Thursday, 28 August 2008

I can stop worrying

I used to worry that some crazed moon bat or deranged red ape might decide to do a Mark Chapman and blow Nick Griffin away and if that did happen who would lead the party.

After watching the above video I can see that I can relax and just worry now about the Chairmans personal safety and not the future of the Party.

Richard Barnbrook just gets better and better. Proving that a man can actually grow into a position. All our parish councillors are just cutting their teeth, they are the future County Councillors. The Country Councillors are the future M.P.s and MEPs and Nick Griffin is a future Prime Minister in-waiting.


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning.Inspirational. Your are right as usual GA. This man has grown into the job and increased in stature

Anonymous said...

He's a good guy i like Richard.
Ga Don't forget Arthur Kemp.hope his names correct.
Family moved to Africa from Kent now he's back a new generation damned good speaker.
Intelligent certainly knows his stuff.
The Party has some good delegates now and growing daily.
Votes in Rotherham around 200 only between all three..BNP 3RD
that's great after the last load of dirty tricks there.
around 20% to BNP thats' without media help in lies and spin.
Thats' Brits standing up to be counted!