Sunday, 17 August 2008

Policy Exchange: Urban Renewal or Ethnic Cleansing for an Islamic Caliphate ?

This photograph was taken in kosovo.
Will similar ones be taken next to the East Coast Main Line ?

by john of gwent

Driving home from a short mid-week break yesterday I was stunned to hear Radio 4's Any Questions from glorious Devon bring up the matter of Diddy David Cameron and a Think Tank called 'Policy Exchange' who were apparently paid by the Tory Party to think the unthinkable and came up with the idea of abandoning the North and moving everyone down South.

Of course that isnt what the report said at all. I have read it, and so should you. Download it from the Policy exchange web site and increase the financial burden borne by the company in question by increasing their outgoing bandwidth this month !! The report actually suggests building larger suburban areas on some of our "more prosperous" southern towns to accomodate what it sees as an inevitable movement of people away from the north where there is no longer any work or any prospect of work.

It's not such a stupid concept. It is, in fact, Jonathan Porrit's dream some true, And that of each of his fellow tree huggers.

For as increasing fuel taxes bite and the inevitable rationing to ensure government ministerial jaguars can continue to carry their pompous cargo come what may is imposed in the post-peak-oil world, the means to travel to seek employment - and the decent standard of living it alone can bring - will be denied to more and more as Porrit's evangelists say "being forced to stay in a ghetto just as a mediaeval serf was bonded to the lord of the manor is needed for the good for the planet" .

One must assume that sooner or later refugees from Manchester, Nottingham, Newcastle Upon Tyne and Liverpool will soon be turning up with their posessions in a handcart on the outskirts of Oxford and "one must be ready" for these "New Jarrow Crusaders".

But is there a more insidious motive behind the move to abandon the north ?

You see, as I sat in the car driving home listening to this programme I felt vague memories of something similar stir in my mind. And then it hit me. I'd recently seen a news article about another plan to 'redevelop' our Northern Towns. Only it was slipped round the back of Tony Blair's desk in 1999 while he was busy removing our country's ability to hang traitors,. And it called for the establishment of a muslim caliphate in all but name.

Read about the scheme for yourself here. But here's a few choice bits:-

"Neighbourhoods based on Islamic principles could be set up in some of Britain's inner cities in a radical proposal being considered by the government.

A team from Downing Street's social exclusion unit has seized on a plan by a London housing association to use the community spirit of British Muslims, with other faiths, to revive derelict areas.

Said Ahmad, chief executive of the North London Muslim Housing Association, has suggested the Higher Broughton area in Salford and five estates on the outskirts of Bradford for piloting his "Medina neighbourhoods".

"My model envisages giving the local ... mosque a significant role in nominating residents. Residents will be required to absorb the religious dimension in some of their life".

Mr Ahmad's proposal for Salford and Bradford envisages renovating or demolishing existing homes and trying to encourage Muslim residents from other areas to move in.

A spokesman for the minister for local government and the regions said the government was still studying the recommendations.

So let's get this straight. EIGHT YEARS AGO an islamist came up with a brilliant way to create a New Caliphate in England's Industrial Heartland, and today I am expected to believe a think tank's new idea for emptying those same industrial towns of their current population is just a co-incidence.

Yeah, right. Can I borrow that anti-aircraft gun you manned during your days in the Navy, GA ? A herd of pigs has just flown over the house and I feel like shooting down some bacon for tomorrow's breakfast.


The Green Arrow said...

JOG that is fine detective work. Very depressing and all so believable.

You and I have often spoken of cabbages and kings. One day perhaps we will speak of other things.

Hey that rhymed.

dizzyfatplonka said...

I heard the guy from this think tank on radio2 he was from Germany.

Strangely enough he spoke a lot about how things where done where he came from and said thats the way he wants to make us do things.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. From Germany ? The country that controls the EU. In his book Revenge of the Prophet, author Vojin Joksimovich states that Germany supported dismemberment of Yugoslavia and seperation of Kosovo from Serbia "to punish Serbia for defeats in both WW1 and WW2". We know what happened there, and the criminals and liars are free while a patriot awaits trial by a kangaroo court in the Hague.It makes one wonder what they will then do to punish Great Britain as the Germans enhance and consolidate their power over the EU. After all, we played a far bigger part in their defeat in the wars than ever gallant Serbia did! However incredible or unlikely these events may appear we know that politicians will always find ways to justify them, black is white, right is wrong, and that was never more proven correct than in the whole sad episode of Serbia, Kosovo, NATO, Britain, USA and the support for Albania. Saudi Arabia, with their oil and wealth hold a great power and influence over western nations and the rise and rise of Islam should strike alarm into the heart of every true Briton. Alarm for our future and alarm at the policies of the one party lib/lab/con conspiracy.Our only hope is the rise and rise of Patriotism. Is there any other way to preserve our country and set it back toward real freedom?