Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Notting Hell Carnival

Strange isn't it how some people and the police got themselves wound up like clockwork oranges over the British National Party's Red, White and Blue family festival.

First they tried to get the RWB canceled saying that there "might" be violence from the massed ranks of the red apes objecting to people celebrating their culture in a field miles from anywhere.

When that failed, the "community leaders", the jumped up jobsworths in the council, refused a drinks license and when that failed to keep the members of the BNP from attending the event, in a fit of pique they send in some of their finest to warn the Leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin that he would be reported for having an unlicensed Punch and Judy show.

And then just a week later we are treated to amazing displays of "enrichment" by the colonisers destroying a large part of London.

And yet the press and the media remain silent and so those of us not wishing to be enriched by a brick to the head had to get the news from overseas and Youtube to see what really went on at the annual Carnival of Death. For a good report and links to video clips of people besieged in their own homes then go here.

Like the singer in the song says. "You ain't seen nothing yet".

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Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. The song says it all. We aint seen nothing yet and GGod hhelp our chchildren when we do. A country is eventually ruled by the dominant ethnic group, those who make up the bulk of the population. So while our women swill their unborn infants down the sluices of Britain, the invaders breed as never before, their children survive as never before due to our health care; and the population of native Brits is choked out of existence just like weeds take over uncared for fields. Heres another song for you GA When Will They Ever Learn. An old protest song and if we dont bloody well soon learn and do something about it then heres another title Too Late Now. Sing up Britain, its good for the soul and the feeling of well being, just like Gold medals.