Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Just where do you start?

The real slaves. Where is their monument to be?

Just how do you start an article, when you are full of rage at the stupidity and perfidies of our so called "great and good"? Well at the beginning I suppose.

It seems that the reason the Black African colonisers of Our Country hack each other to bits, rape and murder us in our hundreds and thousands, is down to the fact that once upon a time in a country far, far away, in a time long, long ago, there was slavery.

Now, I will not bore you with the truth of the slave trade. I will not bore you with the details that it was black selling black in Africa. Or that the Arabs were the main traders of both black and white slaves. It has all been done before. You know the truth. Sarah Maid of Albion has written some excellent articles on the subject that you can read here and here if you are so inclined.

But the truth, as all Nationalists know, is no defence in these all so politically correct times, where up is down, black is white and good is most certainly bad. The big lie must go on until finally it is accepted as truth by the sheep people who swallow the lies of the elite by reading the propaganda published in their newspapers and broadcast on their TV stations.

And the reason for my rage is? Well it is the dog vomit statement made by Lady Davson, a descendant of the Abolitionist William Wilberforce who helped bring about the end of slavery in those parts of the world controlled by the British Empire back in 1833.
She said: "The white population of Great Britain has got to be on its knees to make things right. The apology should be visible to show we accept that we effected the most awful wounds on a huge number of people."
Because once upon a time, the evil of slavery existed(and still does in Black and Arab lands) she want you, me, I, whatever, to "really have to grovel" to make amends, because by all accounts her husbands ancestors once owned sugar estates in Guyana. Well my Lady, please pardon my language but "go get one of those large sugar canes and shove it right up that place where the sun does not shine".

You see My Lady, the only way, you and your kind will get a True Brit on his knees is to beat him to them. And to do that you are going to need a big, big stick. But I warn you, it will not be enough to beat a True Brit to his knees. You will have to kill him, because once he gets up he will topple you and your kind into the sea and you can swim back to Guyana to enjoy the delights of a Black Third World culture of barbarism.

But as I cut n paste the statements from the article that has enraged me, whose name do I spy? None other than the Mayor of London, serial adulterer, would be hit man and proven liar, Boris Johnson. Mayor of Londonistan.

Now Boris is the political equivalent of litmus paper and will change his political colour to suit that of those he is currently speaking to. When with the Moslems, he is proud of his Islamic origins.

Now speaking about slavery, it seems that he is also the descendant of a slave. A BBC investigation found this story to be untrue. Thank God that Richard Barnbrook of the BNP, is there to keep an eye on this Walter Mitty character at the London Assembly.

Boris and the Lady, were speaking at the Memorial 2007 event which is planning to raise £1.5 million pounds to erect a huge statue in Hyde Park of the model seen in the following image.

Lady Betrayer and Turkish Boris helping spread the new truth

Now in closing there is something I would point out to the Lady and her kind and I ask you also to think about it the next time you visit one of England's Great and Stately Homes.

As you travel up the miles long, tree lined drives and wander through the huge dining rooms, gasp at the beauty of the ballrooms remember this. These Great Stately Homes and estates were build on the backs of down trodden True British Workers.

Workers, including women and children who toiled underground, pushing drams laden with coal in front of them. Workers slaving in cotton mills, children crawling up chimneys to clean them. Oh and did they die. They died in darkness for the rich owners to live in their grand estates in the Sun.

And how were these workers housed and fed? They lived in houses owned by the pits and mill owners that they would be evicted from should they complain. They were paid in Company Tokens that they could only spend at Company shops where the prices were higher.

Lady Davson and her kind should be begging the forgiveness of us, the True Brits. For it was our ancestors who were the real slaves and it was them that build this country for us. Not for the new enrichers and alien colonisers.

And these "noble" families with their great estates should be careful in what they say, because if one starts digging into Land Reform, one will see that over 70% of the land in Our Country is owned by a tiny percentage of the population. Land that belongs rightly to the True Brits.
The UK has 60 million acres of land in total.
  • 70% of the land is owned by 1% of the population.
  • Just 6,000 or so landowners -- mostly aristocrats, but also large institutions and the Crown -- own about 40 million acres, two thirds of the UK.
  • Britain's top 20 landowning families have bought or inherited an area big enough to swallow up the entire counties of Kent, Essex and Bedfordshire, with more to spare.
  • Big landowners measure their holdings by the square mile; the average Briton living in a privately owned property has to exist on 340 square
No wonder the "elite" wish to "smash the fash" British National Party with their pathetic red army of the UAF. They see the storm clouds on the horizon. They know that the British National Party of today is the equivalent of those organisations created centuries ago to win real rights for True British Workers. Workers betrayed by the money grubbing slugs of New Labour and the trade unions. Betrayed by the inheritors of blood money and lands who rule what used to be an honourable Conservative Party.

