Sunday, 17 August 2008

Your nicked Nick.

Another silly PC Plod shaming the decent ones

Well ever since the establishment failed to get the Leader of the British National Party jailed for revealing the truth about Islam, we have been wondering what other trumped up charges they would come up with.

But not even I, with an incredible imagination could have thought up what Derbyshire Police came up with.

Around 8 pm, last night at the Red, White and Blue, two of of their finest entered a tent and informed the Chairman that they were reporting him for staging a Punch and Judy show without a license.

When Mr Griffin stopped laughing he informed them that they could do as they please and that should he appear in court, he would go to prison rather than pay a penny in fines.

Way to go Nick. You're the man.

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that's the way to do it said...

All BNP supporters should contact Derbyshire police at and DEMAND that Nick be charged and brought to trial. The publicity will be priceless.

Anonymous said...

Are we sure it was the chairman, reports I've heard indicated it was the event organiser.

Red Squirrel said...

LOL. LOL. LOL. Priceless!

Anonymous said...

Now anyone visiting this site, supporter or otherwise, cant help realise that the country has gone barking mad, with a little help from the C. P. network of course. This is the lunacy which is grinding yours and my every day life into a nightmare of red tape and restrictions. Is this what anyone wants, whatever side of the fence we sit on, a war is being waged on us all.

Man Of The Woods said...

Ha ha ha. Nearly pissed myself laughing.


Anonymous said...

Good idea that's the way, but it probably wont work as the lib/lab/con merchants will have worked out, just as you say, that the publicity would be priceless for BNP and no doubt the matter will be dropped.

Well it's a bit late for these numptys cos GA has the dastardly deed on his blog and Ive left a post over on Simons blog too. And the "crime" will be reported all over the BNP blogs and net and we will have a great laugh about it.

Meanwhile the people with some part of their brains still in the real world will see where the BNP are coming from and will awaken to more interest in the party and no doubt we will gain new members and supporters. Thank you Mr Plod.

uaf nutters arrested for throwing stones at the police ( stoning the police? I wonder where that idea came from? ) and Nick nicked for a Punch and Judy show?
Which is the crime? Before you rush to fill in a postcard with your answer, please remember this is UK 2008 where truth is lies and black is white and so on.


National Anarchist said...

Funny stuff to see the police so desperate to charge a man.

Anonymous said...

Let me say I am absolutely furious with Nick Griffin.

Organising a Punch and Judy show without a license?

Evil bastard. Lock him up and throw away the key!

And people - that's the British public at large - continue to accept this folly. Sometimes I despise what Britain has become I really do. And you just know these spineless miserable cretins won't take this further, all they wanted to do was spoil the fun at RWB. They won't succeed that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. After reading the seriously depressing info in John o Gwents item I needed a laugh and this was just what the Dr. ordered. What a bloody shambles of a country we live in when things like this can even be contemplated by our police. Remember when our policemen used to have some common sense? Remember when they used to be regarded as an example to the rest of the world.? You probably dont remember unless you are of a certain age for it was all long, long ago.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to confirm it was Nick spoken to and not someone else and whether the police have decided to act on evidence provided by the council by coming on site today.

Elizabeth said...

Anon 13:17...I vaguely remember a time when I would wake each morning full of optimism and happy and thinking England was a good place to live.

Anonymous said...

I didn't comment on this before but I am coming round to thinking the publicity would be priceless. Not least because it will give the opportunity to place on court records the truth about certain lies currently being touted elsewhere.

We all know the police objections to the bar and entertainments licence were raised when they became aware of plans of protestors to disrupt the event.

Right now a couple of sites whose url's I will not soil this comment with are claiming the licence was denied because the *RESIDENTS* objected.

That needs to be shot down. And what better place to do the shooting down than from the witness box, on oath.

Anonymous said...

Hey people what's with the despondency here.

If you want to see true despondency then get some way to be a fly on the wall in diddy david c's office tomorrow. He was taken apart for being stitched up by a think tank who used two prominent lib dems to take his money and tell hiom to depopulate the north. Add that to my putting together of two and two and hell it'll be a while before webcameron shows diddy david spending time with an islamic clothes retailer as a supposed vote-winner again.