Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Whilst you are working

Whilst you are working, people like Mohammad featured in the video, works at producing children to suck up your taxes and resources and to steal your children's future.

Think about it. Then think BNP or if you prefer go back to sleep.



Anonymous said...

What kind of man has 11 children, no job and demands others pay for his responsibility then whines about his colour and his religion?

Not all jihadists are terrorists. This guy knows exactly what he's doing and there are many like him.

I wonder who paid for his 7 degrees? Well done to to British gentleman who showed up this scroungerfor what he is.

Shitstains like this should be kicked out. But the British people love being treated like fools so they'll go on voting for the traitors who let scum like this into our land.

Britian is a joke.


Anonymous said...

This video should be given more prominence in the BNP's campaigns.

You are sure improve on your votes.

Anonymous said...

If you check out the original article at you'll see the parasite is married to his cousin. Allah alone knows what sort of inbred deranged jihad-fodder such an incestuous marriage will produce.

Anonymous said...

The produce of this incestuous marriage will follow the example of their father and live their lives scrounging off us. All the more reason to get the BNP into power so we can send these parasites back to where they belong. The welfare system needs a radical overhaul so that all scroungers of whatever age,race, colour or creed are denied a free ride. Cut off their featherbed living and the British citizen will then return to his old life style, work. The freedloaders who have settled here to milk the system will quickly leave. Ok, they will sell up and take their assetts to scrounge a living elsewhere but they will be off our backs and out of our country.When that happens the drug culture will also decline rapidly.Roll on that day. Celtic Morning

Anonymous said...


Random House, the American publisher, has withdrawn a novel about the Prophet Mohammed’s child bride, fearing it could “incite acts of violence”.