Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Its not about the truth

By Sarah Maid of Albion

We have now reached the point where our media tells us blatant lies with such ease and arrogance that they no longer seem to care whether anyone will actually believe what they say.

A minor example of this phenomenon being the recent BBC news report in which a reporter explained to us with a straight face that, a year after smoking was banned in all public places, the reason that across the land pubs were closing down at unprecedented levels, whilst others struggled to survive, was due to the fact that Britons had unaccountably “lost their taste for beer”.

Occasionally the media seems also prepared to ignore lies if they are the lies which they want to be told. Recently on one of those allegedly balanced Channel 4 studio debates regarding teenage knife crime in Britain, a black woman stated forcibly in response to a nervous comment about black street culture “Knife crime is not a black problem, it is a 'youth' problem and an economic problem, which exists equally in all parts of the community”. Amazingly neither the Channel 4 host, Jon Snow , or any member of the panel or the audience challenged her on such a brazen falsehood. After that, it became obvious that the programme had no real intention of solving knife crime, and that the truth was certainly not going to be allowed to trump political correctness.

Race is not the only issue which people are allowed to lie about with impunity. Whether or not you share the Green Party's concerns about climate change (which I personally do) some of the more fanciful rhetoric at the environmental protest outside the Kingsnorth coal powered power station this week was given plenty of uncritical airplay. One harridan in an anorak loudly justified her support for unlawful action by claiming that illegal action “ended the slave trade and won women the vote”. One can, of course, accept the occasional historical inaccuracy from a harridan in an anorak , however, when the same claim in relation to women's suffrage was repeated unchallenged in a live interview by the Green Party's principle spokesperson, Caroline Lucas, it is easy to understand how legends become acknowledged truths when those with power, and a means of mass communication, want them to.

However, global warming and smoking aside, at this point in our history, race is the subject which the media seem to lie about the most, Unfortunately, sometime lies cost lives. Let us hope that the popular lie regarding Caribbean men, (NO not THAT lie!) that they are merely jolly jack the lads , with an occasional taste for blow and a natural rhythm, who make great friends and would never harm anyone, did not lull a recently wed couple from Wales, into befriending the wrong holiday companion whilst on honeymoon in Antigua.

However, I suspect that it may have done. If so , Ben and Catherine Mullany, may have become the latest in a very long line of victims of the fact we are not allowed to tell the truth about race in this country, and that the mainstream media would rather see us die than do so.



Anonymous said...

We are allowed, if we ignore the self cemsorship imposed by those that like to think they hold all the power.
PUBS close due to smoking ban simple!
A smoking ban that is illegal, so who are the fools?
The pint will be the next victim, due to reach £5 a pint.
Sharia complient car ins, bank accounts etc.
Where the investers are not allowed to invest in anything unislamic Baccy, Bacon, mucky books. booze. clubs, credit cards.
Slowly srangling all things British!
And why is that?
Because all we do is talk, and talk changes nothing, only action can do that.
We either carry on allowing the government to pass laws we all adhere to or we stand up to them.
There's more than one way to skin a cat and within the law is the way forward.

Legal rebellian. a law left, as a tool for our use.
European laws are for traitors to follow, there's a gathering body across the country that really are now saying, this far and no further!

Like i said, Talk is cheap!
Bowing to little laws pushed in softens everyone up for the bigger ones.
From today Gov has access to the file on every person travelling in and out of Britain.
Another law that slipped in without fanfare.
one year of Brown almost 2000 laws in that one year.
How many of these is the average joe aware of?
The target should be the Government and Westminster any other is a waste of time and energy.
Even farmers had a plan, a good one,
But where are those that should be helping?

Anonymous said...

The mass closure of pubs suits the LibLabCons' agenda by destroying meeting places where the proles might make unauthorised comments, form unmonitored associations and generally gather en-mass in an uncontrolled and innappropriate manner.

All lines of communication not controlled by the Metropolitan elite must be destroyed, to prevent thought-criminals such as the BNP using them to spread unauthorised opinions.

In addition, pubs serve alcohol which is offensive to Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Good article Sarah pointing out the various lies but how do you stop them?

Point out to them why advertising revenues are down.

ie you lie so much and you also rely far too much on the word of extremist lobby groups.

Point out that now it has become public knowledge that the goverment are paying production companies to produce friendly documentories.

Encourage people to switch off the TV and do something better instead.

Ultimate result is said TV company looses revenue.

Anonymous said...

The pub was a traditional British institution where the working man could get together with his mates over a couple of pints and a game of darts and put the world to rights.

