Sunday, 10 August 2008

Why you should boycott Subway

If you eat in these places, you get what you deserve

Apart from the fact that Subway, the world's biggest sandswich chain has tried to cover up the poisoning of over 120 people by selling them food contaminated with salmonella, another reason why True Brits should boycott their shops is their contempt for the British People over Halal products.

You know about Halal right? How animals throats are hacked at whilst the poor animal is still conscious and a practice this cowardly government permits because it is the Moslem way of doing things and part of their false religion.
Said Subway developer Hamed Al-Naqeeb: “We know there is a very strong demand for Subway stores that provide halal meats and we are very excited by this development. In the United States, there are halal stores already open that are doing great business and are very popular. The critical point about our stores is that they are very closely tied into the local communities in which they operate – and it is important that they reflect what each community needs.
You can check that story out here and then perhaps you might get the bigger picture on how much of Our Country as already been lost to the colonisers.


Anonymous said...

from the link ...

"Pork products will be banned in line with Muslim dietary rules" ... and

"Subway operations director, Mark Bradley said: 'The introduction of halal meats shows a true commitment by the Subway chain to offering our customers choice'"

So what about the normal brit who wanders in wanting a bacon lettuce and tomato sub then. Where's THEIR right to bloody well choose, eh ?

Sacrficed on tha alter of "what the islamist wants the islamist gets", thats where.

Anonymous said...

I will now boycott Subway. I have already decided to boycott Asian restaurants. In my younger days I used to eat at these places (usually when drunk). One time I was served a meal with glass in it and another time there was a dead cockroach in my meal. If you value your health then don't eat at or get takeaways from these restuarants!

watling said...

I also boycott Asian restaurants. Unfortunately most chippies around here are foreign-run. In shops I pick a checkout manned by a fellow Brit - quite a challenge at times and impossible if the queueing system means you get the next one available, like at the Post Office, the bank or my nearest WHSmiths.