So if you are on your knees, then up off them. Stand in line with the members of the BNP and help sweep the rubbish away or die with the memory of how our ancestors toiled not just for the "elite" but our future.



Anonymous said...

The whole slave issue makes me vomit.

When, please tell, is black ever going to be held accountable for what black does to white and for what black does to black?

What irks so much is that yes, we were inloved in the slave trade - about 5% of it - but so were the blacks and so were the arab muslims - about 95% of it.

Would these cowardly liberal white haters ever tell the muslims that they should be "on their knees to aplogise"?

Course not. Because these anti-white racists are on their knees to the muslims, true dhimmis that they are.

Pity they don't take the time to find out what black is doing NOW TO YT AND BLACKS in Zimbabwe and South Africa:

Soth Africa Sucks

Only when the BNP are in power will the truth be told. And we'll make these traitors choke on their lies.


Anonymous said...

And speaking of SAS GA, I just found this there, an excellent article:

An Open Letter To Whites

Couple of interesting vids in the comments too.


Anonymous said...

Damn right the stately homes of this country were built off the sweat and toil of the downtrodden white man.

Go read how the occupants of Tredegar House, the descendants of the pirate Henry Morgan were able to live in opulence thanks to the tax on every ton of coal brought down his canal by barge.

Mind you they weren't half as downtrodden as the poor buggers who DUG those sodding canals in the first place.

If you ever sit down in a Tobt Carvery, take a good look at the table mats. There are a couple that stick in my mind. One is for Empress brand condended milk, another is for an aerated pastry flour whom Messrs E H Hassail and M B Truman have written papers on the purity of (I never found them in the archives of the flour millers and bakers research association though) and the last was for a sixpenny case of Tonic Stout. A placeman depicting four jolly irish navvies leaning on their shovels diring a lunch break. I've tried finding the image on google (there has to be SOMEONE whose put it on the net) but no joy. Because I sewar to god the next whinger who uses pictures of some "happy little sambo boy" as a stereotype of how we depicted black people needs that placement shoved where that sugar cane needs to go, and shoved in long side on.

Mind you, I SERIOUSLY doubt the white brit had it all like constable's The Haywain either.

Anyway, back to my point. Fat bastards getting fatter by taxing the energy supply to the rest of us. Sopund familiar ? And look how the arabs have siezed upon the model with glee.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Very powerful stuff GA and so very true, at your very best. I remember visiting, many years ago, Dodington House in Gloucestershire, ancestral home of the Codrington family. They were slave owners with plantations in the West Indies and one of their number, Captain Edward Codrington served at Trafalgar in Nelson's Weather Column, eigth in the line, in command of the 74 gun Orion. Codrington House was open to the public at the time and my visit proved to be very interesting. I particularly remember a letter on display which compared the living and working conditions of their West Indian slaves with those of the British people in the eighteenth and early nineteenth century. It claimed that their slaves received far better treatment, were better fed, healthier and well looked after and that many were slaves "in name only", whatever that meant. No one can dispute that slavery was evil and still is in the African and Muslim lands where it is still practiced, and that some slave owners were very brutal masters, but it is also true that the British working population at the time were also slaves "in all but name" and lived under conditions which can only make one wonder why we did not follow the example of the French, slaughter Royalty and the Gentry and proclaim Britain a Republic. We are all proud patriots on this site but when you study our history you must sometimes wonder why, when the majority of our ancestors were treated in such a manner. Blind, national loyalty I suppose, all of the same kind. As a child in the depressed Rhondda valley I considered my mining family to be relatively well off but still we could only wonder at the living conditions and frivolous society we read about in London and the south of England between the two wars; for we had no part in it and little possibility of making advances in lifestyle and yet, even in harsh conditions, the people still turned away from Communism and anarchy and crime.(African apologists please note!!)We were still firmly "in our place" and even when royalty visited Merthyr Tydfil and, appalled by what he saw, said "something must be done", nothing was done. Maybe something would have been done if he had not abdicated. And remember, at this time, the slaves had already been free for many years and it was our country which freed them. My father was sacked from one colliery for striking a Fireman who called him a bastard and only found work afterwards because of his recognised skill and ability. Slavery of a sort.At the start of WW2, many of our troops,due to their living conditions, when compared to the Germans, were puny in stature, in poor health and fitness with bad teeth and suffered from the effects of childhood illness. Even today we suffer from the master/servant relationship as our ruling establishment elite, such as this contemptible woman, preach to us, lie to us and betray us to masters who do not even reside in our land. Captain Codrington, said to be a humane commander, and his like may have had an unshakeable belief in their right to rule and their place in society but at least they did not hand us over to foreigners or foster a belief that we should be forever apologetic and ashamed for our past. I will never apologise for slavery or go down on my knees, be sure of that. Neither I nor my ancestors had anything to do with it, in fact my ancestors were slaves themselves. Slaves to a class system that condemned them, for many years, to be part of a downtrodden underclass which, only now, through the British National Party, show small, but real signs, of claiming true freedom for the patriots of our country.

