Saturday, 9 August 2008

They seek him here, they seek him there

A Scarlet Pimpernel

Although I have been away from blogging for personal reasons, another reason for my absence was to give me free time to do some research work, which I am pleased to say is now almost complete and so the blog will gradually be increasing output. A big thanks to all the guest writers who have kept it going.

Now regular readers will remember how in the past I and other activists have gathered information from the red UAF sites revealing them for the anti-democratic and violent thugs they really are. These actions infuriated them and the Green Arrow has been attacked in all manners of ways that I will not bore you with. Some funny, some not so funny.
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But the reds, who will not stand for election have finally realised that when they post their threats of violence and boast about their glue using exploits, that their I.P. addresses are logged on the servers that host the website, blog or forum. With this information, the poster of threats or someone admitting to a crime can then be tracked by the police and security forces. I have quite a collection myself, with a list of "dubious" posters and their email addresses.

So in order to stay concealed, the maggots of hate are looking for ways to remain anonymous whilst making their threats to attack the children of the BNP at the RWB and when trying to intimidate the True Brits who speak out about their evil.

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Occasionally I just like to browse their sites and read their ranting and ravings against all things British but was mildly concerned(not for myself) when I came across one post revealing the name and address of a person who they believe to be me.

Well the only thing correct about the post, was that I am in Wales. Now I have no idea who the person named is, but have taken the liberty of contacting an old friend with some influence within the Police Service to visit the address posted and make the owners aware of what has happened. Old friends are the best friends, they tend to reach positions of authority.

Now originally, I used to post my name but stopped when the first love letter from a turnip arrived after I started to attack the Cult of the Dead Paedophile. Now as we know those guys are deranged enough to actually do something and so now those foolish, silly red apes have put the lives of innocent people at risk.

They seek him here, they seek him there,
those lefties seek him everywhere.

Is he in Wales, pray do tell.
That damned elusive ... Green Arrow from Hell.

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defender said...

The Anglo Saxon Code.

No crown but ours shall govern here,
No strangers rule with gold or fear,
No plow but ours may slough the loam,
No prow but ours slash the spume,
No hand but ours may bind our kin,
No gods but ours proclaim a sin,
No law but ours may stay a blow,
No hand but ours may draw a bow,
No men but ours may hunt the land,
No sons but ours bear sword in hand,
No word but ours shall we trust,
No flags be flown except of us,
No land but ours do we demand,
No more than what we have farmed,
No strangers slaving on our soil,
No man unpaid or forced to toil,
No heroes praised but ours alone,
No other kin but our blood and bone,
No strangers to tell us who we are,
No obedience to any foreign laws.

Strider said...

Green Arrow, we must get you a uniform of some kind to go with your daring capers into occupied territories!

All the best mate - hope to see you at RW&B!

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. As I look at of my window at this very moment I see four small Swallows land on an electric cable running from my house to an outbuilding. Its obviously their first time out of the nest and their parent birds are also flying about. The young birds spread their wings,stretch and shuffle on their perch, fly off for a few moments and return. What has that got to do with us you may wonder. Nothing really, just that they stick to their own kind, fly together, nest together, feed together.They dont seek out bluetits, robins, sparrows, just their own kind. Earlier in the year I watched a little wren which had built her neat nest in my summerhouse in the garden.I watched her for weeks as she flew to and fro feeding her little ones when they were hatched and she had to work quite hard. I could reach the nest and had noted there were five small birds present and looked forward to them taking their first flight. One morning I looked in and saw a sad sight. Five small bodies on the floor, their parents care come to nothing. They had been torn from their home and killed by a magpie, an alien species to them. Magpies had committed the same crime two years ago, to a nest of swallows in another of my sheds. Thats why birds of a feather flock together. They know there is no danger from their own kind. They know they are safe and secure and so they seek out no other, no alien group of a roughly similar species. Such simple creatures. Bird brain we say, as a term of ridicule. If they with their lesser power,know enough to cling to their own kind then what does it say about us, so called superior beings who allow our nest to be invaded and our home to be broken. Not only allow it but actively encourage it. I am pleased to say that I trapped the Magpies responsible for killing the Wren family and no doubt they had done the same to many other nests for that is their nature. I trapped them and did away with them. They have their place, they are entitled to live, but not on my patch, not in my back garden where I protect what I value and destroy weeds and pests as best I can.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. GA. Continuing on the Birds of a Feather theme, last weekend saw something of a festival in Cardiff. I know some of the people involved. Outside the Civic Centre there were fair ground rides, if you can call them that, some quite expensive at about £15 a go, rather elaborate things and quite scary to an old man like me who wouldnt dare to be hurled high into the sky attached to a piece of elastic or suchlike. But young people love such things and it was heartbreaking to see some white Cardiff youngsters being dragged away in tears from such attractions which were obviously too expensive for their parents to fund. Even more heartbreaking to see their places taken by young Somali's in hoods who dashed from ride to ride with no worry about payment. For Cardiff City Council, in their enrichment wisdom, had made one thousand tickets available for distribution among the Somali community and as their children would not have numbered 1000 ( at least I hope not but you never know these days!!) then they could ride and enjoy themselves to their hearts content. No charge, no worry. They did not mix with our kids or any other ethnic variety of course. For they are moslems, from far away Somalia and such intermingling is not encouraged, the kuffars, the infidels, the dhimmis are regarded with hatred and contempt and only good for their prolific ability as cash cows. And it seems that not only their females hide their faces for in place of the burka, their young men wear hoods which are just as efficient at hiding identity.I wonder why this is so. Well no, I dont really wonder why at all, its so they can escape if they commit a crime of some sort.Bear in mind that many of the parents of the local kids who couldnt afford the rides would probably be struggling to pay their fuel and food bills in these days of Labour New Poverty and you will realise why the scene was heartbreaking to any patriot with even half a brain. Birds of a Feather. It is time we treated the aliens as magpies and returned them whence they came. A thousand tickets, fifteen thousand pounds, perhaps less if the council had managed to agree a cut prics deal with the owners of the rides. Our money, our council taxes. More money down the drain in the cause of "enrichment." Enrichment for the aliens, impoverishment for the British Cash Cow.

Anonymous said...

The Freedom party in Austria is rising high as well.
Europes waking up at long last.
Muslims won't be saying for much longer they are treated like the Jews of Europe.
Germans are starting to release more and more proof of muslims in the SS.
Their slinging stones at Europeans over ww2. when they themselves were very instrumental in the slaughter.
But then that's what islam is all about.

Anonymous said...

Humans originated in tropical Africa where food is available all year round and hence little foresight or planning is necessary. The main determinant for survival is territorial defence and aggression against other tribes. The mental capacities which are selected by evolution in such an environment are aggression and grabbing what you want when you want it.

However, as tribes moved out of tropical Africa, they entered lands where food supply was seasonal and the climate often hostile. Living in these environments was intellectually challenging and the most intelligent survived. The genes of the tribes who moved out of Africa consequently evolved for greater foresight, forward planning, delayed gratification and greater co-operation and technical organisation - for example in irrigation works and seasonal sowing, harvesting and storage of food in climates with a marked summer/winter or wet/dry season contrasts.

This is the reason for the marked difference in intellectual ability, levels of aggression and civilisation potential between the original tropical Africans and their immediate descendents and all other races.