Thursday, 29 January 2009

Nick Griffin speaks at a BNP meeting in North Wales

Firstly sorry about the digital camera quality - Latest BNP meeting in Wales January held at a welsh village hall January 2009 one of the questions was about crime and punishment and once again Nick came back with a great solution to broken Britain. Amateur footage by Chesternationalist

Damn this dial up connection. I have still only seen the first two minutes and I want more. More I tell you more. Oh well I will post it anyhow on the strength of the first two minutes.

When you have watched it, please follow this link, rate the video, favourite the video, read the comments and leave one of your own. Well done Chesternationalist for bringing us this clip.


Anonymous said...

BNP is the only answer for this country.

Can you not use a broadband dongle GA?


The Green Arrow said...

Good morning Harry.

I am using a mobile broadband dongle now but the problem is where I am now living. No 3g signal only GPRS.

Short of taking the laptop up on top of the mountain I am stuck for now.

Take care kinsman.

JPT said...

I heard Nick speak on crime and punishment at a meeting once and someone from the floor asked him would the BNP have deported Learco Chindamo who had (at the time of Nick's speach) just been released after serving 12 years for the stabbing to death of headmaster Phillip Lawrence.
Nick replied that no, the BNP would not have deported Chindamo - they would have hung him 12 years ago.
Enough said really.

Bill Murray said...

Good clip of the first Wrexham meeting in 2009, there was 101 members and supporters in the audience.
At the end of the evening eight supporters joined the party a very good start of the year that I intend to be the best year for the British National Party in North Wales.
I Bill Murray the organiser of this meeting would like to invite anyone within North Wales that would like to join us to contact me at it’s time to say enough is enough! to all the lying main party's and join the only party that means what they say!
I would also like to wish all other members throughout the United Kingdom all the very best for 2009.

Welshie58 said...


You are doing a fantastic job, before you came on the scene the BNP in North Wales was a joke, but you started this incredible surge of support quite a few years ago, Now we are a force to be reckoned with and the other partys are running scared.