Saturday, 16 August 2008

Red, White and Blue - Saturday

UAF supporters heading for the RWB

More than 500 anti-fascist protesters have descended on a village to protest against the BNP's annual festival.

Demonstrators from Unite Against Fascism, the TUC and Unison were flanked by 150 police officers as they marched through the village of Codnor, Derbyshire, to rally against the BNP as they took part in the Red, White and Blue Festival.

Waving placards bearing slogans such as "Jobs And Homes Not Racism" and "BNP Is A Nazi Party", the protesters walked down the village's main high street to a farmer's field where the BNP was holding its festival.

The protesters will be addressed by Bob Crow, general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union and the MP from Amber Village, Judy Mallabar.

But there were a number of hold-ups as demonstrators from the various groups argued among themselves about who should be at the front of the march.


The Bridgend Organiser - Ex Army and still serving his Country.

UPDATE 16:00

News in at 1600 from the Bridgend Organiser who is attending the RWB with his family, is that the weather is fine, if a little windy.

Although the press are reporting numbers of 500 anti-democracy demonstrators, activists who are monitoring the movements of the thugs put the numbers at around the 200 mark. Between 30/40 marched past the gates apparently looking like the refugees streaming across europe to Our Country.

There were bottles thrown at police but this was well away from the event and not witnessed by any of the families who by all accounts are having a great time.

Despite the ban on alcohol sales imposed by the lick spittle council, there is ample ale for the troops and although the live music has been missed this year, there is background music aplenty and a real family atmosphere with lots of old friends reuniting and new friends being made.

Police appear to have matters well in hand but were the red hooligans able to breach their lines then there are obviously contingency plans for such an event. I need say no more on that subject.

The Bridgend Organiser is a regular at the RWB and he reckons that this is the best ever and that the organisational skills employed were superb. There are tents from the different regions, stands from London, overseas, the whole lot in fact.

Next week I should be able to bring you lots of images besides the official ones put out by the BNP themselves.

Should there be any developments of any kind then I will most certainly post them as soon as I have information.

There will shortly be a rolling video over on the Covert Site of images and further reports

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Peter said...

LOL,I was just eating my tea and now its all over my keyboard and computer screen.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Denise Garside looks prettier than usual in your picture, however, old Atrius hasn't changed much.

If they do cause violence, I wonder if the BBC will report it.

Anonymous said...

Pity the dumb asses werent out protesting about the state of their country. Mind you, have they taken on some form of PR man?, as I have never seen them looking so good!.

Anonymous said...

And I have just seen the pics, they look to be mostly immigrants, well I CAN UNDERSTAND WHY THEY DONT WONT THE BNP TO SUCCEED, its in their interests to see them fail, but I cant my head around the mentality of any self respecting indigenous person wanting to be seen with them, let alone aid them in their quest.

Red Squirrel said...

Hello GA,
A great post!I split my sides laughing at the excellent posts on the Covert site as well! I hear that Ketlan ended up covered in dog poo! LOL.
Afraid that we couldn't make it to the RWB due to unexpected financial problems :-(
Well the ragged trousered scroungers have really shown themselves up for what they are. Idiots and traitors! I just hope that their nasty bottle throwing antics do end up on mainstream TV!
When I wonder, are they going to admit that they have had it?
All the very best!