Sunday, 3 August 2008

While England Slept

The kindred spirits of Albion

Being of mature years I would like to reminisce about the good old days; if you will bear with me.

As a youngster in the early 1930’s when shopping with my mother along the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells I never saw signs in shop windows warning, No Dogs, No Smoking, No Food and No Spitting, which was a pity as these signs couldn’t have come soon enough, unless of course you were a dog, a smoker, a compulsive eater or a very anti social person.

What about CCTV I hear you ask? Well that was not a problem either because there weren’t any. We were quite a few years away from declaring war on Germany too.

So what has changed? Well in actual fact quite a lot. When these aforementioned signs were unnoticed by their absence, it was a heady time for one and all, and for the ordinary peasant classes it was a simple and uncluttered time, particularly when filling out Government forms.

One did not have to scroll through a list of about 200 foreign tongues, some I am sure have ceased to exist; I am thinking of Tibetan here, to explain to peoples of 200 different ethnic origins and wonderful gentle cultures that perfectly balance our own, on how to fill in official forms, and secondly and most importantly one did not have to search frantically to ascertain whether or not ones own language had also been included.

I wish that was the only irritation but its not. For fear of being labeled a racist I must admit I do feel rather insignificant in my own country today when my leaders tell me that the person who is sitting next to me on the bus whose ancestral homelands I can only quietly assume originate from the dark continent; Pygmies, Hottentots and Zulu Warriors spring easily to mind here, is that they are as British as I am.

Was this person that I was sharing a seat with on the No 22 bus until quite recently standing on one leg, barely clothed, with his weight on a spear and shading his eyes in the heat of the African sun scanning the shimmering horizon for some wildlife tit-bit to bring down for dinner, to succour him and his immediate tribe? So I ask, is he as British as I? I suppose Tesco’s must have been one hell of a culture shock for him.

So I wonder where MY homeland is. Who are MY people? Can I only associate or whisper furtively with people who I suspect are kindred spirits; people of MY tribe, who look just like me, without fear of being accused of being a closet racist?

For a once proud people the English are a race without a homeland. During the birthing pangs of Die Eurolandz und vahrend die peoples auf die Anglo Saxon origin geschlafen, England was quietly deleted from the area known as the British Isles or The ‘United’ Kingdom as it was known then, and disunited by our politicians on orders of Die Uber Meisters in Die Eurolandz, in exchange for a number of regions. In retrospect I don’t recollect that anyone was asked if they were happy with this cozy arrangement or worse still even aware it had taken place.

One thing you can be sure of is the English peasant classes are going to be mighty upset when they awaken from their long slumber to find their homeland has ceased to exist and that all correspondence or inquiries relating to a place once called England has now, on orders from Die Fuhrer in Die Vaterland, to be redirected to a piddling Belgium city called Brussels,

….thinks….I must Google England sometime to see if it has been removed from the history books.

I am aware our loyal Scottish Prime Minister, whose name escapes me for the moment, never mentions the word England, so perhaps it doesn’t exist, which is a real pity. Do we still need a Queen now that we have lost our country, our sovereignty and are in real danger of losing our constitution?



Anonymous said...

BBC Tv is currently featuring the Dad's Army comedy series, much loved by the British public. I believe that one of the reasons for its popularity is not so much for its humour which parodies its subject, but for the gentle, British way of life it recalls. When a nation stood together, pulled together in the face of overwhelming odds, in the face of looming disaster really. When we stood alone, apart from our kin from Australia, New Zealand,Canada, South Africa, Rhodesia and a few individual American citizens who came to our aid long before their country did.The series pokes gentle fun, through its characters, at our efforts which appeared so puny and yet, through it all there was a quiet determination that somehow, we would bumble through and win. The people of the time were different from today. We all spoke the same language, we all sprung from the same source, we all loved our country in spite of its many faults and horrendous differences in class and living standards. There was a respect for authority which we dont have now. Because back in those dark days we were at least confident that those in authority were working on behalf of us, on behalf of our nation. There were no obvious traitors who placed other interests above ours. And so, once again, our people, young and old, wealthy and poor, did what they could, gave what they could, for the common purpose. Even sacrificed their lives. And this thread, this gentle, but determined thread runs beneath the humour of Dad's Army for it gives the people of today a glimpse of a lifestyle they have thrown away. Or rather, their politicians have thrown away. There are no muslims in Dad's Army, no token ethnic's, no political correctness. We were all British and proud of it and stood alone against disaster, prepared to perish rather than surrender our way of life and beliefs. That came later. When we had done our bit to "save democracy",when we had bankrupted ourselves, when our heroes had been buried or returned to their homeland. That came when our politicians, slyly and supported by lies and apathy, allowed our shores to be invaded by aliens who would change our way of life and outloook. Allowed us to join a trading club which would eventually deliver us up to the very nation we had fought to defeat in two World wars. I was a child of the times, a child of a mining valley that knew depression and want,whose people struggled to live decently. There was hardly any crime. Words like mugging had not been coined, the only ethnic we saw was an occasional Sikh traveller or the French onion sellers or the Italian cafe owners whose children and grand children are now proudly British. The times needed to be improved upon, the nation neeeded more equality. Those are the main reasons for the emergence of the Labour Party of the time and its dedicated supporters who even now vote for it even though it is a mere shell, a parody of the party created by people with a dream of a better land. But with progress came apathy and our people sat back and allowed our once proud nation to descend into the parody we have today. Dad's Army was a parody. How ironic that now, all these years on from the real Home Guard, we actually live in a parody of the country I grew up in. Bring on the BNP surge to power. It cant come soon enough. Celtic Morning.

the doctor said...