Of course these sorts of gathering of the hideous indigenous population do not go down well with our Lords and masters, and the idea of the proles getting to together to put the world to rights, especially when tongues and inhibitions are loosened after a couple of jars, probably sends shivers down their spines.

Making politically incorrect comments at work will probably get you sacked nowadays, but you can still say what you like (within reason) at your local. That is why these nests of sedition must be shut down.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a BNP government reduce the duty on low alcohol drinks (< 5 %) such as the draught beers and lagers sold in pubs, which responsible social drinkers can consume without getting p!$$ed out of their heads, and increase it on the higher alcohol wines, spirits and the looney-juice alcopops which are responsible for anti-social drinking especially among the young.

Also re-introduce designated smoking areas subject to adequate ventilation/extraction etc so non-smokers are not affected.

Anonymous said...'Cloud'/

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

As I gave up smoking myself almost a year before the ban came into effect, I guess it is largely academic as far as I am concerned.

However, I have long objected to the ongoing attacks on adult freedoms, of which the ban is one in a line of such attacks. the refusal to consider any compromise smacked of a totalitarian state.

Also the lies about the alleged dangers of passive smoking, which the science did not support, were accepted as fact because we have been bullied into accepting such garbage as fact.

To some degree we are all to blame, we accept the lies, so we get the society we deserve.

Anonymous said...

The media lie about issues which directly discriminate against the west. It is an all out marxist attack on YT. Has been for about, oh, only forty odd years.

The Green party are nothing more than marxist filth, inflitrated and politicised years ago. Don't believe me? Go to:

Penn and Tellet Bullshit - Environmental Hysteria

And click on Penn and Teller's brilliant expose of the Green loonies and listen to what the founder of Greenpeace has to say about what's happened to the Green movement. It would be hilarious were it not so serious. Actually parts of this are so funny you may want to have a pisspot handy, especially when the "green spokeswoman" is interviewed. Unmissable. Seriously.

When you've stopped laughing - or crying - set aside an hour and read the best essay on the web as to why the whole Global Warming/Climate Change guilt weapon is a complete and utter sham. Total bollocks to be blunt:

The Great Global Warming Hoax

As no one can refute this brilliant analysis, it would appear that someone's been telling porkies. Big ones. Haven't they former VP and nobel prize winner Al Gore you lying piece of shit.

How inconvenient the truth is eh?

Profiteering marxist scum.


ulsterman said...

the pub is seen as a danger ground by the marxist leaders as people discuss issues and swap opinions.the favourable talk for sometime has been "enoch powell was right" immigration and "im thinking of joining or voting the bnp" stand up to the reds it is our country.BORN TO WALK THE GARVAGHY ROAD.BORN TO WALK THE ALUM ROCK ROAD AND BORN TO WALK CONDOR LANE at this years red white and blue festival.our time is nigh to take our country and give it back to its people.god bless britain

Anonymous said...

There should have been rooms set aside where people could drink in a non smoke environment if they chose. Pubs of old always had a Smoke Room so why couldnt pubs of today have a No Smoke Room? And plenty of air filter systems installed. For people like me who like a drink but never could stand the stink on my clothes when I got home. I gave up the stupid habit thirty five years ago and then, fifteen years ago started to frequent a great country pub with low ceilings, no ventilation and packed with smokers, real people. Within two years I had throat cancer,(thankfully diagnosed early and cured) so dont say passive smoking has no effect. Result. I stopped going out drinking apart from special occasions. There should be room for all in a pub, there are plenty of non smokers about these days, room for all without people having to go outside for a quick drag. The ban is a symptom of our Big Brother society and should be ignored. They passed a Hunting Ban. Credit to the free spirits who follow it, the ban is ignored, hunting continues.On the continent they routinely ignore bad law and until we leave the EU we should do the same if only to show Big Government from little politicians that we will not be beaten into submission. Strange how this post, re smoking and pubs has drawn so many comments and perhaps it tells us where our priorities, sadly, lie. What about bin collections and fines? Easily overcome. Lets organise a TipDay, say once a week at odd times when we all drive into town centres and empty all our rubbish in the civic centres or outside council offices. It would soon result in a return to regular collections. Afraid of police action,prosecutions, fines? Dont be. There would be too many of us and as they only slap a wrist nowadays for rape and murder we would have little to fear. A heavy fine? Dont pay it. Celtic Morning.

watling said...


You refer to the "lies about the alleged dangers of passive smoking". I'm not sure what these alleged lies are that you refer to. For many years the lie was that smoking was harmless. Sometimes I prefer to rely on common sense rather than allegedly unproven scientific fact.

