Thursday, 21 August 2008

Racism in any form will not be tolerated

Me to Darling. Me to.

Racism will not be tolerated. Those were the words used by Judge Paul Batty when he sentenced Mr Bryan Cork to six month imprisonment for shouting "proud to be British" and "go back to where you came from " outside a Cult of the Dead Paedophile mosque. The charge being racially aggravated assault.

Personally I have no problems with either of those statements. It is what the True British really think and would say openly. If they were not afraid of being arrested that is.

Now compare that sentence to the one handed out by Judge Mushtaq Khoktar to an Asian man who threatened people with shooting after calling an hospital receptionist and care worker a white bitch and a white bastard.

The agitated Asian (aren't they always) lost his rag when visiting an hospital with his pregnant wife (aren't they all) and was asked to take a seat.
“At reception, Scott Morris was taking a call. He told the defendant he wouldn’t be a moment and to take a seat.

“Mr Morris then had to leave the reception momentarily but indicated he would be back quickly. He said he could hear the word “bastard” being used.

“Mr Morris warned the defendant that he would call security and asked if the words were being directed at him.

“At this point a health care assistant came to reception and the defendant swore when telling her the man had been on the phone and was ignoring him.

“She said the defendant had his finger constantly pressed on the bell.

“When she asked him to take a seat, the defendant became very agitated. He came so close their faces were touching.

“He then shouted ‘listen white bitch I’ll sit down when I want to sit down’.

“She said he lifted his left hand above his head and she believed he was about to hit her.

“A security guard tried to deal with the incident. He said the defendant was gesturing with his fingers in the shape of a gun, saying ‘I’ll come back and shoot you’.
Finding the defendant guilty of racially aggravated assault, the Judge sentenced Miah to four months jail suspended for 18 months. Way to go Judge. Racism should be punished severely but only if the accused is white.

Remember in this Orwellian World of Eurabia, you no longer even need to be guilty of a crime to be found guilty and to be punished.

Cast your mind back to this case where a member of the British National Party was convicted of racially abusing an Asian Woman who may or may not have even existed and whose only evidence against him was by a woman rewarded by the police despite admitting that the exact words the accused was supposed to have used could not be heard.

Because Robert McGlynn said in his defence;
“Basically, I do not remember anything about that morning. I am completely surprised about how this case came about. I believe she is mistaken, that is all. I just took my car to the garage for an MoT and that was that.”

He said that he had refused to answer questions after his arrest because he had felt intimidated. He added: “I thought I was safer saying nothing."
Well there you go. As the magistrates said when finding him guilty. His refusal in exercising his right to say nothing led them to conclude that he was guilty beyond reasonable doubt.
After the case, McGlynn, who is unemployed, single and lives with his mother, said: “I was hung, drawn and quartered before I even set foot in court.

“This is a crime without a victim with evidence from someone who admitted they didn’t really hear what was happening and who had already had an award for reporting the case before she stepped into court.

“I am completely innocent and it worries me what is happening in Britain today.

“You have mad mullahs preaching death and destruction in our streets and nothing is done while law-abiding people can be convicted of nothing more than driving their car with the window open.”
There will be no justice in this Country until there is a British National Party government. Help in the creation of that government by supporting and joining the BNP. Our only hope for justice.

Freedom is never free



Anonymous said...

What do the government intend doing?
Burying their heads and still employing Hizb-ut-tahrir in the home office.

Anonymous said...

When our day comes as it will, some of these race-traitors had better not be around.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. The blood pressure is high, very high. Just how much more can we take of this? What will it take for the British people to rise against the scum who invade us and the scum who rule over us and subject us to daily humiliation? Have the people of the last few generations become so conditioned that absolutely nothing will stir them into action? I look at my television and I see young men of Georgia, Russia, Iraq,Tibet, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan and most of the other non western nations and when I compare them with most of ours I am depressed. They are men who, from an early age, mature and are prepared to act, whatever it might cost, to protect their women, their children, their homes and their country. Prepared to sacrifice their lives if need be, as our men once did. What do I see in too many Britons? Obese nancy boys who spend money on binge drinking, drugs, tinting their hair and sun beds and even, so we are told, eye liner and masscara these days!! Much more of this and we will never be able to defend ourselves when the call comes, as it inevitably must unless the BNP are elected. And even then we will need a backbone of resolute Britons to stand against the inevitable backlash from invaders suddenly deprived of their benefits and spoils. Dont forget that very many of the invaders have visited their homeland and now lie dormant,familiar with weapons of war and combat conditions and will surely have access to all sorts of armament to use against an unarmed and unprepared population of softened up British youth.Our finest hours may yet lie ahead of us. I hope we can cope.

Like The Roman said...

An excellent piece, Green Arrow! Definitely one of the best I have read. You have encapsulated the infuriating, unjust society we now live in, succinctly.

We are oppressed by traitorous scum and must rise up and free ourselves from their shackles. The key is within touching distance, it is the BNP.

Seriously, could you not link to this article permanently?