Friday, 1 August 2008

Turn on, tune in, and drop out

You can get the truth now on BNPTV

After a bit of messing about downloading Flash, or something, I tuned in to BNPtv on Sunday to watch Nick Griffin give an excellent live speech from a meeting in Cornwall. He then answered questions, some of them from people like me watching on their computers.

It had a shaky start but was very enjoyable and satisfying viewing; it was almost like being there, and when Nick Griffin suggested they all go off for a pint at the end I even went so far as to have one or two myself. Next time I think they should include a live broadcast from the pub as well.

BNPtv is a welcome alternative to the anti-white, politically correct, Marxist brainwashing on mainstream TV. New Labour have the BBC, of course, and the Conservatives have their support from various TV channels, but until now the BNP have had no support from any TV channel.

BNPtv is the only TV channel on the Internet produced independently of the main UK political parties, and live broadcasting is a new and exciting facility for it. It's real alternative TV, so how much longer are you going to wait? Smash up your old TV; turn on, tune in, and drop out of anti-White media brainwashing; join the TV revolution. The future of political broadcasting is here.

Brighton Rock


The Green Arrow said...

Thanks for your article Brighton. Great stuff.

I had just uploaded the video of the event your refer to prior to this post.

I really liked the 2nd part when he was speaking about the supermarkets and how he would give a real fair deal to overseas farmers.

Anonymous said...

GA Just watched Arthur Kemp on BNPtv speaking at Manchester I believe, dont know when it was filmed. Tremendous. Measured approach, without notes, calm and factual and yet full of patriotic passion. Listening to men like this is inspirational and if only it could reach a much wider audience, through the traitors media then we would be home and dry and elected to power. Of course , thats the reason we will never be given tv time or column inches. The establishment know that once our message becomes universal then their game is up. Celtic Morning.

The Green Arrow said...

Yes. I also watched Arthur Kemp and he gave a truly brilliant speech.

I am trying to find a youtube link to put it up later.

I also thought that in the Nick Griffin Q & A that the BNP policy towards Supermarkets is truly excellent. Now how to get our fellow citizens to watch it.

Anonymous said...


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