Sunday, 24 August 2008

The Voice

Duped into Death

Way back in time, I read a poem about suicide bombers that really grabbed me, so I cut it from the paper I had read it in and put it safe. So safe that it was safe even from myself.

Then when I started blogging, the memory of it came back to me and so I hunted and hunted for it in vain, then started searching the internet but with no success as I had shamefully forgotten the authors name and the title of his work. I thought it lost to me forever.

Then last night, I discovered its paper copy folded tightly and tucked behind a photograph in my old wallet that had been replaced by a gift from my daughter several years ago.

It was first published in the Peterborough Column in December 2, 2003 and was written by a Michael Shenton of Bournemouth. Please read it. Even if you are not a lover of poetry you will find the message interesting.

The Voice

The voice that whispered in my ear
In urgent tones precise and clear Said:
"God is hate and God is War

And God wants blood - so make it pour.

And if you sacrifice your life,

Leave behind your child, your wife,

You'll win for all eternit
A place in Paradise. Trust Me!"

I packed explosives in a car,

Parked and waited near a bar,

Then watched the strangers milling round

Scream as thunder shook the ground.

Devastation everywhere...
broken bodies lying there;
I'd brought them death, I'd broug
ht them hate -
And won the key to Heaven's Gate.

But Heaven's gate I couldn't find.

Confusion, panic gripped my mind.

I searched and searched, but all I
found was one
vast portal underground.

The Devil opened up the door.

I saw a hundred souls or more

Seated round in a fiery room,

Their faces wreathed in pain and gloom.

"Meet my bombers," Satan cried.
"Mine was the voice, the voice that lied.
"Join the dupes whose souls I've won -
"Deluded fools, every one."

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