Sunday, 10 August 2008

Broxtowe British National Party

Nick Griffin returns to Broxtowe. Click for larger image

You have to hand it to the boys in the BNP. No matter what happens, they always bounce back and if ever they lose ground, you can bet they will recover it.

So it is great to see that Broxtowe BNP now have their own local blog site for passing on information to local activists and members of the public. For their introductory post, they have kicked of with a report on Nick Griffins return to Broxtowe.
Broxtowe organiser Nina Brown opened the meeting with a report detailing plans for the group in the run up to the County and Euro elections next year. It had been rumoured that after the recent problems the Broxtowe BNP Group no longer existed, this was convenient for us as we were able to quietly concentrate on fund raising, increasing the sale of the party literature, which has more than doubled since this time last year, and holding several social evenings with our members throughout the Broxtowe borough.

Good to see you Broxtowe. Could other sites please add their link to the increasing number of BNP support sites that are growing almost as quickly as the BNP membership.

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