Sunday, 17 August 2008

Damn but I do love a Sunday

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Well perhaps I should have started the title with a different word but I do love a Sunday. And this Sunday is a great Sunday and I hope the start of a great week. As much as it is possible to have a great anything, that is, when living in an occupied country.

And we do live in an occupied country now, a country where our every moment and word is recorded. A country where our people are forced into becoming refugees from areas where they grew up in and join the white flight to areas where they can pretend they still live in the United Kingdom. For if they do not join the white flight, they risk seeing their young slaughtered by the enrichers seeking to push them out of their homes.

Our jobs are emailed overseas for the benefit of global capitalism. We are accused of being work shy whilst watching the cheap immigrant labour going through the factory gates of our shrinking industry. And when those factories close and reopen overseas. The jobless immigrants, join the real work shy so called refugees in dragging our essential welfare services down to those of our new motherland. Pakistan.

Soon we will have "voluntary" euthanasia for those of us who are too sick to toil for the state or pay for their own survival. They, the scum "elite" will find a way to make it sound acceptable. Well acceptable to them that is. They care not what we the people think. We are milk cows. Sheep to be slaughtered. Animals like Boxer in Animal Farm. Freedom through work.

And the trade unions and socialist movement founded on true values no longer exist. The real men with decency who founded those organisations are long dead. Replaced by money grubbing madmen with ideas for a one world where they drive down their "private lane" motorways past the worker ants pedaling to work on five year government plans to build super sized stadiums and buildings to show how great their new world is. And the workers, your children will toil for the price of a meal a day or starve.

But we are British. Deep sleepers it is true but still British. And we are waking up to reality in increasing numbers. The British National Party continues to grow and the recent events at their annual Red, White and Blue give hope for the future.

For despite their six month campaign to mobilise an army "to unite in one big fist to smash the BNP", the state and trade union thugs could raise no more than 300 people to travel to the event.

An insignificant number of people considering how much money, your money, they spent on leaflets, free music concerts and advertising. Their coaches, paid for again by you, traveled empty to the event except for their paid agents who then checked into luxury hotels to plan their "attacks" on a family event whilst they stayed well away from any real action.

And why such a low turnout by the red apes and their dupes? Because the British People are waking. They read the blogs and the forums, they see the evidence of the evil of the new world order with their treats to attack children. They have noticed that the militant wing of the Lib/Lab/con alliance never stand in elections but always seek to intimidate the British People into remaining silent through fear of their personal safety. The True British People are waking and as they do, they wake those around them.

The political wheel is turning in favour of the BNP and when it does turn it will roll right over the enemies of Our Country. It will sweep away the Dhimmi maggots infesting our political system and there will be a new age. A Golden Age for our recovered Country. This I believe.

So I Damn it all. I do love a Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

I believe it to GA and thanks for posting that, an excellent article.

I love Sunday too and being away from home I miss the great British roast. Sunday isn't the same without it is it?

Ahh, memories of of my wonderful British childhood are flooding back now - have a great Sunday mate.


The Green Arrow said...

You also Reconquista. If you are ever in this part of the world there is always room to squeeze a couple more in and you are welcome to stay for a weekend or so.