Saturday, 2 August 2008

Cameron Demands Sharia Law

by john of gwent

Anyone else think its ironic how politicians never see things the same way as the rest of us until they are forced to put up with what they DO to the rest of us ?

Regrettably I have to thank the Daily Mirror Online for making the raw information available to me, but it will have to do. It seems that Diddy Dhimmi David Cameron has become a victim of crime. He took his beloved two wheeled steed (the one he cheerfully rode the wrong way down one way streets, and through red lights) out for a shopping trip. Finding an 'anti ram raid bollard' fixed conveniently to the pavement, he chained his trusty chariot to it, and went off for some retail therapy.

Leaving the said retail emporium he was a little nonplussed to find his trusty steed no longer where he left it. Because unlike him, the local hoodies he so desperately wants us all to hug took about five seconds to realise a bike 'chained' to a three foot high pole isn't chained at all provided you can lift it three foot one inch. You can see the crime scene and the bollard in question in this exclusive Mirror Video. I don't know where it was taken, but from the voices on the soundtrack I'd say he was actually in downtown baghdad.

And Diddy David's reaction to becoming a crime statistic ? He wants Sharia Law to be introduced in London for Bike Theft and is off to chat to Boris the Turk about it.

However, his words, spoken in a moment of fury, may be his undoing. Right now the MOST READ page on Manchester's "Asian News" is NOT the revelation that a gang of gun-runners supplying gangsters city-wide from Lithuania have been put away, NOR the fact that a hundred brothers of islam have taken to patrolling the streets as vigilantes against prostitutes (strange that, I thought they would have favoured a ready supply of white women to punish for non-islamic dress and behaviour). No, the most read page is this letter denouncing Cameron's outburst as dustasteful.

Ooh Dear. Diddy Dhimmi Dave's pissed the moslems off. They'll be burning his effigy in the street by mid-day next friday.


The Green Arrow said...

Nice one JOG. As usual you always bring a smile to a serious subject.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

I dont think we should condemn Sharia law out of hand.(Sorry about that) Our own laws leave much to be desired and if we returned to the death penalty and other harsh sentences and treatments for serious crime then we should soon become a far more peaceful, orderly and law abiding nation. The murder rate would drop dramatically and knife crime become a rarity. Young thugs would think twice before plunging a knife into someone if they knew that the inevitable result, regardless of their youth, would be a rope around their neck. The same treatment for drug pushers would see an immediate to end the drug problem. Without punishment and retribution there will never be discipline or respect, either for the law or for other people. Witness the problems in our schools and hospitals. teachers are threatened and assaulted, classes descend into farce where it becomes almost impossible to educate those children who wish to improve their prospects in life. Hospital staff, tending to the injured often become victims of the very people they try to assist. It would not happen so often, if at all, if genuine penalties were available and magistrates used them and police were encouraged to do their duty and arrest those who have no regard for order. Obviously we in the west are too civilised, we have come too far from the dark ages to stone people to death or amputate hands and feet but there are some aspects of Sharia which we should use to our own benefit,far better than the "liberal justice" our spineless politicians have foisted upon us, against our wishes, over the last sixty years. The latest cunning plan from feminist socialist politicians - if you dont get on with your husband/boy friend then get rid of him- not by divorce, just go ahead and kill him, people like Harriet Harman will supportyou all the way. A far far cry from the Sharia approach to the female of our species. Both extremes are wrong. But a sound, common sense approach to crime, with severe punishments, would be welcome. Celtic Morning