However, it seems obvious to me that if you are in an unventilated room full of smokers then the air quality must be poorer than if no one smoked in that room. We know that various components of tobacco smoke - e.g. carbon monoxide - are harmful. People die from carbon monoxide poisoning. Tobacco smoke contains carbon particulates, which sit in the lungs. If there were no particulates in the smoke we wouldn't be able to see it.

Regardless of any proven dangers of passive smoking, I find tobacco smoke revolting. I find smoking revolting. I remember the days when I used to spend many hours down the pub and the next day my clothes and my hair would stink. In particularly crowded pubs my eyes used to sting from the smoke.

I cannot and never will understand why people smoke. To me it's completely nonsensical but then I guess a teetotaller could say the same about a drinker. The big difference though is that in a room full of non-smoking drinkers the atmosphere does not fill with poisonous fumes. Also, I don't drink alcohol every day but it's a rare smoker who doesn't smoke every day. Where I work the smokers toddle off for their cigarette breaks at least hourly.

In short, the big lie is that passive smoking is harmless.

On the subject of global warming it seems logical that if we pump out excessive amounts of carbon dioxide - which traps the heat from the sun - then the planet must warm up. The big question is how much will it warm up? We don't yet know. The effect might be negligible.

I don't believe in so-called green taxes. I would hope that people can behave responsibly without being forced to and - to coin a cheesey phrase - "think globally, act locally".

On the subject of Caribbean men, the big lie is that we are all the same under the skin. Your post on your own blog concerning Jack Straw's comment about the English being violent exposes the lie. We can't all be the same under the skin if one race can be singled out for being described as violent.

We are most definitely not all the same under the skin. It's so obvious to anyone with any brain at all that this is true.

Many studies have shown differences in intelligence between the races. It's the reason why countries run by blacks tend to be corrupt regimes at best and violent hell-holes at worst. It's the reason why there is only one black chess grandmaster. It's also the reason why blacks in the USA need so-called affirmative action (i.e. anti-white discrimination) in order to compete with whites.

Anonymous said...

Hence the Greens are called Melons green on the outside red on the inside.


watling said...

One more thing, Sarah. You are quite right when you say that:

we are not allowed to tell the truth about race in this country, and that the mainstream media would rather see us die than do so.

I would also add that the Government in particular does not care about people dying. Deaths are just statistics to the Government.

The only thing the Government - of whatever persuasion - is interested in is staying in power. The ironic thing is that it doesn't matter which out of Labour or Tory is in power - the policies stay more or less the same regardless. "New Labour", "Blue Labour", "vote Blue get Green". It's all the same.

There is no maximum number of teen murders above which the Government will take decisive action. Based on 2007 we already know that about 30 per year in London is an acceptable figure. This year we're heading for more than that but still no real action is taken. According to The Times:

fewer than one in five offenders is given a custodial sentence for carrying a lethal weapon in school

If 30 murdered teenagers per year in London is acceptable then we can assume that 50 is also. Then why not 100, 200, 500? What exactly is the figure above which action will be taken?

What we need is for everyone caught having a knife with a lockable blade on their person in public (not including those who have just bought one and it's still in its packet) to go to prison.

We also need curfews for black male under-18s. If they or their parents (if they have any) don't like it they have the option of emigrating to a nice civilised African country such as Somalia, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Gambia or South Africa.

Political correctness can go to hell.

Anonymous said...


Your logic about AGW and CO2 is not supported by the science for 2 main reasons:

1. CO2 is a very poor absorber of heat so it cannot trap heat from the sun.

2. Mother earth omits far more CO2 than man can dream of. The scientists have found that high temperatires cause CO 2 levels to rise as the oceans release more and more CO2 contrary to the Gore/IPCC/Green AGW con, sorry, "truth".

The link I posted above really is a superb explanation of the science. It also contains evidence as to how Gore, the IPCC and the Greens have deliberately lied and misrepresented data to further their political agenda - and profits of course. I urge you and anyone else who believes CO2 is a pollutant to read it. You will discover it is anything but and in fact, it is essential for all life here on earth.

The earth loves CO2. That is the inconvenient truth Gore doesn't want people to know.


watling said...

Blink - that well-known source of truth - states the following in an article entitled "Commons Symposium on DNA Database 21st July" in the web site's News section (scroll down a bit):

Findings from the Home Office offending report shows [sic] that black people are actually less likely to committed [sic] a crime than their white counterparts.


