Sunday, 10 August 2008

Common Purpose and the BNP

Common Purpose, the marxist led Trojan Horse, that works as a fifth column to subvert the will of the True British People is taking legal advice about what it claims is a concerted defamatory attack by the BNP and other sites.

Several websites claim that the charity is dedicated to promoting the power of the EU, and the British National Party describes the organisation's employees as "traitors". A statement on the BNP site reads: "The day will come when these people will have to answer for their crimes to this country."...
Well add me to that list because I have written about them and carried the links to sites revealing the scale of the treason carried out by this secretive organisation that seeks to bring about, first Eurabia and then finally the One World Government. THEY ARE TRAITORS.

Check out the links on the right side of this blog to watch the video and read and learn more about this so called Charity, how it is funded, who works for it and how it brainwashes the so called graduates of their training schemes.

By the way. The Green Arrow is back.

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Like The Roman said...

Welcome back, GA!

I thought that one could not sue a polotocal organization? Perhaps somebody could confirm this on here?

Anonymous said...

Common purpose admit to illegal disclosures

Anonymous said...

Blinnding return GA, great to have you ou back giving the betrayers of our nation hell.

I say to these marxist Brit haters- Go on, take your advice, come on, let's have you, let's get your nasty organisation on public show so we can all see what you truly are, paid for in part by the people you trample on to play your devious game, i.e. the British civilian, most of whom, for reasons known to us AND YOU, don't know who you are and have no idea that their hard earned taxes are lining the pockets of a so-called "charity".

We'll have you so



The Green Arrow said...

It is great to be back Reconquista. I missed you guys.

And like you say. Let them....


The Green Arrow said...

LTR, almost time we had another article from you old friend.

I hope things are going well for you.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Good to have you back GA.

Re the CP post:

I'm Spartacus.

Anonymous said...

good to see you back g a hope all is well ,back into the fight for our country .take care regards the jaguar

Like The Roman said...

Things are OK, thanks GA.

Yes I shall get scribbling! There is an article I have been meaning to write for some time which is basically my reasons for supporting British Nationalism. I shall hopefully have news for you soon.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Thanks for this info.

Bring them on!

Anonymous said...

Not happy that their secret is out?