Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Blogger left furious after secret BNP rally

Now this is something that really does make me furious

By now most of you will have read about how a furious resident was left...well shall we say furious at the fact that the British National Party held a perfectly legal meeting in the village hall. Not his hall, The Village Hall in Broadclyst, near Exeter.

When I first read this news, I was also furious. In fact, furiouser and furioser grew the Green Arrow until he saw the funny side and then fell of his chair(again) laughing at it all.
Resident Brian Kirby said: "I'm totally shocked. I don't like the thought of it at all — I'm totally opposed to them.

"I hadn't heard anything about it but if I heard it was happening again I would object. I'm not happy about it at all.

Another villager, who did not want to be named, said: "I'm against it, I don't want them having meetings here. I don't agree with them and I think they're no good to mankind."

Another anonymous resident said: "I don't like thinking they're in the village. I don't like their policies and I'd rather they didn't hold these rallies at all. A party that keeps things secret is doomed from the beginning."
Well Brian, we in the BNP are are opposed to the colonisation of Our Country. We are opposed to the illegal wars. We are opposed to the disgusting state of the NHS. We are opposed, opposed, opposed to everything bad that is being deliberately done to Our Country, so who cares what a worm like you thinks, if indeed you do.

Then another villager reveals his conservative credentials by saying that the BNP are no good for mankind. What is his solution to the BNP? Would it be final? Should the BNP members and supporters be exterminated in line with what others from the Lib/Lab/con alliance have said?

Another anonymous villager shows his ignorance not only of village affairs but also towards the enemies of free speech by saying he did not think the BNP had a presence in the village.

Being ignorant of the fact that Parish Councillor and BNP member Colin Fribbens who helped organise the event also runs the village youth group, it is understandable that the would not know why BNP meetings are not widely broadcast.

That reason being, that paid agitators(UAF/Searchlight) of the state would attempt to get the meetings canceled by threats of violence and intimidation to those wishing to attend. For those in the UAF, I say this. The political wheel is turning. Beware of what you sow.

However in a fairly(for once) decent report, let us let Roy Elkins, chairman of the Victory Hall have the last word.
It didn't affect anybody whatsoever as far as I'm concerned. If I thought for a moment it would, then I wouldn't have accepted the booking.

"It was simply a hire. I don't look at it politically. I believe in freedom of speech."
And so do we in the BNP Mr Elkins, so do we. With beliefs like yours, perhaps you should be in the BNP also? They welcome defenders of Free Speech.

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LeedsLass said...

There's nothing wrong or shameful in being a member of the BNP - in fact, if you know anything about politics and you care about what is happening in and to Gt. Britain & N.Ireland, it's a logical choice. If people checked out the Manifesto and used their own good, common sense they will see that it's good to be British and vote BNP.

I, for one, am sick and tired of the media running the British down. The press and the news are always full of stories about how fat we are, how indolent we are, how violent, drunken and drug-ridden we are and as if that weren't enough, they throw in statistics that show we are badly-educated. Well, some of it may be true, but it isn't the whole truth.

Read the BNP Manifesto and vote for the whole truth.

Darrin said...

Fancy that, a whole village full of idiots....

Anonymous said...

Does anyone with the slightest bit of worldly-ness actually believe that these people said the things reported?. They probably dont even exist. The media in his country is, quite frankly, a lying duplicitous devil.

Scene67 said...

The Express and Echo newspaper has been following us (BNP EXeter) since even offering to follow me leafleting. Fantastic coverage for us here in Devon.We could never have asked for or paid for so much exposure.Thanks to all supporters and to you at Green Arrow for reporting our situation.....Colin

The Green Arrow said...

Thank you Colin for your comment.

If there is anything I can do help promote you please email or comment me and I will do my best do assist you.

Good Luck to you. I have soft spot for Devon, North and South.