Sunday, 31 August 2008

Keith Brown. No mention of:-

No mention of the lies about Keith walking with a brick in his hand towards Khan's son.

The video, according to the prosecution, showed that Mr Brown was not at his gate, but in fact walking down his path quite normally. The video, the court was told, also did not show that Keith Brown was holding a brick as was being claimed and that Mr Brown was shown to walk at a normal pace towards his gate as the car was reversing in the street.

No mention of the hidden video in Khan's wardrobe of the incident.

No mention of PC Lynch, in the witness box, who explained to the court that he had no knowledge of a brick that had been handed to him, allegedly used by Keith Brown to threaten the Khans.

No mention of Mr Khan admitting to taking a wheel brace putting Keith Brown's blood on it and placing it in his car.

No mention of the 8 Asian men and 8 Asian women stood watching Keith die instead of calling the police or ambulance.

No mention that Keith and Khan used to work together for eight years. In fact Keith used to give Mr Khan a lift to work every morning in his car, hardly the act of a "racist".

No mention of forensic evidence of a penknife handed over by one of Mr Khan's sons allegedly used by Keith Brown to threaten them contained no DNA evidence whatsoever to connect Keith with the weapon.

No mention of the judge as he started his summing up and added that the jury were not to consider Keith's BNP involvement as anything untoward. The court was told that the Party is not a criminal organisation, as many of our political opponents allege, and that involvement and activism within the BNP does not go hand in hand with racism.


Anonymous said...

When this case is reviewed under a BNP government, not only should the adequacy of the punishment of the murderer be considered, but also the case for prosecuting his accomplices and the police and court officials for perverting the course of justice.

Anonymous said...

Of course there was no brick, but then the enrichers know that they have the full weight of the establishment and media to back up any proposterous claims they make. They must be really laughing at this country, although quite why they have been given carte blanche to do whatever they want (for the timebeing) is another question. Considering that many of the senior policy makers in Britain are of a faith that is constantly under threat from militant Islam, the only thing I can come up with is they deliberately want confrontation, could this be why they are allowing the enrichers to get above themselves?. The phrase turn brother against brother till man is no more does spring to mind.