Monday, 11 August 2008

Hey. Are you gonna go to the RWB?

All over what used to be Our Country, students, workers (those still with jobs) are being asked by Trade Unions and government sponsored organisations such as the UAF, if they would like a free day out to go and "Smash The Fash" at the annual gathering of families of members and supporters of the British National Party called the Red, White and Blue.

Well if you are one of those people asked, then I ask you to think about a few things first, before taking your place on the coaches paid for by members of trade unions now out of work because their marxist leaders think it better for jobs to go to overseas then to True Brits.

And neither do they believe in democracy. They have vowed on their sites to "build a fist to smash the BNP". They have called for attacks on the children of BNP supporters in the hope of intimidating people to stay away from this event. An event where there has never been any trouble in the nine years that it as been going.

An event that costs the British Taxpayers nothing. Unlike the Nottinghell Carnival of Death, where the injured, robbed, raped and murdered are in the hundreds every year.

You will not see the groups organising the planned attacks on the RWB standing in elections. They know the people will not listen to their crazed marxist ideas about a political system that has been responsible for 25 million peoples deaths since it was spewed into creation by the enemies of democracy in the early 1900's. They are the real fascists. They are your real enemy. Do not be ashamed to be White. Do not be ashamed to be a True Brit.

If you go to this event, there will be paid agents behind you. Pushing you forward. Inciting you to violence. They are hoping that they will be able to raise a mob mentality that will make you act in a way that you would not normally do or support.

If you have a problem with the BNP and if you can honestly say that you have read their policies and still disagree with what they say, then of course it is your right to protest. But do it the legal way. Do it at the ballot box. Not the terrorist way of attacking women and children and shouting down people for having a different opinion. That is not the British Way.

One last thing to consider for all you students. Is a criminal record something that you really want? Because if you think the red agitators will let you turn up and protest peacefully then you are in for a rude awakening.

Do yourself a favour. Either join the BNP, buy a ticket and enjoy watching the children on the roundabouts, learn about British Culture, enjoy food from all the different parts of Our Island or stay away.

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Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning.This will be the same rent a mob lot that turn out at Universities to protest against animal experiments and place bombs under the cars of researchers. The very same people that would turn up in their dozens to try to shout down the mass Countryside protests when New Labour banned hunting and the very same people who used to try to disrupt hunting by harming horses and riders, women and children and who would then cry blue murder and ask for prosecutuions when younger hunters gave them some of their own medicine. They rarely bother hunts where there is a good following of younger men, because basically, they are cowards, likely to get you from behind but not to your face, very brave to the point of foolishness when they have numbers,not otherwise.They are professional protestors, intent on anarchy and believe me, there are some pretty nasty specimens among them who will take advantage of numbers(if they can get them) to cause as much trouble as they can. Note, you dont see them in Ireland, when they turned up there once and found them isolated in a forest they were lucky to escape with their lives from a terrorist presence much stronger and better organised than themselves. They couldnt get back to the ferry quickly enough! I hope our security is top class for the weekend for I dont think you can rely on our police force to do anything to stop them. A one word description of these maggots? Scum.

Fyrdist said...

Nice, clear-cut post, GA -like it.

Just a little refresher as to the inane yes-men that now occupy the "trade" (political) unions. Taken from my post "Material Worth" on this blog (whack it in the search facility):

Did my union voice its opposition to the invasion of foreign workers that are brought here to undercut MY wages?

Did it oppose the outsourcing of British jobs to the Sub-continent?

Did my union ever redistribute MY membership money to the upkeep of British farming or any other British industry?

Will my union ever stop using MY money to fund and enrich its political masters in the perverse and WARMONGERING Labour Party?

Is my union (like them all) controlled by thuggish Communist agitators who use MY hard-earned cash to fund anti-British organisations yet will not fight for MY jobs?
YES, unfortunately that is the case.

As for the students, GA, what do you expect from gullible, sanctimonious, self-righteous children who -under the pretext of "doing good" (bless their puerile minds)- carry out the violent orders of their Capitalist Zionist massters -yes, those who they claim to be "fighting against" in the occupation of Palestine.

You couldn't make it up, GA -these cretins are fucking FREAKS!!!!!!!

Silly little boys and girls with no mind to question what they are programmed with. HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!