Green Arrow , Pleased do not refer to the Queen , surely she is now just plain Betty Windsor .

Elizabeth said...

Where is our Queen in all this?
Does she weep for her subjects?

I have been an ardent royalist for as long as I can remember, although I shall have no allegiance to Charles. Our Queen Elizabeth is our last hope for this country but outwardly she does not show any concern for the country.

"the doctor" are correct..the House of Windsor have no concern for us seemingly.

Anonymous said...

"You may chain a man - but you cannot chain his mind. You may enslave him - but you will not conquer his spirit. The day comes when the anger and frustration of the people is so great that force cannot contain it. Then the ediface cracks.... liberty will dawn." Fine words but, as they were spoken by Maggie Thatcher in a speech before the Berlin wall came down, I suppose it counts as just more political traitor claptrap. After all, the Iron Lady wasn't so tough when she was supposed to be safeguarding our freedom and liberty against the threat of the European Union. She committed troops to regain the Faulklands but did nothing to protect us from enslavement by Europe and ethnic cleansing from the immigrant tsunami. Still, "the ediface cracks.... liberty will dawn." At least if Labour is in terminal decline then that will be a start. Celtic Morning.

Benny said...

Instead of "vahrend" I think you meant "während", which means "during". Instead of "geschlafen" which is the past participle of schlafen (to sleep) you need the imperfect because the act of sleeping is continuous (although finite) - i.e. "schlief".

And it should be "der" Führer, of course, as the noun is masculine.

And, if we're talking about the Führer being located in the fatherland then "land" must be dative. "Land" - and therefore "Vaterland" - is neuter: das Land. In the dative this is "dem Vaterland". Note that "in dem" is usually shortened to "im".

Note also that if there was motion involved - i.e. the Führer going to or from the fatherland then the noun would take the accusative rather than the dative. e.g. der Führer fliegt nach das Vaterland.

So the correct phrase is:

der Führer im Vaterland.

albion said...

Thank you Benny for taking an interest in my article and I appreciate the correction to my German Grammar.

In defence I would like to say I spent two years in Germany in his majesty's forces, not Betty's, when Germany was in total ruins. I do incidentally speak fluent German.

What you read, but probably didn't recognize and I apologise for that, is that the German translation was a deliberate bastardization, again apologies for the cursing, a parody if you like.

I do get a lot of pleasure writing dark humor, some people who have not recognized the dark humor have even accused me of uncalled for sarcasm.

In my article on Mr Kenneth Livingstone's move to Tower Hamlets I did endeavor to pen correct English.

Might I suggest you visit the Green Arrow forum and if you click on Albion in the columnist section I am sure you will enjoy my offering of the leaked 2008 Queens message to her people.

I would also appreciate it if more people read my LAST application to the British Arts Foundation for a government grant, it seem to be getting scant attention

Once again Benny I do appreciate your well meaning correction to my German translation but rest assured it was deliberate.

Anonymous said...

Her Majesty, I feel, is in Constitutional prison with two elements of fear being used against her; two elements are as thus;

The fear of abolishment from a Sovereign Nation to a Republic which is educed by the governments control over the people and the relentless propaganda to force the peoples will into destroying their own Sovereignty, by simply removing the Constitutional safe guard; remember we have Sovereignty, even though people are deluded, they could do this, without even realizing what they are doing, with the pressure applied by the traitors.

And that she now truly feels her people have deserted her.

Our Sovereign, true Law; no Sovereign, true Law cannot exist.

We need our Queen and our Queen needs us; for without this, our Sovereignty, our Nation and our Law cannot survive, for these are the most crucial elements needed to be in place, for our Constitutional Law to work, for without this it cannot work, as is most evident in any court of law, and subsequent legislation being imposed on us as a people.

I know from that fateful time in 1911 that all Sovereigns of this nation have not only believed they have lost the ability to protect their people, they have lost the respect of the people, not through their own doing, but through the lies of men and the peoples inability to see through those lies for what they really are. We have allowed ourselves to be so conditioned by these lies, that we as a people are destroying the very element that can save us in a stroke of a pen and have allowed for the destruction of two crucial elements that would have protected us from the dictatorship that now resides not only in the Commons of this country but also in the Lords.

The truth is we are to blame for the destruction of this country and all that is happening now and all that will happen. Why?...Because as a people we have failed ourselves and allowed this to go on for so long and have allowed for two very crucial elements of our Constitution to be destroyed. We have allowed ourselves to be fooled by the lies of men and men's knowledge, portraying a reality we all seemingly believe, based upon our own inability to see the faults in ourselves and rather to continually see the faults in others and then blame them faults in others for something that has only resulted because our own failings.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

You can identify yourself as US Census Code 011 British.

US Census Codes






US Census codes refer to those with ancestry that is distinct. So you can just remember your number is 011, almost James Bondish.

Anonymous said...

How can we survive without a Queen? The United States, France etc dont seem to have done too badly!! And royalty become unpopular through their own behaviour. Look at the two playboy Princes pretending to be soldiers. The workshy sods should get a proper job and that applies also to Charles, Anne,Andrew, Edward and all the others who have lived lives of arrogance and contempt for the people. When, if ever, our benefits sytem is reformed, these royal parasites should have their free wheeling lifestyles curtailed as harshly as any poor family struggling to cope in an innercity sink estate. Royalty has been dumped world wide and they dont seem to have been missed.If the Queen lacks the courage to speak up, say "enough is enough" and cause a constitutional crises to free us from the EU then what the hell is the point of her being there? There should be more to life than walking the bloody Corgis and waving from the windows of carriages. Celtic Morning