You'll notice if you try to access the link "Home Office offending report" you get a page not found error. Surprise, surprise.

watling said...


I'm well aware of how important carbon dioxide is to life on Earth. I didn't state that it was a pollutant. Along with water it is the other natural by-product of perfect combustion in air.

But if it is not responsible for keeping the heat in then what is? Without an atmosphere we would fry when the sun was up and freeze when it was down. Something in the atmosphere keeps the heat in at night so what is it?

The theory about global warming is that the industrial age has released enormous amounts of carbon which had been trapped for aeons beneath the seas in the form of oil which in turn had been produced by the action of huge pressure from rocks on dead creatures under the seabed. Burning carbon in air produces carbon dioxide.

Now, assuming carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas (and if it isn't then I'd like to know what is) then an excess must trap more heat than would otherwise be the case.

Anonymous said...


CO2 makes up less than 0.5% of the total greenhouse gases. 95% is actually water vapour, a fact conveniently ommited by the IPCC.

A bit basic this but: Heat comes in 15 types. CO2 can only absorb three types of heat. So, it is clear to see that a TRACE GAS such as CO2 cannot, by the laws of physics, cause global warming.

In fact, there has been no warming since 1998 and since Jan 2007 the earth has cooled by 0.7%.

Please read the link I posted for a far better explanation. AGW - The whole Global Warming issue - is nothing more than a scam founded upon bad science. It is not a Green issue at all but a political one and it's time we dismissed it for the harmful marxist anti-west propoganda it is.

Here is another useful site containing articles about AGW:

Global Warming Articles

AGW = Bullshit.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this comment column typical of what the Government want? Most people comment anonymously because they fear a backlash if they say something this isn't PC. As "Anonymous No 1" said, people just talk and gripe about the present situation, but nobody is prepared to take action, because they know that they would be stamped on by the 'powers-that-be' pretty damn quick!

The reason I'm posting anonymously is simply because I'm known to be a member of the BNP and already a marked man by the local anti-Nazi group. My neighbour had a housebrick thrown through his bay window late one night. I'm sure it was intended for me, but they got it wrong! Incidently, the police refused to attend when called. That speaks volumes doesn't it?

watling said...


"CO2 makes up less than 0.5% of the total greenhouse gases. 95% is actually water vapour"

I'll take your word for these figures. It certainly makes sense that water vapour traps heat because on winter nights there's less chance of frost if there's cloud cover.

As I mentioned in a previous comment water is a by-product of combustion. Simply put, two hydrogen atoms in the substance being burned grab one oxygen atom from the air to produce one molecule of water. The water so produced takes the form of water vapour due to the high temperature of the combustion process. The clouds of gas you see coming out of car exhausts on cold days is of course water vapour - aka steam.

Similarly each carbon atom in the substance being burned grabs two oxygen atoms from the air to produce one molecule of carbon dioxide. As the ratio of hydrogen atoms to carbon atoms in an organic substance is roughly 2 to 1 (because a carbon atom bonds to two hydrogen ones) then for every carbon atom released by combustion in the form of carbon dioxide there must be one molecule of water vapour.

Ok, so combustion isn't perfect and we also get some carbon monoxide and other carbon compounds being produced.

Logically, if we're burning a lot of carbon-based substances - i.e. oil, wood, coal, LPG etc. - then not only are we producing more carbon dioxide than would occur "naturally" but we must also be producing more water vapour, which - as you say - is the most significant greenhouse gas.

So what happens to all the extra water vapour we're producing? More clouds? Rising sea levels? More rain? Do we need to worry about oxygen levels? If the water vapour - a greenhouse gas - remains as a gas then we should see increasing temperatures, regardless of carbon dioxide levels.

Anonymous said...


You are assuming that there is excesses being pumped into the atmosphere and that this is causing global warming.

It isn't. There is no global warming full stop. The climate is behaving as expected, the recent warming period following a 1500 year warming interval caused by the Sun.

Curious that Gore and the IPCC deliberately skewed data and that their whole AGW "truth" is formed from flawed computer models which have now been shown to be biased. Their "hockey stick" graph which "clearly proved" AGW was busted by a man called Steve McIntyre - google for why he is so important.

In short there is no global warming and there isn't a single shred of scientific evidence to support the AGW nutjobs, as this Australian site that I found today also states in this article written by a scientist who was once an alarmist but has changed his mind due to the lack of evidence:

Show Us The Evidence

The links I have posted explain this issue far better than I, a non-scientist and with this post I end my contribution to this debate.