolists and political plunderers who made all of this possible. We wish them well, and we know they wish us well, just as long as we dont tresspass upon their own homeland, which they stole fair and square several decades ago.

Adios, white man!, you had a good long run, but your day is over, and ours is just beginning . Your empire is at an end, and your race is no longer wanted here. We'll have our fun with you while you still hang on by a thread, but soon the thread will be cut, and the abyss yawns beneath you and the civilization your kind spawned.

Besides, many of you are even anticipating your demise, with something akin to sick glee. After all, thats how the tv set told them to feel . The brainwashing is almost complete, and the sheep are in line to be sheared.

.............................HAVE A NICE DAY!.............................



Anonymous said...

green I know you write well but this must be one of the best written articles you have ever had on your blog.

I will cut and pate and circulate to the masses.

Aberdeen patriot.

Anonymous said...

Thats it in a nut shell. I will copy and send it to everyone I know.

Anonymous said...

Thats it

I will copy and send to everyone I know.

Anonymous said...

2 white women attacked by Asian men in today’s papers (there may be more too):

A pedestrian punched a mother in front of her baby when he got involved in a right-of-way row.

Victim Louise Holt was driving in Oxford Street, Oldham on April 29 when she was in dispute with another motorist.

Mohammed Luqmaan (19), of Norfolk Street, Oldham saw the dispute and kicked the victim’s car, shouting “get out of the way”. He then pulled her hair and punched her.

Watching the incident from her car was her seven-month-old baby and 10-year-old cousin

Pensioner Ellen Portsmouth died 24 hours after the 'ferocious' attack on her by Irfan Salim, a man who had befriended her.

Salim, , 25, of Waterloo Street, Burton, punched, kicked and set the frail, 6st Mrs Portsmouth's hair on fire, Stafford Crown Court heard.

He left her with more than 60 injuries, including breaking 21 of her 24 ribs and fracturing her sternum.

The court was told that for two years, Salim had been a good friend to his victim, collecting her pension and running errands - but the reason he suddenly attacked her in her own bedroom remains a mystery.

Heath Westerman, prosecuting, said the murder took place on November 7 last year.

Mrs Portsmouth lived in rented property in Wellington Street, and the defendant was a friend of her landlord.

watling said...

Great stuff. And it's all true. Maybe we should send it to Gordon Al-Broon and the rest of his anti-white chums next to him at the trough.

Liverpool BNP said...

I have just got back after a gathering of BNP people in Liverpool today to let Gordon Brown know that he's got a fight on his hands from the BNP on Merseyside.

The filthy Labour Party British traitor that is Gordon Brown snuck out the back entrance as to avoid seeing the British flags on display by the BNP ,avoiding the British flag he is so deeply hates.

As an aside to the "Dear White Mankind" a car full of Blacks stopped by us today and shouted from the road "Black power" at us through the windscreen. The police who were behind us about twenty yards away did nothing! If we had shouted "White power" to them we would already be arrested and in the Police cells, with the headlines on tomorrows papers getting printed, about the White racists who abused the helpless, hurt Blacks in the car.

Sometimes this country makes you sick...But the fight by the BNP continues, especially in Liverpool.

Anonymous said...

Tells it like it is, I have passed it on.

Very well done.

Anonymous said...

I have just written to my MP (for al the good that ever does). I have objected tot he state/governemtn printing more money. we are going to turn into a third world country resembling Zimbabwe at this rate. Inflation will follow and any money you have saved will become wothless. This is a dangerous step. We have tostop this governemnt completely destroying this country.

Anonymous said...

The office of Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Texas) confirmed Wednesday that she will introduce the federal hate crimes bill into Congress. During the past 2 congresses, she has done so during the first week in January.

If you have been hesitant to begin protest calling, thinking the hate bill might not be introduced, then wait no longer. There is great advantage to protesting NOW, before an avalanche of other bills vies for the attention of super-busy members of Congress. Most of the great battles of history were won by those who took war to the enemy, not waiting until war came to them.

Call toll free 1-877-851-6437 or toll 1-202-225-3121. Tell your elected representatives: "Please don't vote for the federal hate crime bill. Hate laws have taken away freedom in Canada and many European countries." [List of Members of Congress and Phone Numbers to Reach Them]

To keep defeating the hate bill, we must become educated concerning its sinister misrepresentations and consequences. Now you and your friends can do that in only ten minutes! Watch my powerfully persuasive, ten-minute video Hate Bill Lies: Exposed!.

Of course, we cannot succeed without God's help. But the practical secret to defeat the hate bill right now is to create discussion and controversy about it on Capitol Hill. Pro-hate bill Democrats don't want such discussion and investigation. They want to quietly, swiftly move it through the House and Senate Judiciary Committees without hearings, and then to votes on the floors.

Nor can we count on open, even-handed discussion by the big liberal media. The media wants to distract or lull us to sleep while the Democrats sneak through the hate bill. This is exactly what happened in Canada in 1971. Result: now in Canada it is a federal crime to quote Bible criticisms of homosexuality from the pulpit or airwaves. Penalty: at least $5000 initial fine, with prison if such criticisms are repeated.

Never has a more dangerous bill come before Congress -- legislation that will quickly move us into a Canadian-style bureaucracy and Gestapo run by thought police and homosexual informers. Only you and thousands like you can create the necessary controversy to slow down hate bill passage.

Be sure of one thing: The homosexual lobby is already orchestrating massive calling to Congress to pass the hate bill. Do we at least equal the zeal of sodomites as we protest this theft of freedom?

God and the people defeated the hate bill five times over the past ten years. This proves we have changed history and can change it again.

Anonymous said...

I would be careful of publishing such articles on a web site associated with the BNP trying to rid itself of the label of anti-semite.

Anonymous said...

TV Networks REFUSE to air Obama citizenship ad

New York, NY -- Not only have courts throughout the USA aided and abetted the usurpation of the Presidency by refusing to hear cases challenging the citizenship of Barack Obama, now, major media is doing the same thing.

National TV networks that refused to sell time for a 60-second commercial included CNBC , MSNBC, Headline News, CNN and Fox. Washington, D.C., local stations for the same organizations also refused.

In my opinion, the networks and courts are together engaged in what might be viewed as an ongoing criminal conspiracy to aid and abet an ineligible person in becoming President of the USA.

Anonymous said...

MPs are deliberately trying to destroy the country. It has to be deliberate, nobody could be this stupid so this is deliberate:

Rather than cut taxes (stoping sending millions/billions abroad for foreign aid would enable a massive tax cut for all tomorrow) the British government are going to follow the example of Zimbabwe and print money - I kid you not - if we do not stop this government they are going to destroy this country. It is as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we read articles that touch us so deeply, this has got to be one of them, absolutely stunning it makes me so proud to be a Patriot, puts the MSM to shame and their supposed to be professionals ! Your'e blog has many fantasic writers including your'e good self, i've been a regular reader of the Green Arrow blog for many months now, it's one of the top favourite blogs. political mizz