Wednesday, 13 August 2008

If you are unable to pay tax they want you dead

How "our govenment" sees us - The People

For a long time, it has been clear to many that the "elite" that govern us and who wish to play a part in the New World Order consider the True British People to be nothing more than Cash Cows. Cash cows to be milked until they are no longer "productive" and then discarded and if they die through lack of care they die.

We see elderly people, whom the "elite" consider to "consume" their resources allowed to freeze to death because they are unable to pay for heating bills. It matters not a jot to the New World Order that these elderly people helped build Our Country. That they have paid tax and national insurance all their working lives. They are no longer productive. "Put on an extra jumper", is their response to cries from them for help. The elderly and sick can die as far as these inhuman bastards are concerned.

And these heating bills get higher and higher every year as the foreign companies that our global alliance masters allowed to buy OUR UTILITY companies that should have never been sold off, provide cheap electricity to their own citizens at the expense of the British Cash Cows. You, me, our elderly. We the sheep people pay.

People who are going blind are denied treatment until they are blind in one eye in order to save money. People who suffer from arthritis (very painful) are refused drugs to ease the pain so that money can be saved to pay for interpreters for the colonisers crushing our NHS under their increasing numbers with their "exotic" diseases.

Cancer patients refused treatment. They would prefer this "burden" on the state gone and sooner rather than later.

And now they openly say Patients 'should not expect NHS to save their life if it costs too much'. Elsewhere they have said they will point patients in the direction of the suppliers of life saving drugs that they may purchase privately. Pay or die. What a choice for a family to make when looking after a sick loved one.

All this under a Labour Government. Just when, just when will you sheep people realise that you are nothing less than a resource, an expendable resource to be used up and then thrown away to die when no longer profitable or self financing?

Well I can honestly say this, when the day of reckoning for these traitors to their Country and their Kinsmen are made to pay for their inhumanity, pray God let me be one of their judges.


Anonymous said...

And me too!

Anonymous said...

Spot on GA.

And all whilst voting themselves huge pay rises and fleecing the allownaces system year in, year out.

They are traitorswho hold their own people in contempt and as such, should be publically hung.


Anonymous said...

Green your best post and one that hits home the truth about the Labour party and the communist Marxist traitors in it's midst.

It is time we all rose up and fought the scum that are in government. I have no doubt that if Churchill was alive today he would have been in the BNP.

Good to have you back mate and I hope everything on the family front is looking a little better.