Friday, 22 August 2008

Victory for Solidarity with Sita Suez Case

The extremist leftist Unite Union and its allies have been utterly defeated by the pro-British worker union Solidarity in their attempts to get British workers sacked at the Wolverhampton Sita Suez plant.

The three workers were the subject of a smear campaign launched by Unite, and culminated in Sita Suez, suspending the men simply because of their membership of Solidarity, and no other reason.

Solidarity immediately mobilised and brought its considerable legal expertise to bear upon the company. “We are pleased to report that Sita Suez has seen the error of its ways, and has agreed to reinstate the three Solidarity members immediately, without any blemish on their record,” reported Pat Harrington, Solidarity secretary general.

“The ‘investigation’ has been terminated, and the attempts by the anti-British trade union to punish workers for leaving and joining Solidarity, has failed. Our thanks to all those who supported the campaign,” he said.

BNP chairman Nick Griffin said he was delighted with the outcome. “This goes to show the gangsters running the other trade unions that the days of them being able to bully and intimidate British workers is now well and truly over. This case marks a turning point in the fight for British worker rights, and will resound throughout all industries. British workers have the right to join any trade union of their choosing, and no-one, especially not a bunch of fat-cat far leftists, can force them to do otherwise.”

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Anonymous said...

Great news, i also see at the BNP site the school in Teesdale is refusing to listen to labour thugs re the teacher that became a BNP member.

An archi-genealogist last night on radio 4, stated after years of research this calling Britons a mongrel race could not be further from the truth!
Briton's including the Irish have inhabited Briton for 6000 years.
So those that call us immigrants are spouting clap trap.
Immigrants are those of colour.
DNA tests were used on bones dug up then tested against todays REAL TRUE BRIT population.

Anonymous said...

APP at the BNP’s Red,White and Blue festival.
19th August, 2008 • Category: News Comment, Press Release
APP’s Mark Wilson was invited to speak at the British National Party’s Red,White and Blue festival. Accordingly Mark’s speech went down very well and we will produce a video of Mark’s speech in the near future. For now, we have a brief interview with Mark conducted by Simon Darby, deputy leader of the BNP:


BNP influencing Aussies!!