Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Are you a member of one these unions?

Click for larger image to see the trade unions of shame

Are you a member of one of the so called trade unions shown on the above leaflet as being behind the planned attacks on the members of the BNP and their families planning to attend the annual Red, White and Blue festival of British Culture.

Because if you are, you should be ashamed of yourselves that it is your contributions that are paying for those people who are working to destroy your way of life and your children's future.

Why are these trade unions not campaigning outside the offices of the global businesses that have exported your fellow trade unionists jobs overseas?

Are you proud that your money is being spent on paying for coaches for the marxists and morons of Our Sad Country to travel to an event, where they have sworn to "unite in a big fist to smash the BNP", because if you are, you are not British.

Is their way, the way you think politics should be promoted in a democratic society? Is that statement of threatened violence a declaration of support for freedom of speech?

The UAF/Searchlight thugs have stated that not even children are free from attack, in fact they have posted on forums, that they are specifically to be targeted in the hope that they can intimidate/scare/frighten/terrorise people to stay away from an event that has never before required a police presence.

What sort of people could support these obnoxious people in their incitement to disrupt an annual celebration of British Culture? Only dupes, Dhimmis and traitors. That is who.

Do not be a dupe of the marxists. A creed that as killed millions world wide to promote their mad idea for a New World Order. Be proud to be white. Be proud to be British.

But if you are one of those people who have been duped into saying you will go, then I suggest you pull a "sickie" and stay at home. The police are going to be there in force and have announced that all access to the RWB and surrounding areas will be patrolled and no person other than those with BNP membership be allowed anywhere near the site.

Bob Crow, the main speaker listed is an hardline communist. Searchlight and the UAF are paid agents of the state. Paid for out of your taxes and Union dues. Paid to destroy opposition to Eurabia and those who speak for freedom and independence.

You have been used and manipulated by the Lib/Lab/con pact for decades. Wake up. Smell the coffee and support freedom. Support the BNP.

So if you are a decent member of one of the trade unions shown above then protest to your union about the use of your contributions being used to pay for violence and the attempted silencing of free speech. Email your friends with a link to this post.

Unions Labour levy is illegal


Anonymous said...

All trades union members have the right to opt out of the political levy, which is a scam used to fund this type of thuggery:


The Green Arrow said...


Thank you for that link. I have updated the article.

Could I ask other readers with information on any subject that should be posted please let me have the links.

Anonymous said...

These people really do take the biscuit for utter stupidity.

The leaders of these unions are, just like the lickspittle socialist labour MPs, champagne socialists who betray and rip off their own people. They use the BNP to distract their members from the truth.

"Smash the Fash" they scream, whilst living in mansions, screwing the allowances for all they are worth, waging illegal wars in Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan.

These are the "socialists" who have profited from the destruction of our manufacturing industries and who forced the British worker to compete for jobs for the lowest wage payable.

"Socialsts" who placed the inetersts of the global capitalists and of course their own pockets first and foremost to sell out British industry and the British people. Enjoying the life of luxury, wanting for nothing, sacrificing nothing and without a single care for the people they were suppsoed to fight for but who got fat as communities were torn apart.

These marxist traitors supported and funded the colonisation of Britain with their evil alliance with a political party. They used their own members hard-earned money to fight for the rights of aliens in our land, fully aware that doing so would keep the British working class people on low wages,fighting for jobs and for decent housing. Any member who protests is labelled a "racist" or a "fascist" and ostracised.

And while these "socialists" played their self-profiteering destructive game, they forced the British working class to live side-by-side with aliens, aliens who destroyed their communities and who were given preference over the very people whose forefathers worked hard to build their communities for years.

If the members of those unions had a single thought of sincerity about tackling fascism, then they need look no further than the marxist swine who scream "Smash the Fash", because it is those people who have caused more suffering and hardship to people both in Britain and around the world.

They are the true fascists - and they will answer for the evil crimes they have knowingly commited.

So you think of that you big brave child-hitting, woman beating peace loving socialists when your "leaders" tell you how to think and urge you to "Smash the Fash".

Because the fascists are stood right in front of you and they are laughing at dumb-donkeys like YOU.


The Green Arrow said...

Excellently said Reconquista.

I have posted your comment on the GA Forum and might use it as an article for tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

11/08/2008 Sita Suez attack Union Rights

The employer Sita Suez has launched an outrageous attack on Trade Union rights. Simon Guest the Assistant Depot Manager of Sita Suez in Willenhall, Wolverhampton has suspended three employees. They were suspended simply for belonging to a Trade Union - Solidarity.

Worse still evidence has been provided that this was at the instigation of the rival Trade Union Unite who objected to their members leaving to join Solidarity! This disgusting collusion between the bosses and a Union shames the Union movement.

Our Brotherhood is a militant, fighting Union. We will not tolerate attacks on our rights by Bosses or the rival tame Unions.

We urge all lovers of freedom to join our campaign to get our members immediately reinstated and secure a public apology. We invite you to call or fax Simon at Sita and politely inform him that we live in a democracy that upholds the rights of Trade Unionists.

Firm: Sita Suez
Contact: Simon Guest
Telephone 01902 604450
Fax: 01902 730819

I also urge you to sign the online petition.

We will intensify our actions and campaign if reinstatement is denied.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. GA, wait and see the rabble that will turn up for this protest. The usual unwashed traitors, the druggies, the dropouts, the low achievers, the brainless, the brainwashed, the whats-yours-is-mine scavengers who want it all and do nothing to earn their living. They live by playing the system, scrounging on benefits and drug dealing, they spend their lives in a permanent daze and never wake up to reality.They are led by the nose like a docile bullock and do whatever their masters prod them to do. There's a scene in the Godfather film where a mafia chief talks of keeping drugs in the black community. He says "They are animals amyway so let them lose their souls." You can apply that to this white underclass, a shaming indictment of the way we have allowed our youth to be brought up and indoctrinated so that they become traitors to their country and to their race. I never call anyone an animal as a mark of disrespect. Animals are better than these insects, these maggots, these lice and more deserving of their life. These people are the bitter dregs of a socialist barrel and yes, if they ever had a soul, they lost it many years ago. I pray that not a hair on the head of any child is harmed by these creatures. If it should come to that then it will surely be time for retribution by vigilante action.

Anonymous said...

Just when, exactly, are Special Branch going to ensure that subversives like Bob Crow, Ken Livingstone, et al, meet with accidents on the staircase?

MI5: defenders of our security -HAHA! Don't make me fucking laugh. These shits are quite evidently in bed with Zionisim and the puppet Reds.

parasite cleanse said...

I hope the police are aware that these NuLabour vermin have openly stated their intention to specifically attack children on their official website. http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php/anti-fascists-threaten-harm-bnp-466589.html

If the police allow any of these TUC scum to penetrate the perimeter then they have failed in their duty to protect the most vulnerable and defenseless.

I believe English law still allows reasonable force to be used to defend one's family, so if these Islamo-Marxists get past the police and approach children there may be a case for standing in their way.