Thursday, 21 August 2008

This could be your Mother

This woman shows more courage then many much younger than herself. Some of us should feel shame when they think back on the number of times they have voted Labour.

If you think this old Lady has been treated badly then you wait and see how you will be treated if the British National Party does not prevail and the whites become a minority.



Anonymous said...

And just listen to it trying to put on a refined voice. Why is it ok for it to make continual reference to the lady's age, isnt that an offence, or do offences only apply if the person is white?. Mind you it was right asking if "your" government was giving pensioners enough money, funny thing to ask, perhaps it knows that the benefits it no doubt receives should really be going to the indigenous people who have worked and paid into the system in the first place. Courageous the lady may have been, a charateristic of the generation that came before the ones that decided to lie down and get walked over, but ultimately naive as the coloured will always have the law behind them when they attack whites. Its part of that foul smelling Common Purpose.

Anonymous said...

Also queer the faceless one should keep insisting she was "born here" yet refer to "your govt.".

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. GA, I must stop looking in at your posts or I will bust a blood vessel one day. I suppose we should be grateful that this old lady wasn't spat upon, punched to the floor or stabbed to death, the usual reaction of what she so correctly called our "invaders." What must have been going through the poor womans mind, born into a different world where there was respect for the elderly and females in general and where she would never have seen anyone but her own kind or needed to fear violence. A far cry from today. Couragous, yes, foolhardy,possibly but inside she must have been shaking, terrified at what reaction she could have been about to get from this repulsive piece of shit.(Sorry about that, I try to keep it clean but no other word will do in this case.Delete it if you wish and substitute the milder,vermin)British passport yes. You can take the child from the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto from the child. I dont suppose I shall live long enough to see us get our country back. Our great, unrecognised prophet, the Patriot, Enoch Powell must be restless in his grave these days as all he forecast comes true.

AX said...

sick fucking sick.wake up britain europe and the western world.they are just here to take over giving our kids ferral accents,making out there doing our jobs when they are put there by the socialist left wing super powers in the first place.they get all the jobs on the local councils.birmingham comes to mind when an african was promoted to the finance department and ripped off that council to the tune of 1.7 million pounds and had various housing scams going.i have to go back into that town,(birmingham) and lay various wreaths and flowers for my FAMILY WARDEAD,i am sorry to use bad language,but please ENGLAND,IRELAND,ULSTER WALES AND SCOTLAND WAKE UP !!! this clock is ticking very fast

The Green Arrow said...

Celtic, gentlemen, your language is understandable.

The number of articles I have started with bad language in the title and contents that I have written quickly in anger.

It gives me no pleasure to write this kind of thing day after day after day.

If it was not for the knowledge that the BNP will prevail I would find an Island somewhere with no contact with the outside world.

Take care old friend.

Anonymous said...

Islam would near enough ban sport.

So Brits we did well at the Olympics especially the swimmers Islam would have you banned.

Elizabeth said...

Islam already bans girls from school trips.

School parties on the Dover/Calais ferries have islamic boys but never girls.

Women have fought for centuries for gender equality in this country, we have now got it about right...soon it will disappear in a puff of smoke.