Thursday, 14 August 2008

It's a funny old world

It really is a funny old world, where a Broadclyst mother pulls her children out of a youth club because the organiser, Coin Fribbens is a British National Party member.

Colin, serving his community has strongly denied involving politics in his community work with children and like all members of the BNP believes that children should be children. There will time enough for the real world when they are older.

But the unnamed woman is now so terrified that there are BNP members in the world that not only is she preventing her children mixing with other children, she is also denying them the right to be children by not allowing them out without direct supervision.

Let us hope that she does not visit the Liars, Buggers and Thieves site that reveals the true evil that is resident in all of the so called traditional political parties.


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Now if the supervisor was a hard left Communist I could understand why you would not want your child exposed to them. Or a homosexual, an Imam, a Jihadist, an Animal Rights activist etc. Obviously we, as BNP members would keep our children away from such contamination or, if exposed to it, have them educated well enough to thwart their evil intentions and argue against them. Obviously this mother places us in the same category. It is our duty to eventually show people that we are what we are. Patriots, with the best intentions for our children and our country. Unfortunately this women, like so many others, see us in a different light and our main problem is to overcome such misguided attitudes. Once we can do that on a grand scale, in spite of the efforts of a hostile media, then we will sweep to power.

notareargunner said...

Not on my own device as presently visiting with that Wigan stalwart Dennis, former Royal Marine. Here are a few sites you may find of interest:

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Dennis is a friend and comrade of mine. He's coming to the RWB with us on Saturday.

You've heard of the expression "angry young man"? Dennis is the archetypal "angry old man". It takes one to know one, as they say.

See you Saturday Dennis.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if she allows the kids to attend school.....

The Council of Europe Fights "Islamophobia"
By Fjordman
Created 2008-08-14 08:48
I recently wrote an essay regarding how the Council of Europe, in close cooperation with the European Union, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the Arab League and other Islamic organizations, are working to combat "Islamophobia" in Europe by all means necessary. Now the French blog Galliawatch takes a look at the CoE as well. This should be considered required reading for all those numerous people who still stubbornly dismiss Eurabia as a "conspiracy theory." The CoE and the EU are implementing policies aimed to rewrite school textbooks throughout the European continent in order to provide a positive and non-threatening view of Islam. They are thus indoctrinating our children to accept Islam.

They are doing this behind our backs, without consulting us, and they can do so because the EU is constructed as a top-down organization where all crucial decisions are taken behind closed doors and imposed on the general public by an unelected oligarchy, who may or may not be bought and paid for by our enemies. Yes, this is a massive betrayal, but we should remember that it is a betrayal that they can commit because we gave them the tools to do so, or at least didn't object strongly enough when they took these tools, maybe because we didn't understand the full significance of them. The only way to stop this and prevent similar betrayals from occurring in the future is to take away these tools from the hostile Eurabian oligarchy, which requires dissolving both the EU and the CoE.

Resolution 1605 of the Council of Europe

Council of Europe member states should continue to be vigilant in their work to prevent and combat the phenomenon of Islamophobia.

9. In light of the above, the Assembly calls on the member states of the Council of Europe to:

9.1. act strongly against discrimination in all areas;

9.2. condemn and combat Islamophobia;

9.7.6. encouraging the participation of people with an immigrant background in political parties, trade unions and non-governmental organisations;

9.7.7. taking all the necessary measures to eliminate the inequality of opportunity faced by immigrants, including unemployment and inadequate education;

9.7.8. removing unnecessary legal or administrative obstacles to the construction of a sufficient number of appropriate places of worship for the practice of Islam;

9.7.9. ensuring that school textbooks do not portray Islam as a hostile or threatening religion;

11.6. encourage young European Muslims to become imams;

11.8. encourage the promotion of fair coverage of Muslim reality and views in the media and ensure that the voice of moderate Muslims is also reported;

11.9. develop ethical guidelines to combat Islamophobia in the media and in favour of cultural tolerance and understanding, in co-operation with appropriate media organisations;

Source URL:

Anonymous said...

Why not just hand over the country to them, would save all he paperwork?..oops, they have already done that!

Elizabeth said...

Maybe she'd rather her daughters wear the niqab... segregated from boys...kept at home and not allowed to go on school trips.

That's the alternative.