Saturday, 30 August 2008

South West MEP Glyn Ford

Judge a man by the company he keeps

The Labour MEP for the South West (and don't forget Gibraltar) Glyn Ford, is planning to organise anti-British National Party events in Devon in the run-up to next years European Elections.
"In the last European elections they probably would've won two or three seats if it wasn't for the UK Independence Party. UKIP seems to be on a slight decline now and the BNP plans to capitalise on that.
And indeed we do Mr Ford. Indeed we do. We also intend to remind the people of Devon just who and what you stand for. So let us make a start now and I will watch Poirot another time. The butler done it.

Glyn Ford
, MEP sits on the unelected Steering Committee for the discredited Unite Against Fascism(UAF) movement and is a personal friend of the communist Gerry Gable of the state sponsored Searchlight magazine.

The divorced MEP who is considered to be "effeminate" by fellow MEPs and is a frequent traveller to various parts of Asia is also the national treasurer of the Anti-Nazi League(ANAL) - are they still about? When not travelling the world, he is also secretary of the Marxist European Parliaments Anti-Racism intergroup.

Cretin Ford, screeches;
"If the party got a seat it would be the start of an economic downturn. Big companies from places such as China won't want to go somewhere they're not welcome.
This on the same day when goverment figures reveal that we are about to lose another 2,000,000 jobs to places like China where people work for the price of a meal in order to just survive. Wake up man.

But wait a minute. There is more. Much more. Was it not Labour MEP Glyn Ford who was facing investigation after claims that his houseold bills were paid from his parliamentary expenses? Why yes it was.
His former parliamentary assistant, Kay Baxter, told The Express newspaper: "I became his household manager when the parliament was paying me to be his parliamentary assistant.

"Most of the household bills were paid for from the office fund. In effect his house became a hotel paid for by parliament.

"The office paid all of the electricity bills, phone, water, rates, television licence and even the council tax."

Mrs Baxter ran Mr Ford's constituency office from a basement his semi-detached home in Mossley, Greater Manchester, for 13 years.
Well despite the Labour Party saying they would ask Mr Ford to resign if he was found guilty of misusing public money, the man is still in place and I have been unable to track down news on any inquiry by either the eu or Labour.

The British National Party has a long memory. With power, they will be able to strip people of bought Titles. remove pensions and confiscate assests rightfully belonging to the True British People. Roll on that day and roll on the tumbrels.


odin said...

Tell the people of Devon to spend their holidays up here in south London, they can then see waht plans Mr Ford has in mind for them!

Anonymous said...

Ahh the real reason ol' Glyn doesnt like the BNP being about becomes clear after a little digging doesnt it?..cant have anyone with any morality or decency within politics now can we, just in case they blow the whistle on the gentlemens club agreement of turning a blind eye to ripping off the public. Labour disgust me, almost as much as Maggie's cronies did all them years ago, anyone with the slightest passing interest in recent political history cant fail to notice that we have had the same type of people in power for the last 25 years at least, no matter what banner they choose to carry- LibLab=Con, they are all the same, nocturnal trough feeders afraid of a little BNP spotlight shining. Perhaps we should call ourselves Searchlight?

Aurora said...

You're facing an on-going media tsunami against the BNP. They are ruthless and implacable. I admire your fight. Keep it up.
A pessimist might conclude that the fifth column media and the politicos have already anointed David Miliband. And that the media is going to lead the sheeple by the nose all the way to the election polls; that Miliband is to be the U.K.'s Obama. Let's hope that pessimist is wrong.
Lord willing, we the people will never be overcome by evil.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Dont let the blokes geekish appearance put you off - a lot of his words make perfect sense in 21st Century - banana Republico - sorry Britain.

The Green Arrow said...

Thank you for the coding lesson. I am aware of how to embed links. It is lazyness on my part.

I will endeavor to put them in the future for eas of reading.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Demo's marchs etc are fine.
What the UAF are doing is against the True laws of this country,trying to prevent a legal politcal party is in itself illegal.
Griffin should use the laws of this land!