Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Immigration Invasion is Destroying the NHS

The quality of NHS care has plummeted because ministers failed to predict a massive rise in the birth rate among immigrant mothers, according to a survey by the Royal College of Midwives.

Four in 10 of midwives questioned by the RCM said care is worse as a direct result of the rising birth rate - and was putting mothers and babies at risk.

Almost all - 91 per cent - said the birthrate had shot up on their wards over the past few years, putting their units under intolerable pressure..............

All you expectant True Brit fathers and mothers listen to what the man says. Your unborn children's lives are at risk because of this governments policy on immigration. Gamble with your own life but do not gamble with those of our future.

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Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. "Ministers failed to predict a massive increase in the birth rate among immigrant mothers". Did they now? Then they must be even more thick than we guessed because even the most stupid, the most naieve fool in the corridors of power must surely be aware that these people breed like the proverbial rabbits in their own counties. That is what their women are for, that is their main purpose in life. What did they expect them to do on arrival in our country where they are actually paid for having children and given a standard of care unimagined where they came from? Practice birth control? Hardly anyone mentions the world overpopulation as a source of many its problems because big business likes as many people as possible to be crowded onto this planet. In our stupidity we also allow the intruders to mass produce from multiple wives even though, as far as I know, bigamy is still against our laws. But what does that matter? The aliens can flaunt our laws as they see fit as they trample our country towards a third world standard which could reach the equivalent of those they came from.