Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Airbrushing history

I see that Britain's involvement in the slave trade will become a compulsory subject to be taught in British schools. Need we wonder what the purpose of that is? Am I being overly suspicious or will this be another exercise in making white British children feel undeservedly guilty about their heritage whilst casting non-whites as victims of cruel racist imperialism?. I am sure my suspicions are well founded, and that schools will be highly selective in what details of the slave trade they they chose to teach, also, I wonder how much accuracy and balance there will be in what is taught?

Will school children be taught that the international slave trade had been carrying on for thousands of years before Britain became, comparitively briefly, involved?.

Will they be taught that 90% of all slaves were transported eastward to Arabia and Asia where there was a thriving slave trade at a time before England was a single nation, let alone Great Britain?.

Will they learn that there are currently twice as many people living in forms of slavery today, as I write this post as were transported to America in the entire North Atlantic slave trade?.

Will they be taught of Britain's leading role in ending the slave trade and eradicating across a quarter of the Earth's surface, and using our navy to prevent others from continuing the trade. Will they be taught that whilst Britain banned the slave trade in 1807 and abolished slavery across the Empire in 1833, Saudi Arabia did not get around to banning it until 1964 (a century after the American civil war), and in Niger it was not banned until 2003?.

In 1935, 100 years after Britain abolished slavery across our Empire, in Ethiopia an African country which had never been colonised, there were 2 million slaves. What are the chances of our children being taught that?

I doubt those facts about the slave trade are the ones British school children will be allowed to hear about.

All these details together with relevant links and sources were in an article I posted a couple of months back, which, without false modesty, I have little doubt is considerably more accurate that anything likely to appear in the forthcoming curriculum.

I can all but guarantee that facts will be re-written to produce a version of history that will fit the politically correct anti white fairy tales of our day.

In terms of re-writing history to create a past which fits a present political ideology the Britain of today is becoming more like those Eastern block countries before the fall of the Iron Curtain. I recently read the following account on K C Johnson's excellent blog about the Duke lacross hoax Durham in Wonderland, and repeat it here as I think it is very fitting.

In March 1948, shortly after a coup that installed totalitarian rule in Czechoslovakia, when the Czech Communist Party (KSČ) convened a celebratory gathering in Prague's Old Town Square. Tens of thousands braved chilling temperatures to hear KSČ leader Klement Gottwald speak. The new communist foreign minister, Vladimír Clementis stood beside Gottwald on the podium, and gave up his fur hat to shield the prime minister's bare head from the cold.

Four years later, a wave of anti-Semitic show trials occurred throughout the Eastern Bloc; Czechoslovakia experienced the most spectacular purge. In late 1952, the government denounced Clementis, KSČ first secretary Rudolf Slánský, and twelve other prominent Communists as "Trotskyite-Zionist-Titoist-bourgeois-nationalist traitors, spies, and saboteurs." Eleven of the fourteen arrested leaders were Jews. All were found guilty in show trials; eleven, including Slánský and Clementis, were executed.

The trials' outcome required creating a new, politically correct, version of the past. Propagandists eliminated the executed party members from communist history books. Clementis, for instance, was airbrushed from the photograph at the Prague demonstration hailing the coup. In the KSČ's version of history, all that remained of the former foreign minister was the cap that he had placed on Gottwald's head.The true story of Clementis and his fur cap comes from the opening of Czech dissident Milan Kundera's novel, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting. To one of the novel's characters, the tale showed how "the struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting." For historians, Clementis' fate illustrates the willingness of totalitarian regimes to alter the past to align with their contemporary political interests; and, from the other side, the need for scholars to resist such efforts.

I think we can be reasonably confident that Gottwald's hat will have lot in common with the history of the slave which will shortly be taught to our children.

By Sarah:Maid of Albion


xoggoth said...

Indeed. It beats me why even those opposed to the BNP's views would welcome what will probably be the gist of this "education" The very last thing that black kids need is yet more excuses for failure.

I doubt black welfare is the lefty's real concern. What, in a nutshell, is the real distinction between left and right? The concept of global society vs national society. Promoting these divisions in national society is part of the leftist agenda, although I am not suggesting they are all rational enough to realise it.

Fyrdist said...

This has been on the cards for a long time: guess what, people -you can remove your kids from any lesson you deem unfit. You are in control.

Hmmm, let's have a look at how you use that control, shall we...

"But what will I do; I can't afford the time off work to look after them if I remove them from a certain class," I hear you cry.


The state has to provide care for kids taken out of classes.

Sorry, but this needs to be said in the tone I will say it: I am sick to the back fucking teeth of people moaning about how bad it is in school, of how they are brainwashing kids. Yes, you're right, I admit it -THEN FUCKING ACT, MORON. Put two and two together (it really isn't hard) and remove your kids from this poisonous filth.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you to keep moaning and moaning and moaning and......... before you have the sense to act?

If your kid was in danger from paedophiles at a local park then you would naturally not take your kid to that park (and hopefully inform the local men who would act against it) so why don't you remove you kids from this mind pollution?

Once again, I am sick to the back fucking teeth of people moaning (that's all they fucking do). Act or shut up -I am sick of fucking hearing you.

Words, platidies, nonsense, more words, greivances... that's all I fucking hear.

I am a caring father and that is EXACTLY what I'll be doing.

Hey, look here, it is the rules behind teaching your kid at home. WOW! Look what a bit of investigation does:

I'm very sorry if I've offended anyone but this really did need to be said. I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not.


The Green Arrow said...


I was not sure about publishing your comment because of the language used. I know you have the ability to express yourself forcefully without using it.

In the end I left the comment up because of the points and links you provided.

Fyrdist said...

Sorry, GA. The language was a bit colourful and totally out of character for me. That is the result of alcohol and a passionate interest in the well-being of children.

Sarah's article was splendid (as always) and my rant should not be misconstrued as an attack on her or people in general.

I just get so frustrated with the British way of moaning. It is always someone else's problem, isn't it? The blame game.

The BNP are invloving themselves in the subject of home education. Teaching kids at home does not mean removing them from society and isolating them, but it does mean ensuring them a good education with other kids of like-minded parents by removing them from the filthy hands of the state. The state is evidently not capable or trustworthy of educating kids (I allude to 4-year-olds being taught about homosexuality as a viable option to the natural heterosexuality).


The Green Arrow said...

Hi F, I understand completely my friend. I have written a dozen or more posts late at night in anger, that would put your comment to shame and make a Chief Stoker blush.

There will a post later today by MisterFox expanding on the subject of home schooling.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. As I understand it, they are going to teach Black History as well as the slavery bit. Well that wont take long.Here goes. Black people originated in Africa but have unfortunately spread to the rest of the world. They invented the drum and the spear,failed to provide even the basics of life for their own survival and never managed to produce a written form of language or any worthwhile art or industry. The males are violent,childish and lazy in character, expect everything without making any effort, use their women as beasts of burden and providers and take no responsibility for their own lives. They take as much advantage as they can of Whitey, who they loath and hate..... and err.... thats it. End of lesson. Fyrdist is right,take your kids out of all such lessons, if there are no pupils in the classroom then they can't be taught by the braindead, brainwashed idiots who make up so much of our politicised teaching proffession today.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

You make some very good points Fyrdist, however, the problem is that whilst you and I might take our children out of such lessons, the majority of parents wont.

Some will brainwashed into thinking it is all true, but most will probably not even know it is happening. As a result the 90% of children will be taught a distorted version of British history.