Anonymous said...

Silkstone South York's stands a monument inside the church grounds to children drowned when the rains came.
Children as young as 8 years old, working in the underground mine at the bottom of the hill.
The mine made a perfect huge bowl to drown every last child!
Don't talk to me about black slavery, without the help of black tribes slavery could not have existed.
What about today's slaves in Dafur beaten. starved. humiliated. tortured. but helping these poor souls won't earn brownie points for kicking whites!
Americans go in to free them and that money would sure help free many of these Arab kept slaves. but NO. CAN'T UPSET MUSLIMS EH?


Anonymous said...

Celtic I think the phrase 'slaves in name only' probably had a lot to do with the way the ordinary working people at the time were in pretty much the same boat as the plantation slaves as far as rights were concerned.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is true that our own ancestors were little more than slaves, and in the records of the coal mining disasters of my region, the dreadful body count includes children as young as seven. But Lady Davson's illustrious ancestor, who's family had grown wealthy on the backs of British serfs, was only interested in the emancipation of the black slaves. He consistently voted against the rights of British labourers, and denied emancipation of British Catholics.

So when are his descendants going to return all of their inherited wealth to the nation?


Anonymous said...

The Worlds Greatest Prophet- Or-Another Fabian Escapee?

H.G. Wells’ THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME, published in 1933. Wells’ had been a Fabian…….

In this book, Wells projected that after an “age of insecurity” and “period of disorder,” the “declaration of a Socialist World-State” would come out of a conference in Basra, Iraq. Regarding this, he noted: “There was nowhere any immediate uprising in response to the proclamation of a World Government. Although it had been plainly coming for some years, although it had been endlessly feared and murmured against, it found no opposition prepared anywhere.” A World Council will become “the sole government of the world,” and even “Russia will be ready to assimilate.” A “network of transport and trading controls ” will be “about the earth.” And a “Bureau of Transition” will be constituted “for the simplification and modernization of the business activities, the educational and hygienic services, production, distribution and the preservation of order and security.”

According to Wells, “Modern State nuclei and Control agents (will be) conducting the educational work of the World Council….The New Education, based on a swiftly expanding science of relationship, no longer (will be for) the preservation of a tradition,” but rather “propaganda…to the attainment and maintenance of a progressive world-socialism.” There will be a “Life-Time Plan” and “training for public service.” There will also be “toleration of birth control” with a “disregard of formal marriage.”


1933- 2008 Either insider imformation or the worlds greates prophet!! H .G. WELLS’

1933 yet the conference mentioned did take place.
Basra...a coincidence?
He also foretold of ww2..and America's entry.
It seems to be a pattern was laid out. and then followed to the letter.
Making all the wars?

xoggoth said...

This sort of crap really annoys me. History is full of appalling incidents yet somehow the only ones requiring apology and even compensation centuries afterwards are those perpetrated by white Brits. The role of GB in ending the official slave trade is of course irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Think I would rather be a well fed cotton picker than one of the child mill workers who were literally chained to the machines for 18 hrs a day. And of course no one seems to mention the whitemanculls of conscription during both world wars, what were they other than slaves, in the worst sense of the word, to be sacrificed for the armanments manufacturers profit?. But then we aren't a protected species are we?, despite making up than less of 1% of the world population.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I have attempted to register a couple of times, but without success (seems they don't want comments) if anyone does succeed in posting here are some facts you can quote to that brain dead old woman.

She is an evil old woman spreading preposterous lies

Anonymous said...

The deprivations that devastated our own ancestors, were heartbreaking. But no-one wants to know about it. No-one wants to know that while Ireland was devastated by the potato blight, England was too, and her serfs only survived because of the cultivation of mangles. And another thing people are reluctant to know, is that during the second world war, and rationing, the British were better fed, on average, that they had ever been before.

And now somebody who just happens to be black, expects me to apologise to him, because someone from my racial group enslaved someone from his?

No. That would be racism.

Wouldn't it...