Sunday, 10 August 2008

The Rusi Report

With such honourable credentials, it is not easy to comprehend how the government could reject any of the conclusions made in the most recent statement by The Royal United Services Institute. Or, indeed, reject any of its proposals for the implementation of superior security policies to replace the ones presently in position. Yet our supercilious, deceitful, cynical and lying regime has done just that.

Entitled ‘Risk, Threat and Security’ the report plainly states what it sees before its eyes and has long been obvious to any UK citizen not brainwashed by the inseparable Siamese twins of political correctness and multiculturalism.

The report says that we are in ‘… a state of war with a peacetime mentality’ and have lost not only our ‘national confidence’, but also our ‘national identity’, chipped at and eroded deliberately by the lib-lab-cons since the end of the war.

Like anything persistently hammered at, the result is disintegration. It mentions the ‘fragmentation of society’, coupled with a ‘post Christian’ culture. The upshot being that faced with the pitiless and relentless march of Islam, we are no longer able to resist. Rowan Williams has given up already!

In contrast, however, the immigrant population (whose name we dare not speak) the community who refuses to integrate, the culture that is religiously united and has a sturdy self- image, is gaining in strength, influence and numbers as we speak. Together with their hatred of the West this leaves the United Kingdom in a position of being what the report calls ‘a soft touch (*for terrorist activity) from without and within’. *My parenthesis.

Our government, the report continues, has made this problem worse by failing to ‘lay down the line’ to immigrant communities, in other words continual appeasement has encouraged not lessened the threat we currently face from this rabid medieval cult of death. Give ‘em an inch and they think they’re rulers!

For the most part then the government has dismissed this evidence about the state of our nation from RUSI. Their denial is simply staggering. One wonders just how long they will be able to keep it up. Of course they have their little helpers like the BBC for instance. This august body who continually deny the BNP a platform and pursue positive discrimination wherever they can might do the country a favour by airing some of the BNP’s policies as an antidote to the situation RUSI has outlined.

1. Immigration – time to say enough.
2. Europe – back to British independence
3. Foreign aid – time to spend money on our own people
4. Defence – no more cuts
5. Democracy – letting the people decide

These are solid guiding principles and the BNP is the only party in the UK likely to rescue our national pride and integrity from the gutter where it was left along with our flag.


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