Monday, 18 August 2008

RWB Closing speech by Nick Griffin.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

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Gave me goosebumps very inspiring!!

Europeans unarmed yet it seems the Bosnian muslims have an arsenal...

August 17, 2008
Swedish Jihad Arsenal from the Balkans?
by Baron Bodissey

Referring to the video of the impressive arsenal of weapons uncovered by the Swedish authorities, a reader sends the following information about what is visible in the available footage:

The weapons in the clip at 1:00 are quite telling.

The weapon at the top is the M-56, a Yugoslavian copy of the MG-42 (the most common German SMG in WWII).

In the middle is a Slovenian (ex-Yugoslav) MGV-176.

At the bottom is an AK; an AK expert could check if it is a Yugoslavian variety.

Anti-tank weapons are also Yugoslavian, M-80 rocket launchers.

If the AK is one of the Yugoslavian models, the origin of all the weapons is clear:
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In Sweden there are many Bosnian Muslim refugees, who were radicalized by Wahhabis. It could be that the weapons were seized from some kind of Yugoslavian mafia. The Serbian mafia operates in Sweden, but their origin is the former Yugoslavia.

The SMG-176 is very rare outside of Yugoslavia, and the M-56 is not common at all. M-80 launchers were exported, but such a concentration of Yugoslav weapons can’t be a coincidence.

The MGV-176 started production few years before the war, and it wasn’t big, but few copies did make it into the hands of Slovenian, Croatian and Muslim troops. The probability is that the weapon was produced by Orbis is very low, since their security standards were in place, but in war many weapons disappeared (they were produced by the Gorenje Velenje company before the war (MGV = “Machine gun Velenje”). Before the war they produced a few hunting weapons and MGV-176.