Saturday, 10 January 2009

Boycott Subway

Seriously, why would you buy from those who ignore what you want?

I have written about the fast snack Subway outlet previously. The first time concerning the following requested action and the second on how they tried to cover up the poisoning of over 120 of their customers, leading to the death of at least one of them.

Personally I would rather eat ---- please insert your own words -- then buy anything from them. But each to his own, so here you go. Please support the follow action.

Subject: Please Join "boycott subway" A New Group

From the group: boycott subway

In 2008 subway opened two stores that serve Halal meat only.
One Store in Cheetham hill the other in Levenshulme both in Manchester.
In accordance with Sharia law these stores no longer serve pork, bacon or ham, we believe this discriminates against non-Muslim customers

Halal: Is the Ritual Slaughter of animals in accordance with Islamic/Sharia law- for consumption by Muslims!

The aim of this group is to persuade Subway to offer all its customers the freedom to choose whether they eat Ritually Slaughtered meat or traditionally prepared meat. As well as the choice of bacon for the traditional breakfast butty.

The only way we can achieve this is enough people support our campaign.
Our campaign will include.

AN IMMEDIATE BOYCOTT OF ALL SUBWAY STORES: to start a boycott of all subway stores until subway provides freedom of choice at these 2 stores

A PETITION TOO BE DELIVERED TO SUBWAY CEO: collect a substantial amount of signatures to be presented to the CEO of subway

PERSONAL LETTER OF CONCERN. Shortly we will post a template of a letter of concern that every individual member of the group should complete and mail to subway, this letter can be sent on a monthly basis to achieve maximum effect, until freedom of choice is put in place at the 2 stores

Our intention is not to deprive the Muslim customers the right to halal products.

BUT we must be free to decide what we want to eat.

Boycott Subway Home Page



Man Of The Woods said...


Personally I would ... rather stick my p*nis in a pit-bull's mouth than ... than buy anything from them.

How's that?

The Green Arrow said...

Good morning MOTW. My kind of guy.

Now that is the kind of line I wish I had thought of.

Hope you are well kinsman.

Man Of The Woods said...

And a very good morning to you sir.

Very well thanks, and hope you are likewise.

Looking out the window at the moment at a very cold and frosty white world. It reached -9 degrees here overnight. Could be a good day for a spot of photography I think.

Catch you later GA.

Anonymous said...

when I first heard of their Halal stores I emailed them complaining. They replied stating that most of their stores were owned by franchisees who made their own descisions. I replied, fine, I'll boycott them all.
PS Mcdonalds has a halal only outlet in the soon to be capital of England (Southall)

Anonymous said...

Simon Darby on Radio 4: today at 11.00 . Hurry up and get to the wireless.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip off. I will never eat there again!

Peter said...

I went in for a Tuna Mayonnaise roll once. Upon watching the girl do the roll I asked her where the butter was on my roll. She stated that it was Subway policy not to put Butter or Margarine on sandwiches or rolls. What!!?? I exclaimed, but I am the customer I want that on my bread, to which she said policy is policy....I walked out and have never walked through their doors since and have even more reason not to now with what you have stated GA.

Anonymous said...

Hello Green Arrow firstly can i just say you do a fantasic job of getting the truth out there, in regards to Subway i wouldn't eat in it because a]this is a Christian country b]i am against the use of Halal meat being an animal lover, so i will continue to boycott Subway as will my family and friends. political mizz

Anonymous said...

Nothing surprises me the way animals are cruelly slaughtered in this country under the guise of religion. One of the great Labour red herrings with regard to animal welfare has been to harness guillable animal welfare lovers to deplete their energies into an anti hunting lobby to take the pressure off the real inhuman slaughter by Muslims and Jews, which should be the top priority of any genuine animal welfare agenda. People should be made aware of this cruelty. It certainly isnt British to treat animals in such a heartless way. It is not just Subway that must be blacklisted it is ordinary sandwich shops, cafes,and other outlets that sell sandwiches made with halal meat the ingredients are in such small print it is hardly recognisable need we ask why. Let us end this barbaric and evil method of slaughter. Everyone can protest individually, personally by phone or in writing. (Xofpi=)

Anonymous said...

Aren't Subway's franchises? Surely the overall company of Subway Inc. doesn't have a final say on all Subway branches? I'm not sure they can directly control a certain "private" subway franchise from serving or not serving certain meats.
Why not boycott Islamic stores in general instead of a universal food chain? I doubt many English will actually visit that muslim subway. Many British think nothing of having a curry in a muslim restaurant or a kebab in a halal kebab shop after a night out. Those muslim take away stores are everywhere in the UK, this is only one silly subway franchise tucked away in some muslim zone.

If you really want to hit them hard, stop buying your fags, newspapers, beer, kebabs, fish and chips from all muslim establishments. Make a point of not approaching a muslim server in tescos, avoid all stores that sell halal meats, or pick up halal meat walk to the counter and then say "oh this is halal I do not agree with the inhumane way this animal has been slaughtered, this is against the RSPCA doctrine", put it down then pick up some non halal meat and say "this is better". Make a point. But what do I know, I haven't lived in the UK since 2001. From what I see everyday things are getting worse in my old country.
Unfortunately you lot are on the front lines whilst I am merely an observer, watching from the sidelines.
Bloody great job though you lot are doing, shame you're now the minority, though it took only the minority American colonists to make a stand against British rule in the American colonies.

Anonymous said...

I think we have to assume that most large food outlets are serving Halal "blessed" meat as their mainstay. Why else would quite obviously radical Muslims be eating in large numbers of Mc Donald's and the like, up and down the country-not just in supposed "Halal only" outlets in areas such as London and Birmingham?.
And something else which I was told recently by an old friend who had worked in a major slaughter and packaging/distribution centre in Anglesey, North Wales, was that all of their meat was blessed. Apparently this centre was owned by Asda, so draw your own conclusions from that. Lets face it, the meat industry cant afford to lose potentially large ammounts of money if they cant sell to all sections of the "community", and neither are they likely to have clerics coming in every now and then to do their blessing. And of course, better that the sheep people bend with the wind than those who we know wont, after all they will be too busy watching footie.

jch said...

please join our national boycott , visit the website and make your protest heard a silent protest achives very little sign the petition and send complete phase one
shortly we will be moving on to phase to , this is a pro active boycott , also we have issue with subway sourceing their products from ireland , in these times of econmoic uncertainty we should be backing british farmers , so please invite all your friends to support the boycott there is a link in the main article
very soon we shall have a leaflet aviaable to all members , lets stop putting money in the pockets of those who enforce sharia law through the back door ,
same as the muslim community do lets attack together we have the numbers we just need to act together join the boycott FIGHT BACK