Sunday, 17 August 2008

Lying Red Rag Reports Rubbish

Click to read the lies put out by some creature who belongs to red NUJ

You want the truth? You know we can give you the truth. Just click here.

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Anonymous said...

Liam Conway thinks it'll drive the BNP away from the East Midlands. These silly quotes try and make out that it's people from outside the area bringing the BNP message in but what it doesn't show is the many BNP councillors in the region, the high BNP vote and probably one of, if not the most promising of the euro election region. The BNP in the east midlands are here to stay.

johnofgwent said...
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johnofgwent said...

Sorry about that... Finger trouble !

Now here's what I was trying to say

We all know the truth.

Even 'Antifa' postings on indymedia admit bottles and stones were thrown at the police and they didn't get anywhere near the BNP revellers.

But be reasoable, the little shit writing the piece has to pay lip service to his union masters or he'll lose his card and his job.

And it IS a VERY, VERY clever article.

There are few rabid untruths, perhaps the worst being the second paragraph where it is claimed BNP Revellers and Protestors clashed....

From what I have seen on the 'net I would say MOST mainstream news sites have been at pains to point out protestors were arrested after clashing with police, and not with those attending the event.

The rest of the article is in my opinion a collection of fairly accurate descriptions of a village held to ransom by a left-wing militant thugs who don't care one jot whose lives they piss on just so long as they can have a bit of a ruck.

I wonder who Brian Bentley is though ? At the age of 77 he's old enough to know what "being on a war footing" means.

But apart from him all I see is a story of a couple of thousand people having a fun family weekend and a bunch of killjoys determined to bust it up and not caring who they scare to death as they do so.

BUT who is the chap being handcuffed on the floor ? Is the guy doing the handcuffing the genuine article, or an actor in a studio ? Is the protestor's mugshot known to anyone ? It would make my day if he was ukdebate's "comrade joe" though. He's been sorely missed from that site this weekend. To the extent that some of us over there are wondering if we should club together to post his bail !

Anonymous said...

The lying rag thinks it may have scored one up on the BNP with fairy tail reporting. However I think the caption to the picture and the picture its self will be uppermost in the readers mind and will over-ride the words of the reporter and give a different story as the picture and caption are more powerful.

"No Go. An anti BNP protestor is handcuffed."

I like it.


Anonymous said...

The word is ´lying´! ; )