Monday, 25 August 2008

The International Aristocracy

Rebecca and her daughters knew what to do with toll gates

Waking early and finding that I currently have no Internet connection, I try to read. But my mind goes to an article that I read yesterday about the proposed "fast track" lanes on the motorways.

These lanes, owned by private companies, will only be open to people who pay around £5 to use them and means that those with money will be able to sweep past the lanes of the "common people" stuck in crawl mode on the inside lanes.

There are already toll roads and toll bridges in place which wrongly add to the costs of the ever burdened British Workers as they attempt to get to work and sometimes those "extra road taxes" price them out of a job.
The 27-mile M6 toll road near Birmingham, opened in December 2003 and run by the Australian-owned firm Midland Expressway, has seen its toll fees rise by 50 per cent in just four years.
Where and who are the new Hosts of Rebbecca who will destroy these "toll gates?".

And who will be the people who will sweep past the peasants sat in their toy cars? It will be their "betters", gazing through their tinted windowed Mercedes at the Milk Cows that keep them in luxury?

They will be the "elite", they will be government and local authority representatives. All enjoying the "rewards" of being part of the New World Order. The will be united in Common Purpose.

And who really are the "elite" and how many of them are there? Well not a lot as someone once said. Research indicates that there are no more than 6,000 individuals controlling a world population of 6 billion. 6 billion serfs working for 6,000. 6 billion people whose destiny and lives they control. No wonder they feel superior and smug.

Some, just a few of these individuals will have climbed to the top by hard work, but for the rest, they will be the inheritors of the huge multi-national companies that now rule the world and nations. They will be from the 1% in Our Country who owns 70% of the land. Land they inherited from ancestors who took it by force from the people.

These people do not see individuals, they do not see families and they do not see Nations. They believe themselves on an higher plane than the rest of us mortals. They see a One World, a world with no boarders, a world which they rule from their Ivory Towers and private Islands. A world where the entire populations of once proud nations such as ours are all "leveled down". Leveled down to the point where they will labour just for the price of a meal.

And "troublesome" nations with national pride and races of people, such as White Europeans will be exterminated. Genocide of the white race by colonisation of their homelands by the enforcers of leveling down. The Enrichers, the colonisers. Sheep themselves who have been herded over to their new greener pasture in order to turn the green fields into quagmires of brown mud.

And nationalistic nations with pride in their own land and history will be destroyed, financially and by bombings. Bombed the way we shamefully bombed Serbia. A small country that was obstructing the growth of Eurabia. And if they can bomb Belgrade they can bomb London. And some might say. Good. We have already lost London.

Now some of you might think that a patriotic force like the British National Party becoming the government will be enough to save us but it will not.

The British National Party can save Our Country, it can improve the lives of True British People, it can take back the National Assets of that which has been stolen from the creators of the nations wealth but it cannot save Europe. Unless.

Unless the BNP works with and encourages the growth of other White Nationalist (and it is coming to that. White or die) movements throughout Europe then eventually Our Country will be forced into submission by the New World Order.

The "elite" have destroyed our fishing, farming, industrial bases. All these need to be rebuild. Alternative, energy sources sought at all costs. For if we are to survive we need all those things back.

Nationalist Movements across the World must unite now. In Europe they must form alliances and take the battle into hell itself. The European Union. Like guerrilla fighters, we must use the assets and resources of the enemy to beat them at their own game.

Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders must wake their people and point to our sad country and show their citizens what awaits them if they do not grow the balls to fight back soon.

And afterwards, when we have destroyed the Soviet Style EU, we can then build a confederation of Nationalist Nations governed by people who care about the sick, the elderly, the children who are the future. A Europe Governed by people like you, people who care.

And the New International Aristocracy that we foolishly allowed to come into being? What of them? Well I have never been a republican but times change. Perhaps I take up knitting and watch the tumbrels roll by or we can just leave them on their Islands in the Sun to survive any way they can.


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

This article make a lot of sense GM. The nationalist movements across Europe need to stop fighting with each other and address the mutual enemy.


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Are the British really dour fighters for the freedom of their homeland? Our history would seem to suggest it. But what did France, followed by other European countries do ? They over threw the ruling elite with a cry of Freedom. Of course, they didnt defend it very well in WW2 . And Europeans, and Brits fled to America, the Great Republic which promised them so much. And what did Britain do? They acted as they have done through the ages, we British did as we were told. We "did our duty". But it was duty as our superiors saw it.The general public followed on. Led by their noses, they did as they were told by a revered Royaly and the ruling classes. And we still do. Does a thousand years of "glorious history" boil down to the proles (us) doing what our "superiors" (them) would have us do, and usually without complaint, with pride even. We "stood firm" we "fought heroically" we sacrificed our sons and having done so we stood aside to be ruled, yet again, to a greater or lesser degree by our "superiors." They may no longer be hereditary peers but they are, none the less, the modern equivalent. They lead and we dutifully follow. They command, we obey. They lie, we believe or, if we do not believe we accept, wring our hands and cry "what can we do." The cry gets ever more feeble as we sink beneath our hopeless burden, After all, that's democracy. Isn't it?? The struggles grow less as the servant beast is overwhelmed by the masters mighty strategies. Could this "British spirit" really be no more than a myth? What we have been conned into believing was "spirit" was, in reality, little more than acquiesence, a blind obedience, we have "done our duty" which in reality translates as, like good little children, "we have done as we were told." So it is really no wonder that we have allowed our country to be taken from us because we are only doing what we are told. No one told us starkly what was going on(Apart from Enoch Powell and a few others) No one told us to resist. No one told us to do what was clearly our duty and to fight it. In fact they told us to welcome the invading aliens for it was all for our benefit. They told us to accept a new and modern way of life which would sweep away just about all we ever believed in. And with few exceptions the sheep people, the soon-to -be Dhimmis, once again did all they were told to do and stepped aside as their country was taken from them. The Proles are happy, proud to be British because we have won a few baubles at the Olympic Games. Once again, they are conned, this time on an "Olympic Scale!" Proud. When aliens get lesser sentences then our own kind even though they commit greater crimes. Proud. When an old lady is roundly abused by a scum bag invader on a bus ride. Proud. When houses, benefits, health care, school places, maternity services are given to aliens instead of our own kind. Tell me I am wrong. Did we once have a unique British spirit or was it all just a myth? And if we did have it, tell me where it has gone for we certainly don't have it now. All our troubles, all our dangers, are ignored. We've won some gold medals! And they are not really gold anyway. Like our famed British spirit, they too are just a myth. False gold. If we had true spirit we would not have stood for what has been done to us and until we find some real spirit the common people will remain just that. Common, downtrodden serfs watching the priviliged go by in the fast lane while they themselves fade out of existence in the new, enriched, mulyi culti world. The judges will tell us that we cant take the law into our own hands. Just whose hands should it be in then?

Mr Cognisant said...

An exceptional article Green Arrow, for nature to take its course and for peace to reign, we must unite, alone we are nothing, together we cannot lose. 14